Best Winter Gloves: Keep Your Hands Warm and Dry

Keep your hands warm in cold temperatures with these top winter gloves

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PUBLISHED ON October 19, 2019

When the temperatures start to drop, one of the first spots on your body starts to feel cold is your hands. Your fingers get numb, and you may struggle to function. The right pair of winter gloves will ensure that you retain heat and keep your hands dry even when the temperature drops. Try one of these pairs of gloves this winter.

  • Best Overall
    MCTi Men’s Ski Gloves
    These gloves keep your hands warm with 150 grams of G-Type 3M Thinsulate. The high-performance membrane wicks away moisture and retains heat. The thumb and forefinger are touchscreen compatible.


    The gauntlet style of these gloves will ensure that there is no allowance for cold and moisture to seep in at the wrist. They also have leashes attached at the wrist, so you can take them off without worrying about accidentally losing one.


    You’ll need to size up when ordering because the fingers of these gloves tend to be shorter, and the entire glove runs small. They are also not completely waterproof.

  • Best Value
    Carhartt Men’s Ergo Pro Palm Glove
    These gloves are a mixture of cotton, nylon, and spandex. They have a rubber coating on the palm and fingers. They come in black or grey material with black rubber coating.

    Their low-profile design and rubber coating makes them perfect to wear while working. The material is stretchy and conforms to the shape of your hand. The rubber coating gives you an extreme grip.

    These gloves are not touchscreen compatible. They aren’t insulated, so they won’t keep your hands as warm as other options. The rubber might begin to peel. 

  • Honorable Mention
    SkyDeer Hi-Performance Work Gloves
    The deerskin leather these gloves are made out of is soft and supple. For increased warmth, they feature 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate. The inner lining is a thermal jersey that is soft and cozy. To keep the gloves secured, the wrists have double-shirred elastic.
    The soft leather of these gloves makes them warm and comfortable. The four-way stretch of the leather helps them conform to your hands. Also, the elastic at the wrist keeps them secure on your hands.

    These gloves don’t have as much insulation as other winter gloves, which make them less warm. They also run small, so you’ll need to size up. The deerskin may not hold up to heavy-duty work.

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  • For your winter gloves to be the most effective, they need to have multiple layers. There should be a minimum of two layers, but there could be several. The outer layer is typically leather or nylon. Then there’s an insulating layer that’s usually boa acrylic or Thinsulate. The innermost layer may be a soft jersey or other material. 
  • When buying gloves, consider your gender, age, susceptibility to heat, etc. You need gloves that will keep you warm but not too warm. They also shouldn’t interfere with any activities you plan on doing. 
  • There should be a little bit of room in the gloves at the fingertips and webbing. These pockets of trapped air keep your hands warm. If your gloves are too tight and you don’t have this space, your gloves won’t be effective, and your hands will get cold. 


Q: How often should I replace my gloves? 

A: The answer depends on your level of use and the condition of your gloves. If you take good care of your gloves, then they could last for several years. If you’re rough on your gloves, then you may need to replace them every year. 

Q: What type of insulation should they have?

A: Some gloves have no insulation; these are the least effective at keeping your hands warm. Then there are gloves with cotton or foam insulation. These are the most affordable options but aren’t the most effective at keeping your hands warm. A step up from this are the gloves with Thinsulate. This material is more expensive but also more effective at retaining heat. 

Q: Are gloves or mittens warmer?

A: Mittens tend to be warmer because your fingers can share their warmth. Gloves separate your fingers, so each one has to generate and maintain their own warmth. The downside is that mittens tend to be less functional. 

Final Thoughts

The MCTi Men’s Ski Gloves are perfect for keeping your hands insulated throughout all of your winter outdoor activities. Or there are Carhartt Men’s Ergo Pro Palm Gloves. They are a perfect pair of budget gloves to wear while working with your hands.