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Best Hunting Slingshot: Make Hunting Easier and More Exciting

Practice target shooting and hunt small game with some of the best hunting slingshots.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 9, 2021

A slingshot is a compact and stealthy hunting weapon that’s great to have around if you’re quick with your hands. With just a Y-shape frame, a few rubber strings, and ammunition, you can hit your target with brute force and minimal effort on your part. It’s also a great survival tool for camping or backpacking. Here are some of the best options on the market that you can use to hunt small animals or practice hitting targets.

Best Overall

Nobondo Folding Slingshot


An expert-level, slingshot made of heavy-duty material featuring triple strength rubber bands, an ergonomic handle, a foldable wrist brace, and a flashlight holder. 

  • Comes with 100 ammo balls and an extra set of rubber bands
  • Multiple bands provide more power 
  • Wrist support keeps your hand stable and improves accuracy
  • Magnetic ammunition holder helps you reload quickly
  • Bright neon bands may not appeal to every hunter 
  • May be a bit much for a hobbyist
Best Value

Daisy B52 Slingshot


An affordable slingshot with a foldable design that’s friendly for beginners who would like to practice their accuracy and shooting power. 

  • Small, compact, and portable
  • Feels comfortable on the hand
  •  Its extra-wide frame can accommodate large ammunition
  • Designed for greater velocity
  • Comes with a foldable  wrist support for extra stability
  • Features high-quality tubular thrust bands
  • Features a durable steel frame
  • The tubing tends to break easily
  • Poor quality wrist rest
Honorable Mention

COOY Professional Hunting Slingshot


A lethal and accurate slingshot that integrates the latest technology for accuracy and enhanced projectile force during professional hunting. 

  • Powerful shooting strength
  • High-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy construction
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Can achieve faster speeds than most slingshots
  • Equipped with heavy-duty and durable launching bands
  • Flashlight included
  • Might seem a bit complicated for beginners
  • Expensive
  • Bands aren’t durable
Best Hunting Slingshot: Make Hunting Easier and More Exciting

Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Take your hunting game to the next level with this 7.1-inch Nobondo Folding Slingshot. It’s a professional-grade slingshot that can be used even for competitive hunting. It sports triple-strength rubber bands, a sturdy aluminum alloy handle, and adjustable wrist support that helps to keep your hand steady for accurate shots. The wrist support also has a leather strap fitted with two powerful magnets so you can attach some of your ammo balls to it. At the base of the handle is a flashlight holder so you can attach a small flashlight and hunt at night. To offer more value for money, the slingshot comes with 100 ammo balls and an extra rubber band. 

The major complaint we noted was on the bright neon rubber bands that stick out when you are hunting in the wild. A subtle camouflage color would be more preferable so you don’t attract too much attention to yourself.

The Daisy B52 is an affordable slingshot that’s fairly easy to use even if you aren’t well-acquainted with slingshots. It has a simple design featuring a surgical-grade elastic tubular band, an extra-wide fork, and a durable, black, steel handle. The fork is made to be wide so you can load steel or glass balls that are as large as 0.5 inches, while the rubber tubing helps to increase your shooting power even when handling large ammo. To ensure you have a steady grip when aiming at targets, the handle is designed with finger grooves and is also integrated with wrist support. The wrist support can be folded away when not in use.

Being a budget-priced option, you shouldn’t expect the rubber or the model to last through heavy-duty use. However, it's a decent consideration for practice shots.

Measuring  8.6 inches long and a fork that’s 6 inches wide, this is a cleverly designed slingshot that’s a great choice for professional hunters. This slingshot comes with a comfortable, pistol grip handle and a looped, tubular elastic band that helps you make accurate shots. The fork comes with an innovative design featuring a spring mechanism that further extends the distance from the ammo to the fork after you pull the string. This results in a greater striking force when you release the ammo. The fork is also integrated with an arrow stand that you can rest an arrow on when shooting with small arrows. To help reduce the strain on your wrist, the handle is integrated with wrist support with a magnetic leather strap, which allows you to attach some of your metal ammo for quick access. Below the handle is a small flashlight that lets you illuminate your target when hunting in low-visibility conditions. 

Unfortunately, the single tubular band on this slingshot isn’t durable and can break easily, especially with heavy-duty use. The good thing is that the band is easily replaceable, and you also get an extra band with your purchase.

The Marksman 3040 Slingshot is another entry-level option that doesn’t require much training to use. It comes with a tempered steel fork, a single tubular band, a plastic handle with finger grooves, and hinged wrist support. The elastic band can shoot 0.25 to 0.4-inch ammo balls from the durable release pouch. You can also easily replace the band when it snaps or wears out. The plastic handle has a lightweight but sturdy feel, and is also weather-resistant. Besides providing more stability, the wrist support also folds up so it can fit in your cargo pockets. Overall, it's a decent choice for beginners and effective for targeting small game. 

However, if you need a slingshot that offers more accuracy, then this may not be the best for you — tubular bands can be inaccurate.

If you are in the market for a slingshot that can help you improve your accuracy, then the Barnett Cobra Slingshot is worth a look. It’s designed to improve your accuracy while offering comfort for an enjoyable hunting experience. It comes with a front stabilizer and sighting system so you can take more accurate long-distance shots. The slingshot utilizes a tubular power band made of magnum that’s powerful enough to withstand heavy-duty use without snapping. The pistol handle features a contoured grip and a soft touch for optimal comfort during use. What’s more, this slingshot comes with fully detachable wrist support. 

However, this option is not for sale in specific ZIP codes due to legal restrictions. Be sure to confirm whether it’s legal in your region before you decide on it.

Designed for both adults and children, the Ucho Hunting Slingshot strikes a balance between accuracy and power. It features a wide bow design so you can get a better aim of your target, and triple-strength rubber bands that spread the stress out across multiple bands so they can last longer. The handle features a sturdy metal body with finger grooves that provide a solid grip for more launching power. Also, to help you make more accurate shots, this slingshot comes with a flexible wrist brace that includes magnets on the leather strap for securing ammo. At the base of the handle is a flashlight or laser gun holder so you can comfortably hunt at night. 

However, despite the triple-strength design, the durability of the rubber bands is still a major concern for most users. They may break mid-target.

The Londonc Hunting Slingshot has a captivating design that can help you improve your shooting accuracy. It features a non-slip wooden handle made of sandalwood that gives this weapon a traditional but elegant look. Atop the handle is a thick, stainless steel fork that’s polished and rounded at the edges so it doesn’t hurt your hands. The shooting head includes rubber band clamps for holding a replaceable, flat rubber band. The clamps can be opened or closed by independently adjusting the screw on each prong. Also on the slingshot head is a slot for fitting a mechanical aiming sight combined with five-pin aiming points to help improve your aiming accuracy.  

While the mechanical aiming site can make it easier to improve your targeting accuracy it can take a while to install — you have to install the acrylic fiber sighting line into the sight hole and burn both sides to ensure it's well in place.

Moving away from the professional-grade slingshots, here we have a no-frills slingshot that can be used by both beginners and professionals for recreational hunting. It has a simple design featuring a continuous stainless steel fork and handle that’s contoured to fit perfectly on your hand. It also comes with a durable, flat rubber band that retracts much more quickly than a tubular band. The band can also be easily replaced by unscrewing the section of the prong holding the rubber band. Huntingdoor also provides an extra rubber band for replacement when you purchase this slingshot. 

The main downside with this model is that it doesn’t come with wrist support, so you may feel a strain on your hand after you take multiple shots. This may also limit your accuracy.


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  • More often than not, the accuracy of the slingshot depends on the user. That’s why you should take some time to build your skills before you go hunting. You can practice on stationary and moving targets at variable distances outdoors. 
  • Always confirm that no one is within your aim before you draw the slingshot. The ammunition can dent a metal can with the right force, which is enough to injure someone. 
  • Inspect the components of the slingshot before using it. Replace the worn-out bands and consider buying a new one if you have a rusty, cracked, or bent frame.  
  • Wear eye protection to protect yourself in case the slingshot snaps and the ammunition rebounds on your face. 
  • Avoid using the slingshot when you are under the influence. Also, don’t shoot at anything you don’t want to damage, hurt, or destroy. 


Q: Are slingshots legal? 

A: Not everywhere in the United States allows you to buy, sell, or own a slingshot. You have to confirm with your state laws whether it’s legal or not. There may also be some restrictions on where and how you can use the slingshot. 

Q: What is the best hunting ammunition to use for your slingshot?

A: The best slingshot ammunition for hunting is ½ or ⅜-inch steel spheres. The round shape of the spheres allows you to achieve equal projectile force with each shot so that you can effectively improve your accuracy based on muscle memory. You can also carry quite a number of the metal spheres at a time. 

Q: Are slingshots safe?

A: The user can be safe only if they know how much drawing force the band can take before it snaps. It can rebound and hurt you or anyone standing close to you. Be sure to purchase a well-constructed slingshot for your safety. Also, any weapon is unsafe if left in the wrong hands. Remember to keep it away from small children and always supervise younger kids. 

Final Thoughts

The Nobondo Folding Slingshot is a solid choice for anyone who is experienced in using slingshots. It comes ready to use with 100 ammo balls and is built to last long so you can rely on it to take multiple accurate shots. If you are on a fixed budget, consider the Daisy B52 Slingshot. It’s great for beginners and easy to move around.