Best Gifts for Mechanics: Get Your Grease Monkey the Perfect Gift

Buy the perfect gift that any mechanic would be delighted to get.

byAndra DelMonico, Nikola Petrovski|
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BYAndra DelMonico, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON May 31, 2023

It’s a challenge buying a gift for the favorite mechanic in your life. Most experienced mechanics are quite particular about their tools and the brands they use, and your well-intentioned gift can go sideways quickly if you’re not careful. We’ve found a few options that will make your favorite mechanic’s life easier. The best gifts for mechanics are sure to please.

Best Overall
Torin Big Red Rolling Pneumatic Shop Seat

Torin Big Red Rolling Pneumatic Shop Seat

This is more than just a stool. Its four casters let you move in any direction while sitting on it. Under the stool is a tray to hold your tools or anything else.
  • The seat of the stool moves up and down up to 4.7 inches.
  • Its all-steel construction ensures durability.
  • The seat mechanism uses a pneumatic cylinder to go up and down, and it may fail.
  • The caster wheels are plastic and not durable.
Best Value

BOGUE Grease Monkey Luxury Goat Milk Soap Gift Set

Get this artisanal soap gift set that’s made from fresh raw goat milk and organic plant-based oils. Each batch is hand-mixed and made with a purpose.
  • This isn’t just soap; it’ll effectively exfoliate, remove grease, and help heal abrasions and cuts.
  • It’s also packed with essential oils, including A, E, B6, and B12.
  • The soap is small in size, which makes it less than ideal for cleaning all over.
  • It may also take some effort to remove all grease and grime.
Honorable Mention

Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Orange Tool Tray

Get this durable and flexible mat that can hold tools secure on the mat at up to a 70-degree angle. It’s heat resistant up to 500 degrees. It’s also anti-static and chemical-resistant.
  • There are no magnets in this mat, so you aren’t limited in locations to lay your mat.
  • The bright orange color makes your tools easily seen.
  • If you get your mat dirty, it’s easy to wipe clean.
  • If the mat gets dusty or dirty, then it loses its grippiness.
  • You may need to wipe the mat down with isopropyl alcohol.

Summary List

Our Verdict on the Best Gifts for Mechanics

The Torin Big Red Rolling Pneumatic Shop Seat is a quality-built stool that will have any mechanic scooting around their shop.

The BOGUE Grease Monkey Luxury Goat Milk Soap Gift Set will ensure any mechanic gets clean after a tough day at the garage.


  • Think about gifts that can make your mechanic’s life easier. Handy tools for work will have them thinking about you every time they use your gift. These are typically tools that they won’t use working on cars but will help them stay organized or move faster. 
  • Pay attention to the struggles the mechanic in your life faces. Maybe they’re constantly losing small bits and parts like screws and bolts. Or maybe they’re tired of constantly walking across the garage every time they need to switch tools. Find a gift that will help them solve this problem.
  • Look for items that are of quality build when searching for the best gifts for mechanics. You want to make sure that the item you buy is durable enough to last for years to come and not fall apart in the middle of a project. 


Q: Why shouldn’t I buy them a tool set?

A: Unless the mechanic you’re buying for specifically points out a tool set, it’s best to avoid this gift. You risk buying them a tool set that they already own, which will leave them with duplicate sets they’ll never use. You also risk buying a set of tools from a brand they don’t like.

Q: How do I know if a gift is of high quality?

A: Pay attention to the price, the materials used, and the brand's warranty. If the cost of the item seems very cheap, then this is a sign that it’s cheaply made. Look at the method of attachment. There should be strong, clean welds or thick, even stitching. Read the user reviews for an idea of how well the item performs. 

Q: Why should I buy a useful gift?

A: Gimmicky gifts are only cute or funny at the moment. After the initial gifting, they’ll end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust somewhere. This doesn’t enrich the mechanic’s life or add value in any way. The useful gifts we’ve gathered here will help make a mechanic’s life easier by providing a daily benefit. 

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