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Best Motorcycle T-shirts: Stand Out From the Crowd

Make a fashion statement and stand out with the best motorcycle T-shirts

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BYAlice Musyoka/ LAST UPDATED ON June 1, 2021

Riding a bike is a thrilling experience. When it’s hot and you want to feel the breeze on your skin, a motorcycle T-shirt can enhance that experience. The best motorcycle T-shirts are designed to help you enjoy biking and stand out from other bikers.

A motorcycle T-shirt can help you make new friends who admire your sense of fashion. These T-shirts are usually made from cotton, polyester, and other quality fabrics to offer a high level of comfort. Cotton T-shirts control moisture, provide some form of insulation, and are hypoallergenic. If you’re passionate about motorbikes and you’re in search of a new T-shirt, check out these three.

Best Overall

Last Stop Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt


This vintage-inspired T-shirt has a classic Harley and Route 66 theme. It’s officially licensed, so you’ll know the logos are correct. The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and comes in sizes medium through 5X-large. The design comes printed on the front. 

  • Can request to have the design on the back
  • Pre-shrunk cotton
  • Graphic comes off when washing 
  • Thin cotton fabric
Best Value

M-72 Motorcycle Engine Mechanic Art T-Shirt


Ann Arbor designed this T-shirt to be unisex. It is slightly tapered and features a motorcycle engine blowout diagram. The T-shirt is soft and smooth and made from 100 percent USA-grown cotton. It perfectly combines comfort and function. It’s a mid-weight shirt.

  • Tagless
  • CFC and phthalate-free ink
  • May shrink 
  • Tight in the neck
Honorable Mention

Motorcycle Gears T-shirt When Life Gets You Down


If you ride, you know it’s one down, and then the rest are up. This shirt helps keep you inspired and motivated. It comes in men, women, and youth versions. You also have a choice of black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather blue. 

  • Cotton polyester blend 
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Graphic is not durable 
  • Printing only on the front
Best Motorcycle T-shirts: Stand Out From the Crowd

Benefits of Motorcycle T-shirts 

  • You stand out. Every person who rides a motorcycle has a unique personality. A motorcycle T-shirt shows off your personality and style. The best motorcycle T-shirts feature images or art to help you stand out. Wearing a biker T-shirt can also help you to connect with other bikers. 
  • It can be used as uniforms. If your profession requires that you ride a motorcycle daily, consider using T-shirts as uniforms. Customized T-shirts offer a great way to share your passion for biking and to showcase your style. You can get custom-made T-shirts with your company’s logo and motto.
  • Affordable. The best biker shirts don’t cost an arm and a leg. They are fairly-priced and are made using high-quality fabrics. They also come in different designs and sizes to make your choice easy. They are easy to maintain and their prints are permanent.

Types of Motorcycle T-shirts 

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Crew Neck Motorcycle T-Shirts

These are the most common T-shirts. They feature a round, occasionally-ribbed neckline that fits the neck’s base. In days gone by, the T-shirts were worn by crews in ships as undergarments. That’s how they got their name. The T-shirts can be worn alone or under other clothes. They soak up sweat and prevent chafing.

Y-Neck Motorcycle T-Shirts

Best described as a fusion between V-neck and crew neck T-shirts, these have a buttoning placket below a round neckline. They are considered a collarless version of the polo T-shirt and can be worn for casual or semi-formal occasions with khakis, denim, chinos, or cargo pants. When the buttons are opened, the T-shirt becomes casual; when they are closed, it is more formal. 

V-Neck Motorcycle T-Shirts

These T-shirts have a neckline that forms a “V” at the neck. They were initially used as undershirts and worn beneath overshirts. This is because they would not be visible when the first buttons of overshirts were open. These T-shirts are ideal for people with broad shoulders and round faces. They make people look slimmer by drawing the eye down, making faces appear longer and angular. 

Top Brands


Founded in 1903, this American motorcycle company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world and sells motorcycles and motorcycle parts and accessories. It also designs and manufactures biking apparel and gear. Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle training classes and organizes biking events. Its goal is to enhance rider commitment and engagement. One of its best motorcycle T-shirts is the Harley-Davidson Military Biker T-Shirt.

Biker Life USA 

Also known as Biker Life Clothing, this brand is part of Print Art Screen Printing Inc. It is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Print Art Screen Printing Inc. is one of the leading biker apparel printing companies in the USA. It has been in operation for more than 11 years, equipping motorcycle riders with clothing. Biker Life Clothing is its online retail extension. Add the Biker Life USA T-shirt to your collection and show off your love for biking.

Hot Leathers

Owned by Jerry Berkowitz, this company began its operations in the 1970s. Jerry was always interested in motorcycles and owned a 1969 Honda CD175. He frequently swapped motorcycles with his friends on weekends. His helium balloon business soon started producing biking apparel. Hot Leathers now has a large online presence. It produces top-notch biking apparel that’s fairly-priced, like the Hot Leathers Double-Sided Biker T-shirt

Best Motorcycle T-shirts Pricing

  • $5-$10: These are lower-quality T-shirts that may lose their shape and color after a few washes. However, they are easily replaceable and are ideal for those buying motorcycle T-shirts in bulk.
  • $10-$20: T-shirts in this price bracket are of better quality and offer value for the money. They retain their shape after washing, last longer, and fit better. Most non-branded motorcycle T-shirts can be found in this category.
  • $20 and up: These are the best motorcycle T-shirts. They are made with better fabrics, are thicker, and come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Their designs are also unique. 

Key Features


The best motorcycle T-shirts are made from a natural fabric that is soft and breathable. T-shirts are usually made from 100 percent cotton, 100 percent polyester, a mix of cotton and polyester, or a mix of rayon, cotton, and synthetic fiber. Jersey fabric is used to make cheaper, thinner T-shirts while sweatshirt jersey makes thicker T-shirts. Stretchy T-shirts are made from cotton spandex. To determine a T-shirt’s quality, look at its thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the T-shirt.

Size and Fit

Before buying a motorcycle T-shirt, make sure it’s a perfect fit. You can obtain the exact measurements by checking the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Keep in mind that European sizes run smaller than American sizes. So, if you’re buying a T-shirt made in Europe, buy two or three sizes larger. Also, women’s T-shirts are designed to fit snugly, while men’s are designed to fit loosely. 

Sleeve Length 

The best motorcycle T-shirts for the colder season have long sleeves that fully cover your arms. Short-sleeve T-shirts are the most popular because they can be worn all year round. They are highly flexible and offer freedom of movement. Sleeveless T-shirts, commonly known as muscle shirts or tank tops, are ideal for summer days or for showing off your muscles. 

Other Considerations

  • Design. For some bikers, this may be more important than the fabric or color. Quotes, cool texts, and art are a great way to show off your personality. A T-shirt with the right design is the perfect addition to a biker’s wardrobe. Some biker T-shirts are sleeveless, while others are hooded. Whether you prefer flames, skulls, or angel wings, choose a design you connect with that conveys your interests.
  • Usage. Before getting a T-shirt, determine how you’ll use it. Motorcycle racing T-shirts should easily absorb sweat and dry quickly. They must be made with 100 percent polyester. The fabric is breathable, dries quickly, retains its shape when washed, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. T-shirts for casual riding are made with cotton or other fabrics.
  • Color. Motorcycle T-shirts come in a variety of colors. Some have one color, others have two, and others feature a combination of colors. The most popular colors for motorcycle T-shirts are gray, black, navy blue, and red. 

Best Motorcycle T-shirts Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This vintage-inspired t-shirt is perfect for rocking that old-school cool vibe. It’s a black shirt that’s made from 100 percent preshrunk cotton. The graphic comes printed on the front, but you can request that it be placed on the back of the T-shirt instead. It comes in sizes medium through 5X-large for a custom fit. The Harley design is an officially licensed product, so you can be confident that it looks clean and accurate. You’ll find this shirt to be soft and comfortable.

The downside of this T-shirt is that the graphic isn’t very durable and can come off during laundering. Turn it inside out and follow the care instructions to prevent this. The cotton fabric also feels thin, but this can help the shirt to feel cool in warmer weather.

If you’re a biker who loves your machine, there’s no better motorcycle T-shirt for you. Designed by the illustrators at Ann Arbor, it is appealing and feels great to wear. The T-shirt is slightly tapered and follows the drop in size from the chest to the waist. It is a lighter, mid-weight T-shirt you can wear on any bike ride. 

The T-shirt’s engine blowout diagram is printed using QCM screen-printing inks that are of high quality and crack-resistant. They are rated carcinogen-free by the state of California and are free of chlorofluorocarbons and phthalates. The T-shirt is soft, smooth, and has a high thread count. It is made using cotton grown in the U.S.

There's no need to worry about an itchy tag irritating your skin because the T-shirt has a tagless tag printed on its inner collar. Unfortunately, because of its high cotton content, it may shrink the first time you wash it. Additionally, its quality isn’t the best, and the manufacturer needs to improve it.

This inspirational T-shirt features the gears that every motorcycle rider goes through while riding. There’s also an inspirational message stating, “When life gets you down, remember it’s only one down the rest is up.” You have five color options to choose from, including black, navy, royal blue, heather blue, and heather gray. There are sizes for men, women, and youth. What makes this T-shirt stand out is the cotton and polyester blend, giving the shirt some stretch to be more comfortable. It also has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem for more durability. 

The downside of the shirt is that the graphic isn’t durable. You'll want to be careful when washing the shirt to preserve it. The printing is also only on the front.


This bold T-shirt comes in several colors. Choose from black, navy, asphalt, slate, dark heather, olive, brown, cranberry, and heather blue. It also comes in men, women, and youth sizes. The solid colors are 100 percent cotton; the heather gray option is 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. All other heathers are 50 percent cotton and polyester. You’ll like how lightweight and soft the T-shirt is. It has a classic fit for the ultimate comfort for both men and women. This shirt has a durable construction with double-needle stitching on the sleeves and bottom hem. 

One drawback about this T-shirt is that the print quality could be better. You can avoid having the graphic degrade by only washing it in cold water with like colors and drying low heat. 

This simple yet stylish shirt comes in sizes small through 5X-large so that everyone can wear the perfect size. It’s a soft heather gray fabric that’s 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. The front of the shirt features the classic Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo with an aged effect. The back of the shirt features the same bar and shield logo in a clean design with a Wisconsin dealer logo on the back. You’ll appreciate the thicker feel of the material and the high-quality construction of the shirt. 

Unfortunately, the front and back graphics don’t match with the front distressed and the back not. The shirt also runs a bit large, so you might want to size it down. It also has a specific dealer’s branding on the back, which you may not like. 


  • To prevent your T-shirt’s color from fading too soon, turn it inside out before washing and drying it. Also, wash your T-shirt with cold water. A 30-degree or a 40-degree wash is ideal, as it decreases the risk of unwanted colorization and keeps the shirt looking crisp.
  • Avoid pulling the T-shirt by the neck over your head as the neckline will overstretch. When removing it, pull it by the hem with your hands.
  • All products made from cotton experience natural shrinkage when drying. To minimize shrinking, creasing, and unwanted stretching, avoid putting it in the dryer. Instead, air dry your T-shirt on a clothesline. 


Q: How do I maintain my motorcycle T-shirt?

A: Many biker shirts are made of 100 percent cotton or cotton and polyester. They are usually pre-shrunk to reduce shrinkage and to make them machine-washable. Check the washing instructions on your T-shirt’s label to be sure about its care and maintenance. 

Q: Which are the important laundry symbols on T-shirt care labels? 

A: All of them. The laundry symbols on your motorcycle T-shirt usually include washing and a drying method. Read all the instructions for washing, drying, pressing, bleaching, and any associated warnings.

Q: How can I prevent yellow stains on my T-shirt? 

A: Heavy underarm sweating is usually associated with yellow stains, but it's not the cause. The stains are caused by your antiperspirant’s aluminum content combining with bacteria on your skin. To prevent the stains, you can stop using antiperspirants and switch to deodorants.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best motorcycle T-shirt is the Last Stop Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt. It’s made from pre-shrunk cotton with a vintage-inspired design and comes in several sizes. 

We also love the affordable, beautifully-designed, tapered, and tagless M-72 Motorcycle Engine Mechanic Art T-Shirt.