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Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing: Strength, Comfort, and Craftsmanship

Cut down turbulence and ride in style with these motorcycle batwing fairings

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON May 19, 2021

A batwing fairing is an accessory that can be added to the front of almost any motorcycle. It consists of a fitting in the center and two pieces on the sides, making it look kind of like a bat with its wings open.

Adding an aftermarket batwing fairing to your motorcycle can protect your hands, stabilize your ride, improve your fuel efficiency, and provide plenty of other benefits. In this guide, we run down some of the best.

Best Overall

Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing


Batwing fairing with a black lucite outer shell and black ABS inner structure. Fits Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Victory bikes.

  • Quick lock mechanism makes it easy to install and remove
  • Eliminates windshield rattling
  • Adds up to 3 mpg fuel efficiency
  • Initial installation can take a while, and it doesn’t come with a kit
  • Interior doesn’t offer much comfort
Best Value

XMT-MOTO Front Outer Batwing Fairing


This 100 percent brand new aftermarket batwing fairing is constructed from super durable ABS plastic with a matte-black finish.

  • Super affordable price point 
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Fits a variety of different motorcycle makes and models
  • Doesn’t include mounting hardware
  • Some reports that some fairings arrived not fully painted
Honorable Mention

TCMT Vivid Black Injection ABS Inner & Outer Fairing


This shiny black batwing fairing is made to perfectly fit your Harley Davidson  FLTR Road Glide, model years 1998-2013.

  • Includes inner and outer fairings both for a very reasonable price
  • All holes come precisely pre-drilled for excellent fit
  • Matches OEM paint almost exactly
  • No mounting hardware included in the kit
  • Only designed to fit one specific make and model of motorcycle
Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing: Strength, Comfort, and Craftsmanship

Benefits of a Motorcycle Batwing Fairing

  • Protects against windchill. Batwing fairings keep the wind off your hands while riding. If you install a windshield as well (or if the fairing comes with one), it’ll also keep the chill from your face. With a good batwing fairing, you might be able to hit 50 mph without needing to wear goggles or gloves.
  • Stabilizes your ride. By making your bike less susceptible to gusts of wind, a batwing fairing reduces turbulence and helmet buffering. It’s a great solution if you’ve felt your helmet or seat shaking too much mid-ride.
  • Makes your bike more aerodynamic. A lot like a ship’s prow or an airplane’s nose cone, a batwing fairing presents a sleeker shape to the wind than the front of your bike. When you’re no longer fighting the wind, your ride isn’t just smoother—you’ll also save more fuel.
  • Looks cool. A batwing fairing is the kind of accessory that can fit seamlessly into your bike’s aesthetic. Not only does it look awesome, but it can also hold other cool features like decals and speaker systems.

Top Brands

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Memphis Shades

Memphis Shades is an iconic manufacturer of motorcycle fairings and windshields, all of which it proudly touts as American-made. Its products include batwing fairings like the MEM7031, tinted windshields, and others.

Reckless Motorcycles

Another proudly American-based company, Reckless Motorcycles grew out of its founders’ 60 years combined experience building motorcycle parts and fiberglass products. It builds batwing fairings for a wide range of bikes, including Harleys, Hondas, and other American and Japanese brands.


Vector Batwing Fairings is a newer brand that’s looking to capitalize on a mixture of quality and affordability. They too build batwing fairings for multiple bike models, especially Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Some of its top products include the F4-4 for Road Kings and the F5-2 for Hondas.

Motorcycle Batwing Fairing Pricing

  • Under $100: This range is for some batwing fairing accessories, like tinted windshields, front outers, mounting brackets, and decals.
  • $100 to $500: This range includes batwing fairings both with and without included windshields. You’ll also find some stereo systems for this much.
  • Over $500: Batwing fairings with built-in speakers usually sell for more than $500.

Key Features

Outer Fairing

The outer fairing is the part of the motorcycle batwing fairing that’s visible on the outside of the bike. It usually consists of a smooth shell of hard plastic, often varnished to shine, and some holes for adding windshields and mounting brackets. The outer fairing creates the wind diversion that reduces turbulence and increases fuel efficiency while protecting the rider’s hands.

Inner Fairing

The inner fairing is a framework that connects the outer fairing to the bike. It includes holes that fit over the bike’s gauges so they can still be read and others that are used for attaching it to the bike’s frame. Inner fairings are generally made of similar materials to their matched outer fairings, often plastic.


Some batwing fairings come with windshields, while others have companion windshields that are sold separately. Made of see-through fiberglass, windshields broaden the batwing fairing’s ability to divert wind, protecting the rider’s face from gusts. They can be tinted or smoked to block some light. Decorating them with decals is popular.

Other Considerations

  • Bike Brand. Most batwing fairings on the market are made to fit a specific kind of bike. Some might only fit Harley Softails, and some might fit all Japanese models, but very few of them are universal fits. The ones that are universal tend to require a bit of tinkering to get them to work, so they’re most recommended for bikers who are handy with tools (or liked playing with erector sets as kids!).
  • Other Types of Fairings. Batwing fairings aren’t the only option for reducing drag on motorcycles. Larger covers, like full fairings and half fairings, provide more protection from turbulence, but can also make your bike less maneuverable when turning. We know that if bikers wanted total protection, they’d be driving cars, but it is worth considering how much of a trade-off you want to make.

Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairing Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Whether or not they mean to, Memphis Shades is the model many bikers think of when they hear the words “batwing fairing”—and with good reason. The MEM7031 doesn’t come with a ton of frills or cushions, but it does keep the wind off your hands and face, cuts windshield rattle down to almost nothing, and includes plenty of opportunities for customization.

One feature that puts this at the top for us is the newly added quick-lock mechanism, which makes it incredibly easy to install or remove as needed. We also like the sleek look, the wide-ranging fit, and the fact that it can add up to three miles per gallon.

The biggest drawback to the Memphis Shades batwing fairing (which most others share) is the difficulty of first time installation: To remove your old windshield, you’ll have to get comfortable with loosening bolts.

The XMT-MOTO Front Outer Batwing Fairing is one of the best budget-friendly options available that doesn’t sacrifice quality construction for price. This 100 percent brand new aftermarket batwing fairing is constructed from super durable ABS plastic that’s built to withstand some heavy impacts.

The matte-black finish is understated and goes well with a variety of different motorcycle makes and models. It’s easily customizable so you can get the exact look that you want. This fairing is relatively quick and easy to mount.

However, one thing to note is that this fairing does not come with any mounting hardware. You either have to use the hardware from your old batwing fairing or buy a new hardware kit. There are also some reports that the underside wasn't fully painted on some of the fairings that people received.

Another durable option that won’t hurt your wallet is the TCMT Vivid Black Injection ABS Inner & Outer Fairing. This shiny black batwing fairing is made to perfectly fit your Harley-Davidson  FLTR Road Glide, model years 1998-2013. All holes come pre-drilled for quick and easy installation so you can get back on the road fast.

This batwing fairing is constructed from rugged and high-quality ABS plastic, not PVC like some models. It will hold up well to serious wear and tear. This kit includes both the inner and outer fairings, making it an excellent bang for your buck.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with any mounting hardware or installation instructions, so you’re on your own in that department. Also, it’s only made to fit one make of motorcycle, whereas some other options offer more of a “universal fit.”

If a more universal fit is what you’re after, consider the Krator Motorcycle Batwing Windshield Headlight Fairing. This high-gloss black batwing fairing is uber affordable, but like some more expensive models, it’s also constructed from dependable ABS plastic. It’s large size is perfect for protecting you from mud, rain, and flying debris, as well as providing excellent wind breaking.

This model boasts improved stability and decreased turbulence over previous installments.It’s designed to be compatible with various Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, and Suzuki motorcycles, making one of the more versatile fairings on our list.

Unfortunately, this batwing fairing won’t fit your Harley. It doesn’t come with any mounting hardware and the pre-cut holes may be too small to accommodate hardware easily, so be sure to use care during installation not to overtighten hardware and crack the fairing.

The TCMT Black Outer BatWing Fairing is constructed from thick raw ABS injection-molded plastic. It features precise and smooth cut edges that will fit ideally around the components of your Harley Electra Street Glide Road King FLHR. 

The vivid high-gloss black paint of this fairing perfectly matches with your Harley’s OEM 58236-96 paint color. At first glance, this seems like a super affordable option, but be warned— for the price, you only get the outer fairing. If you need the inner fairing as well, you’re going to have to purchase it separately. 

As with most other models, it’s fairly straightforward to install, but doesn’t come with any instructions or mounting hardware, so be sure to save your pre-existing Harley mounting components. There are also some complaints that the final fit of this fairing is not as snug as with the fairing that came with your Harley originally.


  • If you buy a fairing that doesn’t come with a windshield, try to buy the one that’s matched with the fairing you bought. It will be much easier to attach.
  • To clean a fiberglass windshield, go over it with your bare hands to dislodge bugs. Then dip a towel in a bucket of soapy water, and let it soak on your windshield overnight.
  • Before buying a batwing fairing, measure how high an angle it will need to have to keep wind off your face. You can determine this with a yardstick or stiff tape measure.


Q: What is a batwing fairing?

A: It is a frame that fits over your motorcycle’s dashboard and channels air away from you while you ride, resulting in a less turbulent, more comfortable trip.

Q: How do you install a batwing fairing?

A: First, you’ll need to remove the OEM fairing, along with its brackets. This can be done by loosening its bolts with a small wrench. After that, secure the new fairing’s brackets, then add the inner and outer fairings in that order.

Q: Can batwing fairings increase fuel efficiency?

A: Sometimes! We’ve received reports of newly installed fairings adding at least three miles per gallon to a bike’s usual efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The Memphis Shades MEM7031 Batwing Fairing is our pick for the best motorcycle batwing fairing. If you’re on a budget, the XMT-MOTO Front Outer Batwing Fairing is also a great choice.

If you’ve got a favorite batwing fairing we didn’t mention, tell us in the comments below!