Best Tactical Vests: Protect Your Body and Have Your Gear Organized

The best tactical vests are fashionable, provide protection, and organize your tools

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PUBLISHED ON November 19, 2019

Initially, tactical vests were primarily protective gear for military and law enforcement personnel. Things have changed since then, and now survivalists, hunters, private security details, and outdoor enthusiasts find them essential for protection and a means to store accessories, tools, and ammunition. They range from simple rigs meant to hold your flashlight or knife to extremely advanced SWAT professional-grade protective gear, which makes choosing the right vest challenging. That’s why we have reviewed the best three tactical vests on the market to make it easier for you to choose.

  • Best Overall
    CONDOR Elite Tactical Vest

    The Condor Elite Tactical Vest stands out as a piece of protective gear with the highest number of storage pockets. It features six M4 mag pockets, two internal pockets, and two more utility pockets. This means that besides protection, the vest also provides sufficient space to store small items.


    This vest features a sufficient amount of storage space. Padded shoulders enhance comfort. It comes with a pistol belt to secure your firearm. Durable with lots of support.


    The vest won’t fit larger people, as it is quite small. Some users also complained of broken snaps when unfastening the vest.

  • Best Value
    REEHUT Breathable Tactical Vest
    If you have a broad body frame and you are looking for a tactical vest that will fit comfortably, then the REEHUT Breathable Tactical Vest is your answer. The waist of this vest can extend to a maximum of 135 cm and a minimum of 85 cm. Moreover, the vest is durable and weatherproof.

    The vest features adjustable Velcro straps for a perfect fit. It comes with multiple pouches to organize your tools, tags, and licenses. Reinforced rescue pull handles offer maximum strength during combat situations.

    It’s not long enough for taller people. It does not come with pen holders.

  • Honorable Mention
    Barbarians Tactical MOLLE Vest
    Are you looking for a durable multipurpose vest? If your answer is yes, then the Barbarians Tactical Molle Vest fits the bill. It features an adjustable length and width, as well as a strong bell for proper fit and strength in all outdoor and combat situations.

    This multipurpose vest is ideal for combat, battles, shooting games, airsoft, and paintball, among other applications. It features a reinforced belt you can adjust along the waistline. This vest is also skid-proof.

    Some users claim that the sizing may not be perfect. It is not ideal for people with larger body frames.

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  • Fit is the most important consideration when shopping for the best tactical vests. It should have a proper length, width at the chest, and waist position while still being comfortable.
  • Consider the weight of your vest of choice. While a tactical vest needs to have the required strength, it should be lightweight to allow for swift movement.
  • Depending on the number of tools you intend to carry, consider the number of pouches included in the vest. Pouches help keep you organized.


Q: Where can I use a tactical vest?

A: Tactical vests are compulsory for military and security reinforcement personnel. However, they are also popular with paintball players, airsoft players, rescuers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Q: Will a tactical vest keep me warm?

A: In short, no. If you plan to shoot in a colder environment, place the vest over a jacket to stay warm. If you are out in summer conditions, put it on over a light T-shirt.

 Q: Can I wash my tactical vest?

A: Like any other piece of clothing, you will need to clean your vest. However, do not machine wash it, as that can cause damage. A wet cloth can help remove most stains.

Final Thoughts

We chose the Condor Elite Tactical Vest as our top pick for its high quality and storage capacity.

For a cheaper option, consider the REEHUT Tactical Breathable Vest.