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Best Scooter Luggage: Cruise Around the Airport in Style

Purchase a luggage scooter to make traveling more fun.

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BYAndra DelMonico/ LAST UPDATED ON September 13, 2021

If you want to make traveling a little easier and a lot more fun, you may want to invest in a luggage scooter. The great thing about this type of suitcase is that it isn't just for kids. Both children and adults can glide around the airport or train station without worrying about carrying a bag. Check out some of the best luggage scooters in our buying guide below.

Best Overall

EC Homelife Scooter Luggage


This durable luggage comes with several compartments for organization, a TSA lock, and protective bumper corners.

  • Fits aircraft carry-on luggage compartment 
  • Dual USB ports 
  • Hard to maneuver 
  • Needs breaking in 
Best Value

21-Inch TSA Lock Scooter Luggage Aluminum Suitcase


This rugged suitcase comes with a scooter and suitcase rolling wheels. The outer shell is constructed of high-quality PC and PVC with an aluminum scooter.

  • Reinforced zipper frame
  • Three usability modes
  • Too large for the overhead compartment 
  • Flimsy outer shell
Honorable Mention

20-Inch Scooter Suitcase for Airport Travel


This durable piece of luggage has a non-slip arc handle, explosion-proof zippers, and a scratch-resistant lid. It has a pedal weight capacity of 300 kilograms.

  • Separate laptop compartment 
  • Subjected to 100,000 tensile tests
  • Hard to maneuver 
  • Rubber wheels need breaking in
Best Scooter Luggage: Cruise Around the Airport in Style

Benefits of Scooter Luggage

  • Fun designs. There’s a niche of scooter luggage aimed for children, with plenty of fun characters and colors to make traveling fun for youngsters.
  • Makes parents feel stress-free. Traveling with little ones can be stressful. Fortunately, these products mean you don’t have to carry your child’s luggage, as they’ll love traveling with it themselves.
  • Extra features versus a traditional suitcase. These products are designed to fit your travel essentials, with the added benefit of not having to lug or carry your suitcase through the airport. They’re fun to use and exciting for children.

Types of Scooter Luggage

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Built-In Kick Scooter 

This style of scooter luggage is a typical piece of travel luggage that happens to have a kick scooter built into it. When the scooter is open, you ride the scooter like you typically would with the luggage in front of you. When you are finished riding, you can fold the kick scooter portion up. This style is nice because it keeps everything compact and together. The drawback is that you’ll have to replace everything if either the scooter or the luggage break. The scooter components can be bulky when stowing the luggage. 

Detachable Scooter 

The alternative type of scooter luggage has a kick scooter that separates from the luggage. This gives you two separate pieces that then attach to each other when you are on the go. This style is nice because you can use either piece separately from the other. This gives you more usability out of your scooter and luggage. The drawback is that it can be tedious to attach and detach the scooter from the luggage. 

Backpack and Scooter Combo 

This style of scooter luggage is more kid-friendly than the others. However, you may be able to find an adult version of this type. Instead of a traditional-looking piece of luggage, it looks more like a backpack. It even has straps for carrying. The luggage will either be hardshell or look like a traditional textile backpack. Both styles have two shoulder straps for wearing and a built-in foldable kick scooter for riding. While this style of backpack can feel awkward and take some getting used to, the multi-functionality makes it convenient. The child versions may not be as durable as their adult counterparts.  

Top Brands

America's Travel Merchandise (ATM)

Founded in Mexico in 1993, ATM produces high-quality children’s travel products, handbags, backpacks, and lunch bags. Now that the company is based out of Florida, it distributes over 20 brands throughout North and South America. The Paw Patrol Boy Blue Scootie Carry-on is a fun first luggage for children. 


The Kiddietotes brand stands out for its kid-centric line of luggage. It is known for producing products that are sized for smaller travelers with fun designs that kids will appreciate. The luggage is popular with parents for its affordability and rugged construction. The Kiddietotes 3-D Lightweight Hardshell Carry-on Scooter Suitcase is a perfect first-time suitcase for your little one. 

Scooter Luggage Pricing

  • Up to $60: This price range offers a capacity of up to 21 liters, making it the smallest type of case. The exterior will be bright and colorful, yet the case won’t be designed with weatherproof, lightweight materials.
  • $60 to $100: This price range is typically the best-seller for travel essentials. Expect a capacity of around 25 liters, and a high-quality zipper that doesn’t easily get stuck. The handlebars will be responsive, and be easily foldable for storage.
  • $100 and up: For the most expensive items, the wheels will be thick and high-quality, making them smooth to travel over all surfaces. The product will also be lightweight and use materials such as aluminum to make it long-lasting.

Key Features

Construction Materials 

The materials your luggage and scooter are made from will dictate how durable the suitcase is. Hardshell cases are typically made from a plastic material like PU or PVC. The scooter components should be metal of an aluminum alloy. This metal is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The wheels should be a composite that makes them durable and cushion some of the vibrations that happen on rougher surfaces. This helps it to be impact-resistant and lightweight. Pay attention to the zippers on the luggage. This is a weak point for luggage, so they should be made of metal and have reinforced stitching. 


You need to buy luggage that is big enough to hold everything you want to bring with you. However, you also need to consider how you plan to travel with your scooter luggage. If you plan to fly, you’ll need to buy a suitcase that’s within the airline’s size and weight restrictions. If you want to carry it on, then the size is limited even more. Bigger isn’t always better. Some smaller luggage pieces have better internal organization, allowing you to fit more into a smaller space. 

Scooter Functionality 

The last thing you want is to have to fight with your scooter and luggage while in the airport. Look for a scooter that has a simple mechanism for the scooter. This could be a one-touch button that releases the scooter then clicks it back into place. You also don’t want the scooter or the handle unfolding while you’re trying to use your luggage. There should be a mechanism that secures both in place to keep them tucked away. 

Other Considerations

  • Design. The luggage you buy should look good and appeal to you. It could come in your favorite color, or perhaps you choose one with a sleek and modern design. There are others with a more rugged design. If you’re buying scooter luggage for a child, there are plenty of bright and colorful themed pieces. Choose luggage that you’ll be happy to walk through a crowded airport with. You should also be able to easily recognize it as yours. 
  • Maneuverability. The last thing you want is to be rolling through the airport at a good speed and find out that you can’t maneuver. Your scooter needs to be responsive to easily avoid other people and obstacles. Look at the wheels for ones that are a decent size with a lean-to-steer mechanism. The handlebar needs to be large enough that you can comfortably hold it to stabilize yourself while maneuvering. 
  • Internal Design. The inside of the luggage needs to make sense for the items you want to pack. Some are bare-bones with just an open compartment. This gives you the most freedom but also lacks the ability to secure your belongings. Some have straps to secure your items. Others have zippered mesh pockets and smaller use-specific pockets, like a padded laptop pocket. 

Best Scooter Luggage Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This rolling suitcase has two sets of wheels. One pair of smaller wheels are located on the front and a pair of larger wheels on the back. A telescoping comfort handlebar is on the top. A fold-out scooter with a wear-resistant brake is located on the backside of the luggage. Carry this luggage on your next flight, thanks to its overhead compartment compatibility. It measures 20.86 x 13.78 x 10.23 inches and weighs 13.9 pounds. A nice feature of this luggage is the foot brake, giving you more control. A standout feature of this luggage is the dual USB ports with a built-in IC chip to protect your devices from overcharging. There’s a front compartment that’s large enough for laptops and other electronics for easy charging and access. 

Unfortunately, the rubber wheels are hard to control when they are new. You’ll have to go through a break-in period before they become easier to steer left and right. 

This aluminum scooter suitcase is quite versatile. You can turn it around by pulling up the handrail slightly, and it has brakes in the back. The suitcase is 21 inches and folds up completely, so it's easy to carry. It acts as a trolley case when the handrail is extended and is designed for adults.

The luggage is multifunctional and has a simple yet elegant design. It's made of high-quality PC and PVC as well as aluminum. The interior features three microfabric layers and several pockets for clothing and other items. It also comes with a TSA-coded lock and a one-year warranty. Overall, it's a good-sized suitcase and fairly sturdy for the price, and it looks good.

However, you may struggle a bit to fit this in an overhead compartment due to its size. Also, the outer case is a little flimsy and may not hold up very well over time. Another issue is that it is a little challenging to turn it. And if you are more than 250 pounds, it may not support your weight very well.

This 20-inch scooter suitcase is available in blue and black. It's waterproof and made of lightweight, impact-resistant aluminum alloy and PC material. The wheels are made of PU materials and are durable, non-slip, and very grippy. It folds quite easily, is simple to carry, and comes with a foot brake. It weighs 13.4 pounds.

The luggage features rock 'n' roll steering that is stable, safe, and secure yet soft and not too jarring on hard surfaces. The handle is 37.4 inches high and is adjustable so that it can fit people of different sizes. It easily fits into a plane's overhead compartment due to its size.

One problem with this scooter is it can be hard to turn the luggage right and left. It can take some time for the rubber wheels to wear in. Also, the zipper can easily get stuck on the lining. It can also be hard to remove items from the suitcase when you're on a plane.

Give your child their independence with their own piece of luggage. This Spider-Man theme scooter luggage is both functional and fun. Its small size is perfect for smaller users. It has three-in-one functionality. Use it like a scooter, trolley case, or carrying case. When the handle and scooter are folded, it fits perfectly into cabin luggage compartments. The dimensions are 11.81 x 13.78 x 21.65 inches. You’ll appreciate the durability of this luggage with 120 millimeter PVC wheels and ABEC five bearings. 

One potential drawback of this suitcase is that it’s very small. Even though it’s meant for children, it may not be large enough for longer trips. The release strap for the scooter can be difficult for children to work.

This cheery scooter luggage is child-sized for easy maneuverability. It features a black body with a bright yellow bee design on the front. Designed for children aged four and older, it measures 13.5 x 8 x 19.5 inches. The luggage shell is water- and scratch-resistant, while also being lightweight enough for your child to roll it on its own. You’ll appreciate the heavy-duty zipper, sturdy aluminum handle, and that it’s TSA-approved. The internal straps are nice to help keep everything organized inside. Your child will love that the wheels light up. 

One potential drawback of this luggage is that the light-up wheels present more complicated parts that could break. The handle doesn’t sink down flush with the luggage, making it more vulnerable.

This simple and slim luggage scooter is perfect for work, school, or travel. It features a solid blue front and black back that’s made from high-quality PC and PVC. This makes the suitcase waterproof and durable. The scooter components are made from an aluminum alloy so that they are strong yet durable. An uncommon feature that you’ll find on this scooter is the brake, which gives you better control while riding. There is a separate compartment for your laptop or important documents. The suitcase measures 21.3 x 12.6 x 7.48 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds.

This fun and functional piece of luggage will make any trip a blast for your child. It features a bright blue design with a large Paw Patrol design. The large in-line skate-style wheels make it easy to maneuver the suitcase. It has a latch pull system to make it easy for little hands to operate the fold-out scooter platform. The luggage has a durable EBA outer shell and a 3D design. This helps to create plenty of room on the interior for all of their items. The lightweight design of the luggage makes it easier for your little one to pull or carry their own suitcase. 

Unfortunately, the dual scooter wheels on the bottom stick out far from the body of the luggage. This makes the piece awkward when put in a car or in an overhead compartment. 

This blue iubest scooter luggage is designed to accommodate users who are 331 pounds or less, making it a good option for adults, teenagers, and children. The interior has five compartments and a 50-liter capacity, so there's enough space to carry various items. This luggage is constructed of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy and is 25 inches by 11.8 inches by 14.4 inches.

The frame is strong and stable and able to withstand bumps and minor damage. It's also quite easy to fold using just one button, which allows you to fold it up and down. The brake pads are stainless steel, while the PU wheels are abrasion-resistant. The wheels also have really good bearings, so the luggage rolls nicely. The handle height is adjustable, depending on the user's preference.

However, since it's a little heavy-duty, the suitcase is also a bit heavy. It doesn't roll very well on carpeting, either. In addition, it won't fit in an overhead bin with the scooter portion attached, so you may have to check it instead of using it as a carry-on suitcase.

While not exactly scooter luggage, this is a great option for children who get tired when walking long distances around an airport or subway. This children's trolley case comes in 20-inch and 24-inch options and is a bright pink color. It has a safety belt to protect the child when they sit down on it.

The luggage is made of durable, high-quality materials and features an ergonomic design for comfort. The 24-inch option is 22.8 inches tall, and it can accommodate children up to 88 pounds. The lining is polyester, and the luggage is waterproof and wear-resistant. It comes with a thin protective film that you can leave on for scratch protection or remove if preferred. It also comes with a combination lock for added security. Overall, it's lightweight, glides well over paved surfaces, and is a lot of fun for kids.

However, the luggage may be a slightly different color than what you see in pictures, and the footrest is a little narrow. It's also slightly too big to use as a carry-on suitcase, so you have to check it before flying. Another problem is that it's a little pricey.


  • Look for luggage that is able to withstand a lot of use. It should also be designed in a way that easily fits into an overhead bin should you decide to take it with you on the plane.
  • Think about storage capacity if you’re considering a luggage scooter. It tends to be a bit smaller than traditional luggage.
  • Check out the luggage warranty. Longer warranties are better because they will cover repairs and parts for a longer period of time. Most don’t provide complete replacements.


Q: Can I use a luggage scooter at the airport and in train stations? 

If you check your bag, you can use a luggage scooter. However, you must make sure the luggage scooter meets carry-on dimensions if you decide to take it on the plane. The same rules typically apply to train travel but contact your train station in advance to make sure.

Q: Are luggage scooters for both kids and adults? 

Yes. Both children and adults can use luggage scooters, but they are particularly appealing for kids because they are fun and enable them to keep up with their families. 

Q: Is scooter luggage durable?

 Yes. It is designed to be long-lasting and to take a moderate amount of abuse. It is usually built with an aluminum frame and polycarbonate plastic.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best scooter luggage is the EC Homelife Scooter Luggage. This convenient luggage has a durable construction with an aluminum scooter and protective bumpers on the luggage. The compact size makes it a perfect carry-on, while the dual USB ports ensure your electronics are always charged. 

For a more affordable option, the 21-Inch TSA Lock Scooter Luggage Aluminum Suitcase won’t let you down with its reinforced PC and PVC luggage construction and aluminum scooter.