Best Gun Safes: Keep Your Firearm Out of Harm’s Way

Keep your guns safe at all times with these top gun safes

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PUBLISHED ON October 19, 2019

In this day and age, security is critical. But if you own a gun, the last thing you want is for it to fall into the wrong hands. A gun safe can keep your guns safe and ensure you’re the only one who accesses them. If you’ve decided to get one, choose one of these three that are among the best on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Barska AX11620 Home Safe Box

    This is a DOJ-approved safe that comes with an easy-to-program, 120-fingerprint biometric module. You can use it in silent mode for stealthy home defense in case of an emergency.

    It is designed to withstand tampering. The security features include two motorized, pry-resistant stainless steel deadbolts. The safe runs on four AA batteries that last up to one year. It has a hidden keyhole for backup key access.

    It is not waterproof or fireproof. The fingerprint scanner at times takes more than two tries to recognize fingerprints. Ineffective use of space.

  • Best Value
    Stack-On PFS-1608 Personal Steel Safe

    This keypad-operated safe has adequate storage for your guns and documents. Its mute mode lets you operate it in silence. It weighs approximately 50 pounds and can’t be carried easily.

    It is fireproof and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is made of welded steel for enhanced protection. The door opens beyond 180 degrees for quick storage and removal of items.
    If you want to store 8.5  by 11-inch papers, you will have to fold them as they might not fit in this safe. The keypad has no backlight and is difficult to access in the dark.
  • Honorable Mention
    Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Safe
    The Vaultek, which gets its name from a vault, is a spacious safe with multiple entry points. You can store up to eight handguns in this safe and monitor any unauthorized entries through your phone.
    Its keypad has backlit keys and a motion sensor that detects your hand’s proximity. It comes with a rechargeable 2.5V lithium-ion battery that runs for up to two months. Interior LED lights with adjustable brightness let you see everything in the safe.

    The fingerprint scanner sometimes fails to work. It doesn’t have PUSH notifications, even when it is WI-Fi enabled. It’s not fireproof or waterproof.

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  • If you’d like to keep a gun in your house but you are worried about the kids finding it, make sure you store it with the safety on. You also need to make sure the bullets are close to the gun but stored separately. Any spare keys for a gun safe should be kept out of children’s reach. 
  • The best gun safes have a raised base. This is an extra measure to make sure there is no accidental contact between the gun and safe as you remove it. Extra security measures can include electronic locks. These locks can be quickly replaced if they get damaged. 
  • The basement is one of the best places to store a gun safe. Despite its access limitations, it maintains a cool temperature and is one of the safest places in the event of a fire. You can also get a dehumidifier for space. 


Q: Do bolts make fire safes burglar-proof?

A: No. Fire safes are extremely vulnerable. They are not designed to hinder burglary attempts. Anyone with basic tools and bad intentions can open a fire safe if they have the right skills.  

Q: Can I clean my gun safe?

A: Yes. An ammonia-based gun cleaner is the best cleaner for gun safes. Dampen a dry cotton cloth with the cleaner and wipe the safe. This will get rid of stubborn stains and fingerprints on keypads and fingerprint scanners. 

Q: How can I confirm the fire safety of a fire safe?

A: Fire safes are passed through a test. If they maintain an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees (the industry standard) during a fire, they are certified safe. It is common to see a 30-minute rating. This means the safe retained the industry standard for that stipulated time. 

Final Thoughts

We like that the Barska AX11620 Home Safe Box is a simple yet effective safe for home use. It is approved by the Department of Justice. However, the price and features of the Stack-On PFS-1608 Personal Steel Safe make it a great purchase.