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Best Battle Belts: Conveniently Carry All Your Gear

These battle belts make it easy to carry holsters, magazines, and other gear

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BYNikola Petrovski, Quincy Miller/ LAST UPDATED ON May 19, 2020

Going into harm’s way requires carrying a lot of tactical gear, and that’s true whether you’re entering a war zone, going on a security patrol, or simply getting ready for a big paintball skirmish. These battle belts make it easy to lug around all that equipment, as they’re strong enough to support heavy weights and customizable enough to meet your changing needs. Oh, and they’re pretty comfortable and look good too, so you’re forgiven if you want to wear one when you’re out and about in complete safety.

Best Overall

Condor LCS Cobra Battle Belt

Made using reinforced scuba webbing, this model has laser-cut slots for adding modular attachments. Its wide-webbing construction allows it to be used as part of a two-belt system or worn as a standalone item.

Clean MOLLE cutouts ensure that your gear stays put once attached with minimal jostling. A removable anti-slip pad helps hold everything in place while you move, even if you occasionally need to break out in a dead sprint.


Its large size may make it difficult to thread into normal-sized belt loops. There’s not much room to let it out, so users with bigger waists may feel cramped.

Best Value

Condor Tactical Battle Belt


Two built-in magazine holsters on either side of the buckle make it easy to reload in a hurry. Multiple quick-release buckles allow you to put it on or take it off easily without fear of losing all your gear in the process.


An extremely rigid belt, this option isn’t likely to flop or fold over on you, regardless of how much you load it up. It offers plenty of room for a holster, flashlight, scabbard, and more, giving you plenty of options every time you venture out into the field.


The plastic buckles aren’t durable enough to withstand much abuse. The sideways pouches will let your spare magazines fall out if you don’t secure them properly.

Honorable Mention

OneTigris Patrol Battle Belt


Constructed with 1000-denier nylon, this heavy-duty belt is rugged enough to survive multiple tours of duty. Three rows of webbing straps give you plenty of placement options for a MOLLE system or any additional pouches you want to pack on it.


Plenty of mesh and foam padding ensures it will stay cool and comfortable, even when you’ve loaded it to the gills. It’s flexible enough to conform to your body, allowing you to move freely while wearing it.


Gaps in the webbing create lots of wasted space, which means missed opportunities for holding more gear. The buckle unsnaps with little effort, increasing the possibility that the belt will fall off at an inopportune moment.

Best Battle Belts: Conveniently Carry All Your Gear


  • Before you begin shopping, plan out exactly how much gear you want to carry around, and then make sure any option you consider is capable of handling the load. 
  • Placement is important, so a belt that can carry everything plus the kitchen sink isn’t necessarily useful if all your stuff is held in places that are awkward for you to reach.
  • Make sure it’s capable of staying in place well. If you need suspenders to keep it properly positioned, you either need to jettison some gear or buy a stronger belt.


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Q: Does having more room for gear automatically make a belt better than the competition?

A: Up to a point, maybe. You obviously want something that can house all your essentials, but if it encourages you to tote around a lot of unnecessary junk, it can quickly become counterproductive. Also, an overloaded belt can sag, putting more strain on your lower back and possibly even interfering with your gait.

Q: Do these belts offer any protection from harm?

A: Some have built-in armor plating, while others can be modified to hold a shield or two. However, adding protection is only recommended if you really think you’ll need it, as it adds to the overall bulk of the belt and makes wearing it less comfortable.

Q: I keep seeing MOLLE systems mentioned. What are these?

A: MOLLE stands for "Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment." It's largely used as a catch-all term for any system of nylon pouches and attachments that hook onto your body via the use of straps and webbing. 

Q: Are these belts universally compatible with any attachments I’d want to add?

A: Most are designed to accommodate MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) systems, so any pouches you tack on would need to be MOLLE-compatible. Still, there should be plenty of room to clip on other attachments, and most have quite a bit of Velcro real estate for you to take advantage of.

Final Thoughts

The Condor LCS Cobra Battle Belt earns top marks due to its high-quality materials and precise manufacturing. It’s not likely to get in your way as you move around, and the laser-cut slots make it easy to add or remove attachments.

The Condor Tactical Battle Belt offers similar advantages, although it’s made with budget-friendly materials that may not be able to handle as much abuse. Still, it has plenty of room for anything you need, and it should stay comfortable for as long as you have it on.