Best Decals: Personalize Your Vehicle

These decals are a great way to customize your vehicle

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PUBLISHED ON February 13, 2020

If you own a car, decals are a great way to customize its exterior and add a personal touch without spending a fortune. Fortunately, decals can add a really cool touch to your car if you opt for high-quality products. These adhesive stickers are quick and easy to apply and can be removed at any time.
So, how do you know which decals are best for your vehicle without damaging it? We’ve searched for the top three selections that are entertaining, safe to use, and won’t get you into any trouble.

  • Best Overall
    Motorsport Cars Decals Stickers

    Motorsport Cars created this set of 12 decal stickers with a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. The large diversity of decals enables all customers to find a selection of stickers that best suits their vehicle and tastes.


    The decals are pre-cut, so you just have to peel them off and apply them to your car. They’re waterproof and weatherproof.


    The decals can tear easily if you aren’t careful when removing them from the original packaging. Not all of the shades accurately resemble the licensed originals. 

  • Best Value
    WINOMO Funny Car Stickers

    This fun and entertaining car decal is easy to stick and won’t remove any paint from your vehicle. It’s a reflective design, so it remains visible as light shines on it.


    Easy to apply to a clean, dry surface. The decal is waterproof and sun-resistant, so it doesn’t fade.


    Some customers report it’s difficult to peel the decal off of the original packaging. The decal’s background is more silver than white, making it a difficult match for white vehicles.

  • Honorable Mention
    Flyzoo 200-Pcs Featured Stickers

    If you’re searching for entertaining and cute decals, this 200-pack is be a great option. Suitable for children and adults of all ages, these non-offensive decals are free of violence, curses, defamatory language, gun references, and more.


    Five percent of every purchase is donated to help hungry children. The decals are, on average, 35 percent larger than many rival decals.


    Some customers report a small selection of offensive decals in their package. The colors fade when regularly exposed to sunlight.

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  • Die-cut stickers are the fastest and easiest type to apply to your car. They’re thick and durable and work the best when faced with water, sunlight, and scratches.
  • Carefully choose a location on your car for the sticker. It should be easy for others to make out the text or image but more importantly, be in a position that doesn’t distract other drivers or impede your vision while driving.
  • Avoid keeping a decal on your car for months. Instead, regularly remove and replace the decal to prevent the car paint underneath from fading.


Q: How should I prepare my car before applying a decal?

A: Thoroughly clean the area with soap and water to remove any debris and dirt. If you apply the sticker to a rough surface with debris present, the sticker will apply rough and bumpy.

Q: How can I safely remove a decal?

A: Use soapy water and a cleaning cloth and wipe the surface surrounding and on the sticker. Warm the sticker with a hair dryer, and gently scrape underneath the decal to remove it without damaging your paintwork.

Q: What considerations should you make during a purchase?

A: The decal should be waterproof and sun-resistant to prevent it from getting ruined when exposed to the elements. We also recommend carefully choosing decals that won’t offend anyone or cause embarrassment, particularly if you have young children. 

Final Thoughts

We choose the Motorsport Cars Decals Stickers as the best decals based on their diversity and high-quality materials. The decals are easy to apply, and there’s a suitable style for everyone.

Alternatively, opt for a budget-friendly decal that’s easy to apply with the WINOMO Funny Car Stickers.