Best RV Door Holders: Hold Your Door Open with Ease

Keep the doors of your RV secure with these latches

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PUBLISHED ON January 28, 2020

Do you have a door in your RV that just won’t stay open? It could be the main door into your RV or a cabinet or compartment door that tries to swing close every time you open it. A reliable latch will keep the door out of your way while you’re working. This will reduce the risk of damage to the door and whatever you’re moving through the open doorway. Check out these latches as possible solutions for your RV door.

  • Best Overall
    Red Hound Auto Trailer T-Style Entry Door Catch

    This T-style door catch comes with one arm and one catch side. The latch is made of premium rust-resistant stainless steel. The mounting bases are 3 inches by 1 ¾ inches. The arm is 4 inches long. 


    The installation is easy with pre-drilled holes for bolting onto your RV. The stainless steel construction makes it tough and corrosion-resistant. 


    The mounting hardware doesn’t come with the latch. There is no space for adjustment clearance, so the door and your RV need to be perfectly aligned for this latch to work. 

  • Best Value
    Hamilton Bowes 2 Pack: RV T-Style Door Holder Catch

    These durable plastic T-style RV door holders are a direct replacement of OEM latches. They measure 3 ½ inches. They come as a set of two. 


    The plastic construction makes them blend into the look of your RV, so you don’t have that tough industrial look. The direct OEM replacement means it’ll fit into the existing latch space. 


    Mounting hardware doesn’t come with these latches. The plastic construction makes them not as durable as other options. 

  • Honorable Mention
    JR Products Low Profile Bumper Door Holder

    A low profile option is this polymer plastic bumper style door holder. It has a polymer plastic stem and rubber socket. It measures 1 ½ inches tall by 1 ¼ inches in diameter.  


    The black color won’t fade in the sun, so it’ll look great for years to come. The mounting screws are included, which makes installation easy. 


    You may find the rubber and plastic hard to separate once you open and latch the door. The fit is very tight. It also needs to be perfectly aligned straight on or it’ll struggle to work. 

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  • Think about where the latch will get installed to determine what type of latch you should use. Some latches are better meant for outdoor use, while others look better for indoor use. 
  • Measure the area where you plan to install the latch. Make sure you have enough room to install each base and that the latch arm is long enough. You may find that you need a latch with a bent arm to accommodate the space available. 
  • Pay attention to whether or not mounting hardware comes with the latch. You’ll need screws or bolts to hold the latch in place. Typically, each base of the latch requires four mounting screws, so you’ll need eight total. 


Q: Should I choose OEM or aftermarket door holders?

A: The answer depends on your personal preference. If you want to keep your RV looking like new and true to the original, then you want the OEM replacement. Sometimes buying aftermarket is an upgrade to the OEM part. This can happen with latches as they tend to be made of cheaper plastic from the manufacturer. Upgrading to a higher grade plastic or metal can provide more durability. 

Q: Should I care if it’s spring-loaded? 

A: You don’t have to have a spring for the latch to work. Having a spring can make the latch more secure. The spring prevents the latch from popping open in more extreme weather or when stress gets applied to the latch. If you RV in a place where the wind can get aggressive, then a spring-loaded latch can be the smarter choice. 

Q: How do I install my new latch?

A: Remove the old bracket and clean the area. Remove any old residue or sealant that may remain. Check that your new hardware fits and that the screw holes line up. If they line up, use them. If they don’t, you’ll need to drill new holes. Use a sealant, such as an outdoor caulk, to fill the hole and weatherize the area. Install the bracket by holding it to your RV and install the screws until the latch is secure. 

Final Thoughts

The Red Hound Auto Trailer T-Style Entry Door Catch will provide you with a secure hold as well as corrosion resistance.

The Hamilton Bowes 2 Pack: RV T-Style Door Holder Catch provides an attractive and affordable direct OEM replacement.