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Best Tactical Gloves: Protect Your Hands While Enhancing Your Grip

Enjoy the ultimate protection and grip with the best tactical gloves

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 23, 2020

Call them shooting gloves, combat gloves, or duty gloves—tactical gloves are a must-have piece of protective gear if you like recreational activities. They not only protect your hands during combat situations but also enhance your grip and dexterity on whatever you are holding. In this article, we reviewed the three best tactical gloves on the market to help you make an informed purchase.

Best Overall

TitanOPS Full Finger and Half Finger Outdoor Gloves


The TitanOPS tactical gloves protect your hands by shielding your knuckles to prevent scratches and cuts. The workmanship deployed makes them comfortable and warm, yet breathable. They are versatile and ideal for tactical training, cycling, and a range of recreational activities.


They are durable and feature reinforced palm and adjustable wrist straps. The material selection for these products allows a comfortable temperature in all weather conditions. They are also easy to clean.


They are quite uncomfortable for long-distance riding. Some users also claim that the stitching of this protective gear is not the best.

Best Value

Mechanix Wear FastFit Covert Tactical Gloves

These gloves stand out for their secure fit and flexibility. You will also love the anatomical two-piece palm design that avoids bunching and maximizes control. Moreover, they feature a nylon loop that allows convenient storage when not in use.


The FastFit Covert features breathable, lightweight TrekDry material that stays cool throughout. The gloves are machine washable, so cleaning is hassle-free. They are also more flexible and easy to put on or take off. 


They are not ideal for those who operate bullocks. The fabric is thinner and susceptible to wear.

Honorable Mention

Mechanix M-Pact Covert Gloves

The M-Pact Gloves are arguably the most protective tactical gloves you will find. They are a good pick for law enforcement personnel who are often prone to hard physical operations. Despite being slightly more costly than ordinary models, they guarantee comfort, versatility, and durability. 

It comes with a knuckle guard that absorbs excessive impact. The embossed patterning helps to improve grip and dexterity. It’s also worth noting that the EVA padding protects your fingers.

Some users claim that these gloves have very little tactile response. Also, the big sizes have padding that is too thick to use for firing smaller rifles.

Best Tactical Gloves: Protect Your Hands While Enhancing Your Grip

Benefits of Tactical Gloves

  • Protection. Tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands from all kinds of hazards, from scratches to punctures. They can also lower the force of impacts. This is very important for physical activities, as you’ll be using your hands a lot and can easily get hurt.
  • Demanding activities. Tactical gloves come in handy during an array of outdoor activities and extreme sports. They are convenient for CrossFit, mountain climbing, and even hunting. With them, you can be more efficient, as you’ll lower the impact on your hands, keep them warm, and enhance your grip. 
  • Tactical situations. When in the wild or on the field, you want to make sure you have the best equipment. Tactical gloves prepare you for tactical situations, keep your hands protected, and allow for a wide range of motion. They might even enhance your grip on gear for better performance—for instance, when using a weapon. 

Types of Tactical Gloves

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All Terrain

These are multi-purpose gloves designed for different situations and conditions. They can be similar to the other two types, sniper's gauntlet and needlestick, but are not necessarily the same. All-terrain gloves are made to withstand all weather conditions and provide support for activities such as shooting sports, trekking, and driving. They are not specifically designed for one activity but are versatile and suitable for many tactical situations. They can protect, enhance the grip, or prevent cuts and impacts, all depending on the model. Also, these gloves usually have features such as padded knuckles and touchscreen or fingertip technology. 

Sniper's Gauntlets

These are specially designed for sniper shooters. They have more dexterity than regular tactical gloves and are thinner for a better range of motion. It also means they are less protective. The main thing about sniper's gauntlets is the enhanced grip and the flexibility that allows you to move your fingers freely. That comes at the expense of superior protection. 


These gloves are designed for tactical professionals who need protection against cuts and punctures. Thanks to the extra padding and double layers, they prevent needles from penetrating the glove and hurting the skin. Needlestick gloves are mostly used by law enforcement officers who work in urban settings. They can also be used in daily situations when there's a danger of sharp objects and needles hurting the skin. 

Top Brands

Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear, based in Valencia, California, was founded in 1991. It is a safety company that produces high-performance gloves for automotive, industrial, tactical, and construction purposes. Mechanix Wear is a widely popular brand that’s been recognized by professional mechanics, military, and industrial safety professionals. One of the company's most popular products are the Original Work Gloves


Blackhawk, based in Norfolk, Virginia, is a leading provider of tactical gear for daily use and military, sports, and law enforcement purposes. The company was founded in 1990 when a Navy Seal’s pack failed, and he made a vow to make better gear. Ever since, the company produces high-quality tactical equipment, including accessories such as the Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. Gloves.

5.11 Tactical

The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Irvine, California. It all started with the production of tactical pants used for the FBI training academy. From then on, 5.11 Tactical started producing other parts of law enforcement, military, and outdoor gear. Now it's expanding to the fitness market as well. It's also very popular among civilians with products such as the 5.11 High Abrasion Tactical Gloves.

Tactical Gloves Pricing

  • From $10 to $30: At this price range, you can find versatile gloves suitable for combat, hunting, trekking, and other demanding physical activities. They are comfortable and offer good protection, although they might lack some extra features and may be less durable.
  • Above $30: Expect to pay more money if you want to get tactical gloves for long-term use. These gloves are usually thicker, have extra padding, and prove to be more durable. They also have additional features, such as fingertip technology, loops, padded knuckles, and more. 

Key Features


Depending on the material, tactical gloves offer different types of protection. The thicker ones are more resistant to outdoor threats and weather, while thinner ones allow for more free movements. Also, while some tactical gloves protect hands from cuts and punctures, others lower the impacts and prevent major bumps. Consider the intended use and then pick the material that offers the necessary protection.  


Check the insulation. If you're planning to use the gloves during cold weather, you need a pair that can protect your hands from extremely low temperatures. Because they'll keep your hands safe from freezing, insulated tactical gloves will ensure more efficiency and safety when outdoors during the cold season.  


The size is crucial when it comes to tactical gloves. You don't want them to be too tight or loose, because that can influence your performance. Although they might be flexible and adjustable, depending on the material, it's still important to pick the right size. The manufacturer usually provides a size chart to help pick the perfect pair. 


Not all tactical gloves are built to last. Gloves that offer superior comfort and more flexibility are also less durable. Consider what’s more important: freedom of movement or durability. Either way, you want to make sure to pick a pair that will last and provide protection when used for long periods. 

Other Considerations

  • Padding: Padding is crucial when it comes to tactical gloves because it provides the additional protection your hands might need in some tactical situations. Depending on the type, gloves have knuckle, palm, or finger reinforcement. Consider for what area you need the additional protection or look for a combination of extra padding. 
  • Waterproof: It's hard to find fully waterproof gloves, because some water usually gets through when you’re always on the move. Still, some brands design oiled and weather-resistant gloves that can resist water penetration better than other, regular models. They offer a higher level of protection when working in wet conditions and cold climates.
  • Touchscreen Compatible: If you need to use your phone while also wearing tactical gloves, you should look for ones that offer touchscreen compatibility. Not all gloves have this feature. Those that do allow you to operate all modern technical devices, from smartphones to GPS systems.

Best Tactical Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2019

These are high-quality military gloves with hard knuckles. They offer protection for your hands, preventing scratches and cuts. The gloves are rather versatile, proving to be ideal for tactical training, cycling, shooting, and other activities. They come in three different sizes (medium, large, extra-large) and fit snugly. You also get to choose between full- and half-finger design and three available colors. 

The gloves are made from microfiber, leather, Lycra, and nylon. They have reinforced palms and hard-modeled plastic knuckles. The material is also machine washable, so you shouldn't have maintenance issues. There's also an adjustable wrist strap that ensures a tight fit. Additionally, the gloves are very comfortable and quite warm, so they are also suitable for cold weather. 

The main drawback of these gloves becomes obvious at extended use. They might become uncomfortable when used for long-distance riding. Also, there have been some complaints about the quality of the stitching. It tends to tear after some time, especially when exposed to rough conditions.

These gloves are designed for military and law enforcement purposes as well as shooting sports and repair operations. The flexible design makes them easy to put on and take off. It also allows for a better range of motion and provides a tight fit. The stretch-elastic cuffs are there to ensure a secure position as well. 

The gloves feature high-dexterity synthetic leather. The material is breathable and very comfortable thanks to the TrekDry evaporative cooling. The two-piece palm design avoids bunching and maximizes control, ensuring more efficiency during activities. The gloves also have built-in touchscreen technology and carrier loops for easier storage. They are machine washable and easy to maintain. 

The flexibility of these gloves comes at the expense of durability. The main issue with them might be the thin material that's susceptible to wear. They are not ideal for those who need more protection instead of superior flexibility and precision. Also, they are not perfect for those who operate bullocks.

If you need high-performance tactical gloves for superior protection, M-Pact Gloves are an excellent choice. These gloves are designed for law enforcement personnel and professionals who face hard physical activities on a daily basis. They offer full-coverage protection for the hands and impressive durability.

The gloves have a knuckle guard that absorbs and lowers the impacts. It also enhances dexterity and ensures a better grip. The EVA padding is also there to ensure superior protection for the thumb and fingers. It's also important to mention that these gloves guarantee comfort and come with features such as carrier loops and touchscreen technology.

Although these gloves are quite flexible, the larger models might be inconvenient for activities that require more precision, such as shooting sports. Some users have also had issues with the tactile response due to their thick padding.

Viperade's tactical, hard-knuckle gloves are made of artificial leather, knitted fabric, and non-toxic rubber. They dry quickly and are lightweight and slip- and wear-resistant. The gloves have vents, which makes them breathable and comfortable both in the summer and the winter. The wrists have a Velcro closure for adjustability and to provide more flexibility for a variety of activities.

The reinforced palm and hard knuckles provide protection against scrapes, bumps, and bruises during outdoor activities, such as camping, climbing, and hunting. They are nice and tight with little extra room in the fingertips. You can operate a touchscreen when using these gloves, and overall they're quite comfortable and keep your hands warm.

However, the seams may begin to unravel after a short period of use. Also, you may have to order a size up to get a proper fit. Another problem is they may wear out quickly.

Ironclad's Operator Pro gloves are made of heavy-duty material and feature neoprene knuckle protection to protect your hands from abrasion and impact. They have an EXO embossed palm to provide extra grip and a suede cuff puller, so you can put them on quickly. They’re also quite flexible.

The gloves are available in eight different colors, including green, black, gray, and Realtree. They are designed for both tactical and civilian use. Ironclad uses a 16-point measurement system to ensure a proper fit and without adding any bulk to the design. The thumb features terry cloth material, so you can wipe away sweat. You can also clean them in a washing machine without fear that they will dry out or shrink.

One problem with these gloves is that they may not be as grippy as some rival brands. It can also be difficult to feel things when you're wearing them, so they may not be ideal for shooting sports.  Also, the seam is a little stiff in the fingers, which can be uncomfortable for some users.

These leather gloves feature composite PVC padded knuckles and thermal plastic rubber finger panels. They are designed to protect users from burns, cuts, scrapes, and other injuries. They have a double layer for durability and a microfiber palm for better grip when working out, climbing, biking, etc.

They are available in sizes ranging from small to XX-large and have elastic mesh fabric on the fingers. They are flexible enough to use for shooting sports. These gloves are also very breathable to minimize sweat and to keep your hands dry. Overall, they provide a comfortable grip on tools, are flexible enough to move hardware, and are very protective. The company also provides a 180-day warranty in case you have any issues.

One downside with these gloves is the seams may split after a short period of use, and the Velcro isn't the best quality. They also tend to run small, and some consumers complain that the pairs they received were soft-knuckled instead of hard-knuckled.

Glove Station's tactical rubber knuckle gloves are reinforced around the knuckle area for added protection. They have double-stitched seams for longevity and PU leather palms and fingertips for added grip. You can also use touchscreen devices when wearing these gloves.

The gloves are designed to promote airflow via the padded mesh and rubber aero vents on the back of the hand. They have flexible neoprene joints that permit a wide range of motion. The company also provides a lifetime warranty, demonstrating its confidence in the product. Overall, they are slim-fitting, keep the wind off of your hands when you use them outside, and are very grippy. They're also quite comfortable.

However, they're not particularly warm in cold weather. They may run a little small and can take a while to break in. Also, the Velcro strap isn't the best quality, and they may fall apart prematurely.

The Magpul Core Patrol Tactical Gloves are lightweight with leather palms and thumb panels. They are designed with extra articulation in the palm area and have flexible knuckle panels for more versatility. The back of the gloves are made of corded stretch nylon, so you have a lot of flexibility to perform a wide range of activities.

These gloves are durable and touchscreen-capable. They are great to use as cold weather gloves or driving gloves, and the leather feels very supple. They also breathe well and permit fine movements, allowing you to control a motorcycle, for example. Also, there's no slack in the fingers, and they're good-quality overall.

However, they're not a great option for people with really large hands. Also, they're a basic semi-tactical glove and don't feature hard knuckles, which some users prefer. They may also require a breaking-in period.


  • Fit is the most important factor to consider when choosing a tactical glove. Ensure that your pick is neither too tight nor too loose on your hands.
  • The main purpose of buying tactical gloves is protection. A good combat glove has extra material around the knuckles, fingers, and palms.
  • The type of material is also an important consideration for tactical gloves. Choose a material that is warm but breathable to enable use in both warm and cold weather.


Q: Will my tactical gloves work on touchscreen devices?

A: Not all tactical gloves will work on a touchscreen. If you intend to choose one that does, then check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Q: Will tactical gloves help with rheumatoid arthritis?

A: Rheumatoid arthritis, like other types of arthritis, responds positively to compression. Therefore, a perfectly fitting pair of gloves can help with pain reduction.

Q: What are the best uses for tactical gloves?

A: Initially, this protective gear was designed for law enforcement personnel. They are now ideal for handling weapons as well as for recreational activities.

Final Thoughts

We chose the TitanOPS Full Finger and Half Finger Outdoor Gloves as the best overall. They are versatile and reliable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Mechanix Wear FastFit Covert Tactical Gloves are the best pick for the value. These gloves provide remarkable protection and comfort.