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Best Winter Socks: Keep Your Toes Toasty

Keep your feet warm during the winter season with these comfortable socks

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON March 4, 2021

Winter is upon us, and it’s time to invest in insulated clothes to keep ourselves warm. Your focus may be on pants or sweaters, but don’t forget the socks, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. As moisture builds up in your feet from the cold weather or rain, you can develop blisters and sores on your feet. You may even catch a cold. Fortunately, we’ve discovered the best winter socks that put your health first and are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Best Overall



These winter socks are designed for men and women. They are made of merino wool—the highest concentration of wool. This wool provides an underfoot cushioning to keep you happy during miles of walking. These winter socks will also keep you sweat-free all day.


Socks use merino wool, which is itch-free and ensures durability. These socks are suitable for everyday wear and aren’t too thick or thin.


High maintenance—must wash on cool, inside out, and then air dry to prevent shrinkage. Some users report holes in the heels after just a few months.

Best Value

Carhartt Cold Weather Socks

Carhartt designed these winter socks with cushioning for warmth and protection factors. They feature odor control to retain a fresh feeling. They’re also designed with ankle vents to prevent any bulking and slipping.

The socks offer a FastDry Technology to prevent any buildup of sweat and odors. They’re also built to provide maximum thermal protection in cold conditions.
Some issues with socks falling apart soon after purchase. Some customers reported the sizes are off, so expect to exchange them.

Honorable Mention

DG Hill Thick Heat-Trapping Thermal Socks

These winter socks provided a padded comfort that is great for all outdoor sports. They’re designed with thick thermal yarn to keep your feet warm while preventing sweat from building up. They’re also softer than wool and seven times warmer than cotton.

The ribbed top prevents these winter socks from slipping down during movement. The heavily brushed fuzzy lining is soft for added comfort on your feet.

No added protection on the heel, so they can rip easier than most winter socks. The thickness makes it difficult to wear with sneakers.

Best Winter Socks: Keep Your Toes Toasty


  • Choose winter socks that are made from wool, as this material helps to keep your foot at the current temperature and prevents any sweat buildup. Wool is thicker than most materials, so it provides a cushioning effect. It is also the most durable material for socks.
  • When choosing the best winter socks, consider the style and size you’re looking for. Throughout your search, bear in mind what footwear you’ll match the socks with so your feet are well-protected.
  • Most winter socks can handle temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but check customer reviews and the manufacturer’s description before making a purchase. If you’re looking for winter socks for colder conditions, consider purchasing thicker socks.


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Q: Is cotton a suitable material for winter socks?

A: No. Cotton has very little insulation value since they retain moisture. Once the cotton is wet, it loses any insulation quality and will begin to coat your foot with perspiration.

Q: How do you know your socks fit you correctly?

A: It’s best that your socks are too big than too small to prevent any rubbing. However, if your socks are too large, they can bundle up and create blisters on your feet. If you’re concerned about the fit, make sure you get your feet measured. Don’t just rely on your shoe size.

Q: What’s the purpose of a sock liner?

A: Sock liners transfer sweat from your feet onto your socks, which is then evaporated, depending on the material. Sock liners also add another layer of insulation to keep your feet warmer. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best winter socks is the PEOPLE SOCKS Merino Wool. These provide arch support and are a suitable shape and height for most winter boots.

Alternatively, for great value winter socks, opt for the Carhartt Cold Weather Socks. They prevent cold air from entering your socks while preventing any odor and sweat buildup.