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Best Bike Seats for Comfort: Reduce Pain During Long Rides

Choose a comfortable bike seat that suits your body frame and riding style

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 15, 2021

An uncomfortable bike seat can ruin your ride and cause you to opt for a car the next time you need to go somewhere. When selecting a bike seat for comfort, you need to consider your riding position and the size so that long rides aren’t unbearable. We’ve researched the best, most comfortable bike seats so that you don’t have to be constantly adjusting yourself mid-ride.

Best Overall

Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Extra Soft Comfort Saddle


Bike for longer with this memory foam seat. It evenly distributes your weight throughout the supple and ergonomically shaped seat.

  • Steel support rails 
  • Elastomer gel foam
  • May not be wide enough 
  • Extra padding makes bolts less accessible
Best Value

Gincleey Comfort Bike Seat


Feel secure on this soft and anti-slip bicycle seat. The material is breathable, and a rubber ball protects you from shocks. 

  • Reflective rear strip
  • Easy installation
  • The reflective sticker can peel 
  • Bulky nose
Honorable Mention

Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat


This bike seat is equipped with a dual-spring suspension to handle the impact of your rides. Once installed, this seat will remain in place and doesn’t move around as you ride your bike.

  • It’s perfect for larger frames because it provides cushioning all over
  • You can choose a weather-resistant bike seat for outdoor use or an indoor one that’s designed for long use in the same position
  • The reflective sticker can peel 
  • Bulky nose
Best Bike Seats for Comfort: Reduce Pain During Long Rides

Experience the ultimate in riding comfort with the multi-stage memory foam in this saddle. The seat is ergonomically shaped to conform to your body to reduce pressure points and chafing. The high-quality foam will evenly distribute your body weight for a comfortable ride. You’ll appreciate the durability of this saddle, thanks to it being waterproof. A comfort channel through the center of the saddle improves ventilation and reduces pain or numbness during long rides. Steel rails on the underside of the saddle hold it steady and secure on the bike while absorbing vibration and bumps. The seat measures 8.1 x 10 x 5 inches. 

Unfortunately, you may not find this saddle wide enough for your needs. The extra padding on the seat can make installment and adjustment harder. It can make the bolts less accessible. 

Experience a better ride with this saddle cushioned with high-density memory foam and an anti-shock rubber ball suspension. You’ll appreciate the elastic and soft support that will smooth out your bumpy ride. The ergonomic shape of this seat conforms to your body and reduces chafing. A ventilation slot in the middle encourages airflow and reduces pressure on your sensitive areas. A standout feature is the textured material on the cover that helps you to stay in place. This seat measures four inches thick, 10.2 inches long, and 8.2 inches wide. 

One potential drawback of this seat is that the reflector on the back of the seat is a sticker that can easily peel off. Some riders also find the anti-slip texture to be too much. It can limit how you move while riding. 

Replace your saddle with this seat that has premium memory foam cushioning your rear. It has two large shock-absorbing springs for stable and comfortable suspension. This gives you a smooth ride that’s free from pain. It has a universal fit thanks to the dual rail attachment system. What makes this saddle stand out is that it also comes with a saddle adapter. You can install it on your bicycle for outdoor riding or on your Peloton for indoor riding comfort. An included waterproof rain cover ensures your seat is also dry and ready. The seat measures 10.2 inches square. 

Unfortunately, you may not like that this seat isn’t compatible with all stationary bikes. You’ll want to confirm that it’s compatible with your specific brand and model. It’s also bulky, so it’s best for the casual rider and not the athletic or competitive rider. 

If you have a bicycle that puts you in an upright riding position, then this seat is your ideal upgrade. It features a more oval design that lacks a nose. It’s nice and wide for plenty of support, measuring 9.25 by 6.5 inches. The ergonomic contouring wraps around and cradles your rear end to relieve pressure. The foam padding cushions you while riding over bumpy roads. The elastomer suspension adds even more support. A weather-resistant cover makes the seat durable and easy to wipe dry. 

One potential drawback of this seat is that the material is smooth. This can result in you not staying in place on the seat. As you sweat, the slippery feeling can become more apparent. The lack of a nose can cause different pressure points on the backs of your legs. 

This bike seat gives you the ultimate in riding comfort with an innovative five-zone concept for the seat’s design. Zone one is a soft comfort area on the nose. Zone two is non-friction areas on the side of the nose to prevent leg chafing. Zone three is a no-pressure area with a hole to increase airflow and reduce pressure on sensitive areas. Zone four is an escape area that’s contoured to your body. Zone five is a seating area that has high-density memory foam to give you plenty of support and prevent decompression. The seat is waterproof to give you the durability you need for long rides. 

Unfortunately, the foam on this seat is thin. While it’s supportive, it may not be cushioning enough for larger riders. It can also start out comfortable and compress over time.

Upgrade your bicycle seat with this durable option. The outside is wear-resistant artificial leather that’s wrapped around a high-elastic suspension steel bow and thick high-density memory foam padding. You’ll appreciate the durability of this seat with six layers of stitching to prevent the seat from coming apart. Two anti-vibration rubber balls stabilize the seat and prevent extra movement. A wide hole in the center encourages airflow for increased breathability and comfort. Choose from all black or one with blue or red accenting. Installation is easy, thanks to the standard diameter rail clamp. 

Unfortunately, the contouring is a bit unique for this seat, making it uncomfortable for some people. It also doesn’t come with installation instructions, which can be confusing for beginners. 

Enjoy the full support of this bicycle seat with its combination of silicone and foam padding. It has dual shock-absorbing balls to reduce the amount of shock and bumps you feel while riding. The memory foam filling cushions your body and makes longer rides more comfortable. It has an ergonomic design with a long soft nose and gentle transition to the rear. A large airflow vent in the middle increases circulation and aids in heat dissipation. You’ll appreciate the extra-wide stance of this seat to give you more support. The textured PVC leather covering the seat creates a non-slip surface or all-weather riding.                                                             

One potential drawback of this bicycle seat is that the seat has hard edges. This can create pressure points on your rear or legs. 

Replace your bicycle seat with this one that has extra padding. It has an ergonomic design with a long nose that’s contoured to not obstruct your leg movement. It has a gentle transition from the nose to the rear of the seat to prevent leg pain. An airflow vent in the middle of the seat promotes circulation to keep you cool for increased comfort on long rides. A carbon steel metal frame supports the entire seat. The outer material is constructed of artificial PU leather with a microfiber feel. It’s weather- and scratch-resistant for the greatest durability. Dual shock absorbing balls located at the bottom of the seat smooth out the shocks and bumps. 

Unfortunately, the seat can tilt while you’re riding. You can avoid this by having it installed correctly. The gel is thinner than other aftermarket seats. 


  • If you sit upright when riding your bike, choose a cruiser bike seat. They are wide and fully padded to carry all of your weight on the seat.
  • If you ride slightly leaning forward, you don’t need a seat with as much padding. Opt for a sports model with an ergonomic design.
  • For a pro-riding position, such as hovering off the seat, choose a racing model. These have cutouts on the top surface to reduce their total weight and help you travel faster. They’re also narrow and lightly padded as you’ll spend most of your time off the seat.


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Q: What makes a bike seat uncomfortable?

A: There’s no universal answer since every biker has different measurements and different comfort preferences. In general, an uncomfortable bike seat is caused by an incorrect width. The seat’s material also influences your comfort level. A hard seat won’t cushion you.

Q: What are the grooves in a bike seat designed to do?

A: A bike seat with a groove in the center is designed to relieve pressure. The gap also provides space for heat to escape.

Q: What width bike seat do I need?

A: The sit bone width of the bike seat should match the width of your rear, or you will be uncomfortable each time you ride your bike.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best comfortable bike seat is the Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Extra Soft Comfort Saddle. This cushioned bike seat has an ergonomic shape that is crafted from elastomer gel foam memory foam. It evenly distributes your weight and supports you with internal steel rails. 

For a more affordable option, the Gincleey Comfort Bike Seat won’t let you down with its soft feel and anti-slip covering. A rubber ball absorbs bumps and shocks to make it more comfortable to ride.