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Best Gun Safes: Keep Your Firearm Out of Harm’s Way

Keep your guns safe at all times with these top gun safes

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BYAlice Musyoka, Daniel Rika/ LAST UPDATED ON July 12, 2021

In this day and age, security is critical. But if you own a gun, the last thing you want is for it to fall into the wrong hands. A gun safe can keep your guns safe and ensure you’re the only one who accesses them. If you’ve decided to get one, choose one of these three that are among the best on the market.

Best Overall

Barska AX11620 Home Safe Box


This is a DOJ-approved safe that comes with an easy-to-program, 120-fingerprint biometric module. You can use it in silent mode for stealthy home defense in case of an emergency.

It is designed to withstand tampering. The security features include two motorized, pry-resistant stainless steel deadbolts. The safe runs on four AA batteries that last up to one year. It has a hidden keyhole for backup key access.

It is not waterproof or fireproof. The fingerprint scanner at times takes more than two tries to recognize fingerprints. Ineffective use of space.

Best Value

SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box


A budget-friendly gun safe with durable construction. Ideal for storing guns and other possessions such as jewelry, documents, and more. It features a 16-gauge steel housing and a security cable.

The gun safe is compact and lightweight, allowing for more portability and safety when on the go. It's easy to use and proves to be of excellent quality. The sturdy construction ensures high protection and more durability.
The cable is flimsy and gets damaged easily. The interior padding is thin and doesn't offer much protection during transportation.
Honorable Mention

RPNB Steel Lock Box

RPNB offers a multipurpose safe for easy gun transportation and storage. With a 16-gauge steel housing and a security cable, the safe ensures protection wherever you go.
The safe features a three-digit combination and is very easy to use. It's pry-resistant and very durable. The high-density foam is there to protect your belongings, and the company offers a one-year warranty.

Small and might not accommodate all gun types. The digits are sometimes difficult to read. The knob might get a little loose after some time.

Best Gun Safes: Keep Your Firearm Out of Harm’s Way

Benefits of Gun Safes

  • Protect children. One of the main benefits of gun safes is the extra safety they provide. Children are curious and can get seriously injured while playing with weapons. By keeping your gun in a secured box, there's no chance that children can accidentally find it. That's why a gun safe is a must-have in a family with children.
  • Prevent theft. Many gun owners have had their firearms stolen and misused. A lot of assaults and deaths are associated with gun thefts, which is why a safe is the best solution. Instead of keeping your gun in the open where everyone can find and use it, you can store it in a secured box to prevent theft and keep you and your family safe. 
  • Increase safety. Along with keeping yourself and others safe by storing your gun in the safe, you're also keeping your weapon secured. A specially designed safe will not only prevent thefts, but also accidental damage. High-quality gun safes are made to keep your weapon safe from fire and similar threats. 

Types of Gun Safes

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Handgun Safes

Handgun safes are compact and highly portable. They mostly come in the size of a briefcase but can be even smaller. These safes are designed to hold one gun and allow you to take your firearm wherever you go. Some models can also accommodate multiple guns, although they are a tad bulkier and more suitable for keeping firearms in your vehicle. 

Long Gun Safes

These are designed for long guns such as rifles and shotguns. They are rather tall and take up much more space than regular gun safes. The overall width of these safes depends on the number of guns you want to store. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you the best. 

Multipurpose Gun Safes

Some gun safes can also accommodate a lot of other accessories. Multi-purpose safety boxes are made to hold both handguns and long guns, as well as documents, jewelry, and other valuable possessions. They vary in size and shape—you can choose between small and large, portable and stationary, and other safe models. It all depends on your needs and personal preferences. 

Top Brands


Barska was founded in 1994 and is located in Pomona, California. The company offers a wide range of top-rated outdoor sporting products, including sport optics, biometric safes, protective cases, gun safes, and much more. The Barska AX11620 Home Safe Box is one of the company's most popular products, and it made it to the top of our list too. 


SnapSafe appeared back in 2009 in Grand Island, Nebraska, and has been growing ever since. It's a company that focuses on producing high-quality safes and security products for both professional and daily purposes. The SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box is only one of the many highly-rated products from this company. 


RPNB is one of the leading companies in the production of gun safes. It's located in San Gabriel, California, and proves to be very popular among its customers. RPNB prides itself on creating an incredible line of vaults, gun storage accessories, boxes, and more. The RPNB Steel Lock Box is one of the best picks when it comes to gun safes. 

Gun Safes Pricing

  • Under $100: At this price point, you can find quality gun safes that are easy to use and very safe. They might lack some extra features but are still convenient and highly protected.
  • $100-$300: For some extra cash, you can get high-end gun safes that have much to offer when it comes to overall safety and protection. These are made from thick steel, feature sturdy bolts, and allow for easy access.
  • $300 and up: Although very expensive, gun safes at this price point are incredibly well-made. The thing that makes them special is advanced anti-theft protection. They are super difficult to open and provide the best protection for firearms.

Key Features

Locking Mechanisms

Gun safes offer different locking mechanisms, so you can choose the one that meets your needs perfectly. Biometric lock gun safes are the most secure ones because they use fingerprint authorization. Number keypad combination gun safes allow you to set up a code and input particular digits every time you want to open it. These can also come with a pattern instead of digits. Lastly, there's a manual lock gun safe that offers you a basic mechanical dial to lock your possessions. 


It's crucial to consider the size of each gun safe before the purchase. You want to make sure it's long and wide enough to accommodate your handgun or long gun, or those several weapons you have. It's also important to consider whether the gun safe will fit the space you're planning to store it. You might want to measure the area and then pick a gun safe accordingly. 


Because your number one priority is keeping your firearm safe, it's crucial to double-check the construction of the desired gun safe. You want to make sure the steel gauge is high enough to prevent penetration from the outside. Thick doors and quality bolts also ensure more protection and prevent violent openings from the outside. All of these features make safes more secure and durable, so they are a must-have if you want a safe with quality construction. 

Other Considerations

  • Weight. Consider the overall weight of the safe you're about to buy. If you need a home security box for your firearm, the heavier the better. Heavy safes are more secure as they are very challenging to transport. However, some people prefer lightweight safes because they need the extra portability. Small and light boxes are easier to carry and allow for more flexibility.
  • Mount. Some gun safes can be mounted on fixed objects such as shelves, walls, and floors. They are difficult to move and prove to be an excellent anti-theft option. If you're worried about possible intruders, consider the mounting options a gun safe has to offer. 

Best Gun Safes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Those who are looking for a heavy-duty gun safe will be thrilled with this one from Barska. It's a DOJ-approved safe that features an intuitive design and 120-fingerprint biometric module. Thanks to the unique locking mechanism, the safe offers ultimate security for your belongings.

With the two motorized, pry-resistant stainless steel deadbolts, the safe is designed to withstand quite some abuse. It runs on four AA batteries and offers up to one year of continuous operation. You can use it in silent mode in emergencies and even use a hidden keyhole for backup key access. All in all, the safe is of excellent quality, offers a long lifespan, and is ideal for storing all kinds of items.

The gun safe is not without drawbacks, though. One of the main issues you might experience with it is the fingerprint recognition lagging. It sometimes takes more than two tries to get it right. Another drawback might be the lack of waterproof and fireproof features. Some buyers also complained about the bulky design that takes up a lot of space.

Here’s a budget-friendly gun safe from a reliable company, SnapSafe. If you're looking for an affordable and quality product, this might be the ideal option for you. With a sturdy and durable construction and simple design, the gun safe is easy to use and very convenient for storing a firearm.

The thing that makes this gun safe so special is its compact design that allows for more portability. The product measures 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches and features a 16-gauge steel housing. Although small, it offers quite some storage space you can use for protecting guns, jewelry, documents, and more. The gun safe also features a security cable. Overall, it's quite sturdy and durable, allowing you to safely transport your belongings.

However, keep in mind that this is an inexpensive option. It might lack some extra safety features and end up less secure than high-end gun safes. For example, the cable is fragile and might get damaged easily. Also, there's not enough interior padding to protect the stored item during transportation. The interior sides and edges lack the basic padding.

This is a multipurpose safe you can use for storing handguns, ammunition, documents, cash, and much more. Although rather compact and sleek, the gun safe is super useful for storing and transporting possessions. With a 16-gauge steel housing and a security cable, it proves to be very safe.

The gun safe is also easy to use. It features a three-digit combination for easy use and offers many code options. What's even more important is that the item is pry-resistant and very durable. It even comes with high-density memory foam to protect the stored items. Additionally, you'll get a one-year warranty just in case you run into some issues.

Don't forget to double-check its dimensions, though. The gun safe is rather small, and it might not be able to accommodate all gun types. Also, some buyers complained about the digits being difficult to read and the knob feeling a little loose. While not necessarily deal-breakers, these features might cause a few issues along the way.

This is a stable and secure safe box ideal for storing guns, jewelry, and all kinds of other valuables. It features a heavy-duty construction and intuitive design, so you'll most certainly use it for quite some time. Thanks to finger-sensor technology, the box is highly protected and easy to access.

The box is made of reinforced steel, featuring thick walls, quality door locking bolts, and a corrosion-resistant coating. All of these features and pieces make the box incredibly resistant to threats and damage. Also, thanks to the pre-drilled holes, you can mount the item on the wall or floor.

Once you install the box, all you need to do is occasionally check the AA batteries. The digital touchscreen will let you put in the combination and use your finger to lock and unlock the door. There are also two keys in case you want to access the safe manually.

There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to this product. First, the handle on the door feels a little flimsy. It's coated in plastic and the covering piece might break easily. Second, the bolts provided for mounting are not of the best quality and might make the installation process more challenging.

If you're looking for a small electronic safe to hold your valuables, this one might be an excellent option for you. It's a multi-purpose and portable box that allows you to store handguns, documents, jewelry, and other valuables. You can install it in your home or take it with you on the road—the choice is yours.

This is a digital safe, which means you get to program it and use a code for opening the door. The LED keypad is easy to use, but there are also two keys in case you ever need to access the safe manually.

The great thing about this safe is that it features an automatic lock. The alarm goes off after three incorrect entries, so you'll be alerted if someone tries to open the box. Furthermore, the safe is made of thick steel and proves to be very secure.

This safe does have a couple of drawbacks, though. First of all, the included batteries are not of the best quality and might drain out rather quickly. The battery compartment is also awkwardly designed, so the batteries tend to pop out during transportation. Another drawback comes from the vague installation instructions.

The SnapSafe gun box is a perfect travel companion. The product is easy to carry, fits in drawers and suitcases, and you can even put it under a car seat. It allows you to safely transport all kinds of possessions, from handguns to jewelry and medications. Furthermore, the box proves to be made of quality and durable materials and ensures long-term use.

The polycarbonate casing is solid and impact-resistant, so the box won't break that easily. There's also a security cable for more protection as well as a thick protective foam to keep your belongings safe during transportation. Another great thing about this box is the compact design. The item is highly portable yet big enough to hold regular guns. Lastly, the box allows you to set up a four-digit code and access your belongings with ease.

Still, it's important to keep in mind that this is more a travel box than a security safe. The product can be easily broken into, so if you need a home safe for securing your belongings against thefts, this might not be a good option. Also, the box is rather small. Double-check its dimensions to make sure it can accommodate your handgun.

If you're looking for a larger safe for storing your firearm, this might be what you need. This particular box provides enough room for you to store two standard handguns and extra ammunition. It comes with a digital keypad for more protection and ensures security in the long run.

The gun safe features steel construction and a pry-resistant door. It's a reliable item with a quality locking mechanism and thick walls, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate from the outside. There's even an LED light for more visibility. The thing that buyers love about this gun safe is its compact design. Although quite roomy, the gun safe is still small enough to be easily carried around.

Along with the digital keypad, you can also use fingerprint recognition for easy access. You can input up to 30 fingerprints for more security and use a key for manual access. Lastly, you'll get a one-year warranty just in case you run into some issues.

The thing that might bother you the most with this gun safe is the fingerprint reader. The feature doesn't work very well—it might forget the inputs over time and cause annoying lags. Also, some buyers complained about the safe being too loud when entering digits and opening the door.

Fort Knox offers a classic gun safe for home use and traveling purposes. The item is well-made, easy to use, and quite durable. Thanks to the 10-gauge steel walls and a massive tamper-resistant door, it proves to be highly reliable.

The box comes with a mechanical locking device that is very easy to use. The gas-strut door also ensures the lid stays up, so you can quickly access your firearm. All in all, the box is very convenient and of impressive quality—it's almost impossible to penetrate it from the outside.

There's also a silver powder coat finish for more durability and classy looks as well as pre-drilled holes for different mounting options. You'll also notice the quality interior lining and foam that are designed to keep your belongings safe from damage.

The main drawback to this product is the price. The gun box is on the expensive side, and those who are on a limited budget won't be able to afford it. The other minor inconvenience is the plastic tabs at the bottom of the box. They come out easily and can pop out unexpectedly.


  • If you’d like to keep a gun in your house but you are worried about the kids finding it, make sure you store it with the safety on. You also need to make sure the bullets are close to the gun but stored separately. Any spare keys for a gun safe should be kept out of children’s reach. 
  • The best gun safes have a raised base. This is an extra measure to make sure there is no accidental contact between the gun and safe as you remove it. Extra security measures can include electronic locks. These locks can be quickly replaced if they get damaged. 
  • The basement is one of the best places to store a gun safe. Despite its access limitations, it maintains a cool temperature and is one of the safest places in the event of a fire. You can also get a dehumidifier for space. 


Q: Do bolts make fire safes burglar-proof?

A: No. Fire safes are extremely vulnerable. They are not designed to hinder burglary attempts. Anyone with basic tools and bad intentions can open a fire safe if they have the right skills.  

Q: Can I clean my gun safe?

A: Yes. An ammonia-based gun cleaner is the best cleaner for gun safes. Dampen a dry cotton cloth with the cleaner and wipe the safe. This will get rid of stubborn stains and fingerprints on keypads and fingerprint scanners. 

Q: How can I confirm the fire safety of a fire safe?

A: Fire safes are passed through a test. If they maintain an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees (the industry standard) during a fire, they are certified safe. It is common to see a 30-minute rating. This means the safe retained the industry standard for that stipulated time. 

Final Thoughts

We like that the Barska AX11620 Home Safe Box is a simple yet effective safe for home use. It is approved by the Department of Justice. However, the price and features of the SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box make it a great purchase.