Best UTV Tires: Ride and Haul With Confidence

These top tires ensure your UTV rolls smoothly even when the terrain gets tough.

byHeather Fishel| UPDATED Jul 23, 2022 9:51 AM
Best UTV Tires: Ride and Haul With Confidence

When you’re behind the wheel of your UTV, you trust that it’s going to reliably deliver you, any passengers you’re carrying, and any gear or equipment you’re hauling to whatever far-flung destination you’re headed toward. That means you need tires you can trust. Specifically, you need tires that can handle smoothly and responsively, all while rolling over dirt, mud, and even off-road terrain. While your UTV might handle like a typical car, your tires have to be specialized and sized just for this vehicle’s particular purpose and utility. Which UTV tires are the best for anything you might carry or ride over? There are plenty of tough, highly capable tire choices available, in a variety of different sizes, tread patterns, and even rubber compounds so you can easily match the right set to your UTV’s specific needs.

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Summary List 

Honorable Mention: Maxxis Zilla Tire

Best for Harsh Trails: Nitto Trail Grappler SxS Tire

Best for Hard-Pack Terrain: Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT Tires

Best Extra Clearance: Toyo Open Country SxS Tires

Our Methodology

To choose the best UTV tires for every kind of utility driving need, I took a look at the array of different UTV-specific tires available. I focused on tires from the top UTV and tire brands, including BFGoodrich, Maxxis, and Kenda. From there, I sought out tires that were highly rated by users, with plenty of positive remarks from those who’ve put them to use out in the field. I looked for tires with various ply levels, from four to eight-ply, as well as those that could adapt to all types of terrain. My top picks are those that are low-maintenance, highly reliable, and long-lasting both in their tread and their consistent performance. 

Best UTV Tires Reviews & Recommendations


  • Manufacturer: BFGoodrich
  • Tire Type: Mud
  • Speed Rating: Q (up to 100 mph)


  • Notched shoulder design
  • Self-cleaning grooves clear mud, soil, and sand
  • Linear Flex Zone handles rocks
  • Terrain Attack large, grippy tread blocks


  • Sidewalls are somewhat soft

If you’re looking for tires tough enough to handle soft and hard surfaces, rocks and uneven terrain, and even slippery surfaces, the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 UTV Tire will deliver. This highly capable tire is technically designed for mud, but it performs so well across the board that it’s hard to beat on other roads and paths, too. With a rugged design and aggressive tread, this mud tire will give you all the off-road traction you need. This UTV tire features a notched shoulder design, with mud-phobic bars built into the grooves for self-cleaning while you drive. Plus, they deliver traction in mud as well as other soft materials, like soil and sand. The Terrain Attach tread design with big tread blocks give you grip from all angles, and as an added bonus, the BFGoodrich Krawl-Tek Compound provides traction on slick surfaces. The only potential area of concern is the sidewall of this UTV tire. It’s a bit soft, so it may be slightly more prone to punctures than an all-terrain or dual sport option.


  • Manufacturer: Sedona
  • Tire Type: All-terrain
  • Speed Rating: Not specified


  • Ultra-durable and puncture-resistant
  • Smooth Ride Technology for smoothness on all terrain
  • Available in 6 or 8 ply
  • Affordable price


  • Performs best on dry roads or trails

Get great performance and excellent value with a set of Sedona Coyote UTV Tires. This affordable pick delivers reliability, durability, and performance on all types of terrain. Each one of these UTV tires is designed to handle the unexpected, constructed with the latest tech in tires. You’ll enjoy Smooth Tire Technology, which provides strong traction and a smooth ride on even bumpy terrain. And the ultra-durable, puncture-resistant rubber compound made in 6- or 8-ply gives you peace of mind. The tread is also a standout feature of this UTV tire, with wider lug spacing for extra bite on rocks, and siping offers extra traction in the face of slick or sticky surfaces. Thanks the smoothness of this tire’s ride, you’ll get predictable handling every time you drive. Thanks to its reliable performance and good price, there are few complaints for this UTV tire. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll get the best performance on dry roads and trails. It doesn’t offer the strongest grip or best traction in wet conditions.
Honorable Mention
Maxxis Zilla Tire


  • Manufacturer: Maxxis
  • Tire Type: Mud
  • Speed Rating: T (up to 118 mph)


  • Mud-evacuating tread pattern
  • Lighter-weight
  • Provides quicker acceleration
  • Relatively smooth ride on rough trails


  • Tread does wear somewhat quickly

Best for Harsh Trails
Nitto Trail Grappler SxS Tire


  • Manufacturer: Nitto
  • Tire Type: All-terrain
  • Speed Rating: R (up to 106 mph)


  • Tested in harsh off-road racing environments
  • Balanced, smooth ride
  • Works for side-by-side use
  • Mud- and dirt-evacuating tread pattern


  • Tread pattern isn’t the best for rocky or sandy surfaces

The Nitto Trail Grappler SxS Tire lives up to its name, as this UTV tire performs quite well on unpredictable trails. In fact, this tire was developed for trail performance, and it’s been tested in the harshest off-road racing environments to prove its capability. Made for side-by-side setups, this tire features uniform and balanced construction to keep your ride smooth even when the road beneath you gets rough. It’s highly durable and built with a 6-ply construction. Best of all, though, is its tread pattern. Constructed with good depth and rugged shoulders, plus plenty of channels, this tire efficiently whisks mud and dirt out of its way and gives you continuous traction and surface contact, no matter what’s beneath your wheels. While this UTV tire’s tough tread is great for mud and trail pathways, it isn’t the best when it comes to sandy or rocky road surfaces. It’s a bit more specialized, and though it’s designed for all terrains, its tread pattern is really best for mud and dirt.
Best for Hard-Pack Terrain
Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT Tires


  • Manufacturer: Kenda
  • Tire Type: Hard pack
  • Speed Rating: Not specified


  • Tread inspired by light truck tires
  • Excels on hard pack and rocks
  • Heavy-duty 8-ply construction
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards


  • “Desert” terrain can be too sandy and loose to effectively handle

If you’re most commonly driving your UTV over hard-packed dirt, rocks, or pavement, then a set of Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT TIres could be the perfect fit. This highly durable UTV tire, which is 8-ply and heavy-duty in its radial construction, is made specifically for these types of terrain. With DOT-approved rubber, this tire is designed to look and feel like a light truck tire, but sized and fitted for UTV use. It’s great at every speed, and this tire can really excel at higher speeds with its responsive handling and smooth ride. Its shallower tread is also perfectly gentle on grass, which gives you plenty of use cases whether you’re having fun or hauling equipment and gear. While the product info for this UTV tire suggests it’s a great fit for rocky and hard-packed terrain as well as desert conditions, user reviews note that they really aren’t that great for sand. They shine on more solid roads (and meet DOT standards, so they’re street safe), and you’ll see performance suffer somewhat if you try to use them on sand.
Best Extra Clearance
Toyo Open Country SxS Tires


  • Manufacturer: Kenda
  • Tire Type: Mud
  • Speed Rating: T (up to 118 mph)


  • Higher ground clearance
  • Responsive traction on rocks, mud, and uneven terrain
  • Precision for hard turns
  • Mud and stone ejectors


  • Sidewalls are weak and prone to damage

If you’re looking for a little extra height on your UTV so you can clear obstacles more easily, a set of Toyo Open Country SxS Tires can do the trick. These 32-inch diameter tires give you extra ground clearance and are a great help on rocky paths. Beyond clearance, this UTV tire also provides great traction on muddy trails and sand. With deep, sturdy tread that’s built for mud, you’ll be able to get out of slippery or sticky situations easily. You’ll also get superior cornering and performance, enhanced traction on the toughest types of terrain, and grip that stays strong even when your path is slick. And you’re going to love the built-in mud and stone ejectors within the tread pattern, which helps prevent compacted mud buildup and stones from getting stuck in the grooves. The predominant problem with this UTV side-by-side tire is its sidewall weakness. They tend to pop a tear after just a thousand or so miles, and punctures can leave you using repair patches multiple times a year. If you’re often off-roading in areas with plenty of opportunities to get a sidewall puncture, be extra careful.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the best of the best for all-around performance, the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 UTV Tire can provide everything you’re looking for. While it’s designed for mud, this tire performs well even when you’re driving over rocks, roots, and wet or slick road surfaces. Another alternative with great value for its price is the Sedona Coyote UTV Tire, which is a strong contender thanks to its high-tech tire design cues and biting tread pattern. 

Things to Consider Before Buying UTV Tires

Before you invest in any set of UTV tires, it’s important to do your research. By taking the following details into consideration and comparing different tire options, you can confidently settle on a set that works for your needs, your commonly-driven routes, and whatever you might be hauling. 

Types of UTV Tires

All-Terrain UTV Tires

All-terrain tires are as straightforward as they sound: They’re designed to ride on all types of terrain. These all-around UTV tires are a great option if you want versatility and flexibility, as you’ll never really have to worry about riding over loose dirt or paved roads. They’ll even perform in various types of weather, from snow to mud to slick, rainy surfaces. All-terrain tires are also built with durable sidewalls that are prepared for puncture possibilities like sticks and rocks. However, with all of their benefits, all-terrain UTV tires can be a little less than ideal on specific surfaces. For example, using all-terrain tires on sand or softer surfaces can lead to lessened performance. 

Mud UTV Tires

If you’re frequently riding through mud and soft dirt, you may want to opt for mud tires. Featuring tall, aggressive tread blocks that can claw into soft roads, these are the tires you’ll want to rely on if you’re worried about getting stuck. They’ll move your UTV easily, evacuating whatever sticky substances lie in your path. They can grip, hook, and allow mud to slip away. As an added bonus, many mud UTV tires are 6-ply, which gives them a little extra rubber thickness.

Sand UTV Tires

If sand is the most common terrain you traverse in your UTV, then you’re going to want to choose sand tires. Made specifically for rolling over sand, these tires will prevent you and your UTV from sinking – and getting stuck – in soft, always-moving sand. Constructed with a paddle-like design, they propel UTVs forward and “float” on top of sand with a lighter-than-usual build and few tread blocks, if any.

Hard Pack or Dual Sport UTV Tires

A little general purpose, a little specialized, hard pack UTV tires (which are also called dual sport tires) are similar to your typical off-road tire found on crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. They feature similar tread patterns and are often made at either 8- or 10-ply for added ruggedness and reliability. They bite into unpredictable terrain and can handle water evacuation thanks to their wide channels. Overall, hard-pack tires have great grip. However, unlike all-terrain tires, many hard pack options are actually DOT-rated and legal for street or highway use. 

Key Features of UTV Tires

Tire Size

You’ve got to make sure you’re riding on the correct tire size when behind the wheel of your UTV. Tire size can affect everything from your traction to your speed to your vehicle’s center of gravity, and even an inch or two can throw you off. Make sure you check your owner’s manual or current tires for the proper size and fit, and keep your new set of tires at that same size. 

Tread Pattern

Your UTV needs to have tough, grippy tread no matter what type of tire you opt for. However, tread patterns and block sizing can vary depending on whether you’re choosing sand tires, mud tires, or all-terrain tires (or any other variation). Think about the terrain you’ll be driving over most often, and the kinds of terrain your tires are designed for, and consider the tread design and pattern. Wider tread blocks with narrow channels will be great for rocky roads, hard dirt, and gravel. But smaller blocks with widers channels, on the other hand, are great for extra grip in mud, sand, and other loose ground. 

Bias or Radial Construction

UTV tires offer you two construction choices: bias or radial. Bias construction makes for tough tires on rough terrain and grippy performance on steep inclines. Radial tires, on the other hand, are best for smoother roads and don’t perform as strongly on uneven terrain. Think about where you typically drive your UTV, and how you plan to use it, so you can determine which kind of tire construction is the right fit. 

UTV Tire Pricing 

UTV tires can range pretty widely in their price. However, it’s possible to find options for as little as $90 per tire or as expensive as $200 or more per tire. It’s entirely based on the kind of UTV tire you want. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly or value-rich tire, you’ll find options priced between $90 and $125. Most UTV tires fall in the mid-range category of $125 to $175 per tire. And if you’re looking for a premium tire, or one that’s especially rough and rugged-road-ready, you can spend $175 or more.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: What ply tire is best for UTVs?

A: A 4-ply tire should be just fine for any UTV. However, there are newer UTV tires that are 6-ply, which is a great option for drivers who are particularly worried about punctures or puncture-prone terrain.

Q: How many miles should UTV tires last?

A: It depends on where you’re driving and how frequently you’re putting those tires to work, but on average you can expect a lifespan of 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

Q: Are UTV tires balanced?

A: Off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs actually don’t need their tires balanced like cars do, especially when you’re riding on extra-rugged tires and at slower speeds.

Q: Should you replace UTV tires that are cracking?

A: Absolutely! Cracking tires are a sign that your UTV is riding on compromised rubber. Cracking can happen with wear and exposure to the elements, but once you see deep cracks, it’s time to replace your old tires with a new set.