Best Dual Sport Tires: Enhance Your All-Terrain Adventure

A quality dual sport tire improves street and trail riding experience

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PUBLISHED ON December 23, 2019

A dual-sport motorcycle has two purposes: to go on and off the road with ease. To accomplish this, it needs a matching pair of tires to conquer tough terrain conditions. The tire you choose should be durable and provide comfortable handling and reliable traction in different terrains. Considering all these factors, we have compiled the three best dual sport tires on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Continental Twinduro TKC80-Dual Sport Rear Tire
    Featuring 40 percent on-road and 60 percent off-road ratings, the Continental Twinduro is suited for both highway and off-trail use. To enhance the off-road suitability even further, it has a wide block tread pattern for optimal grip and performance.
    This tire has optimized braking and traction capabilities. It also enhances handling and cornering stability. It has excellent self-cleaning properties.
    Tire may not wear evenly. It is expensive compared to most other options.
  • Best Value
    Kenda K270 Dual Dual/Enduro Front Motorcycle Bias Tire
    If you are looking to replace your OEM tire, Kenda Dual sport would be a nice choice. It has a rating of 40 percent on-road and 60 percent off-road application for a perfect balance between a comfortable on-road ride and improved traction on the trails.
    This tire offers improved handling and cornering capabilities. It is also DOT-approved and affordable. It features a maximum tread depth for improved all-terrain grip.
    The speed rating of this tire is C, which may not be suitable for some users. It is not the best for riding on snowy trails.
  • Honorable Mention
    Shinko Dual Sport 705 Series Front/Rear Tire
    This Shinko dual sport tire is designed for 80 percent on-road and 20 percent off-road riding. It features a versatile tread pattern for enhanced all-weather traction as well as smooth riding on the highway.
    All its sizes are designed for front and rear fitment. It features a high-quality rubber compound that resists tearing during off-road use for enhanced durability. It is DOT-approved and has excellent loading capabilities.
    The tire has a lot of noise and vibrations when speeding on the streets. It does not have self-cleaning capabilities and does not perform well on snow.

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  • Always remember to inspect your tires thoroughly before any ride or after a long trip.  This maintenance practice ensures you minimize flat tire occurrence when riding.
  • Since there is no tire that can perfectly fit dirt, gravel, sand, on-road, and other off-road conditions, it is vital to know your riding habits in order to choose the tire that best suits your needs.
  • Ensure your tires are correctly balanced to improve your riding comfort and safety in all road conditions. If you do not know how to balance them, it is advisable to visit a mechanic.


Q: What are dual sport tires?

A: Dual sport tires are designed to be used with a dual-sport motorcycle. These tires can be used in both on- and off-road conditions.

Q: How long do dual-sport tires last?

A: The durability of any tire depends on the construction technology and the user’s riding habits. On-road tires last longer than off-road tires. However, a dual-sport tire can last 4,000 to 9,000 miles. 

Q: Should I replace both tires at the same time?

A: Most tires on the market are made to wear evenly. It is, therefore, advisable to replace both tires for improved traction, riding safety, and comfortable handling.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the Continental Twinduro TKC80-Dual Sport Rear Tire, as it is durable and optimized for both on- and off-road use.

If you are looking for an economical tire, the Kenda K270 Dual Dual/Enduro Front Motorcycle Bias Tire enhances all-terrain performance and has excellent handling capabilities.