Best Electric Bicycles: Enjoy Speedy, Eco-Conscious Commutes

Change the way you travel—and reduce your carbon footprint—with one of these top e-bikes

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PUBLISHED ON October 19, 2019

Bicycles have been a form of transport since 1817. As transportation has evolved, so have bikes. Electrical innovation has led to the creation of electric cars, trains, and even bikes. An electric bicycle, or an e-bike, gives you the opportunity to avoid traffic and plays a big role in reducing your carbon footprint. This buying guide features the best electric bicycles to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Best Overall
    Ancheer Pro Electric Mountain Bike

    This bike provides you with three modes: electric, assisted, and normal. These let you maximize its riding potential. You can cover up to 30 miles while still staying within the 15-mph speed limit. 


    The sturdy carbon steel fork and aluminum handlebars make the bike both strong and lightweight. The horn and bright LED lamp keep you visible and safe. The removable battery can be charged whether it’s on or off the bike. 


    The manufacturer doesn’t give clear information about the average number of cycles the battery can take. Acceleration gets harder as you approach load capacity.

  • Best Value
    Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike
    The Cyclamatic comes with a powerful 250W motor that provides additional power when you pedal. When fully charged, the battery can last up to six hours and power the bike for up to 28 miles. 
    It has a durable steel frame made for all terrains. It features a 21-speed Shimano gear operated from the handlebars for added convenience. It is fully sealed and is weatherproof. It comes with Kenda tires and front suspension for a smooth ride.
    It might not be the best bike for tall riders over 6 feet, 2 inches. It requires full-time pedaling even with the pedal assist. The battery charge indicator is erratic and gives inaccurate readings at times.
  • Honorable Mention
    Ecotric Electric Bike
    This bike is powered by a 500W motor and a 12V battery and covers about 23 miles in e-mode. The twist throttle and pedal assist ensure you pedal easier and move faster.

    The lightweight aluminum frame helps you to easily gather momentum as you ride. The bike is weatherproof and has thick tires (20 by 4 inches) for enhanced stability and shock absorption. The tires are also designed to reduce skidding.
    The bike does not perform well on steep terrain. The controller is placed in a bad spot, and the bike easily shuts down if it comes into contact with shallow puddles.

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  • E-bikes have different technical details. Some bikes have the motor in the wheel, especially low-cost ones. If you can afford one, consider a premium brand such as Bosch or Shimano, which have centered motors in which the power is transferred to the wheel through the chain. These bikes also have gears and better balance systems. 
  • If you like to ride on challenging surfaces—such as wet or steep terrain—get a motor between 500W-750W. Features such as mechanical disc brakes and anti-skid tires also make your ride safer and more comfortable. Longer rides may require double battery systems that surpass the recommended miles per charge for each battery.
  • Check state and city laws to confirm the legal parameters of e-biking. There are 22 states that have a three-class bike system with instructions on locations and time limits governing the use of e-bikes—depending on the class. These rules cover everything, from the throttle to speed limits. Some cities also have laws on the use of e-bikes on single lane trails. 


Q: Do I need keys to operate an electric bicycle?

A: Yes, you may need keys. Electric bikes can either be turned on by sensors or by keys. Keys are used for the battery and motor. They also provide added security for the bike and battery. 

Q: How long does an electric bike’s battery take to charge?

A: Most electric bikes use a 12V 8Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. These batteries take six to eight hours to charge to full capacity. It is also recommended that you pre-charge the battery to full capacity before using it the first time. The charging time will depend on cell size. 

Q: What’s the maximum speed of an electric bike?

A: Electric bike speeds are determined by the motor capacity. In ideal conditions, speeds can reach up to 20 miles per hour. However, a type of e-bike known as a pedelec can attain speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. It is worth noting that speeding also affects the battery, navigation, and the distance covered. 

Final Thoughts

The Ancheer Pro Electric Mountain Bike can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. With its powerful construction and large tires, you are assured of quicker, smoother rides. We love the handlebar’s height adjustment ability. The bike also adheres to more state speed limits. 

However, if you are looking to minimize costs and still get value for money, the Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a great option. It can reach 28 miles on a full charge.