Best Sunglasses for the Money: Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

These top sunglasses protect your eyes and are also fashionable

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PUBLISHED ON November 19, 2019

While there is no denying that you'll look stunning in a sleek pair of designer sunglasses, there are even better reasons to wear them. They reliably protect your eyes from all forms of UV light and are ideal if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast. These fashion accessories are also a valuable accessory for electronic users and athletes with high UV light exposure. However, the proliferation of sunglass models on the market today makes choosing the right model hard. In this review, we have compiled the best three for the value.

  • Best Overall
    Maui Jim Rimless Frame Sunglasses

    If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that go beyond UV ray protection, try these Maui Jims. They enhance color and provide a clear view. Additionally, they are anti-glare and suitable for use against direct sunlight.


    These sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, and feature durable nylon injected frames. They are also fashionable and provide a bright view. What’s more, they feature patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses that eliminate glare while enhancing color, detail, and clarity.


    Some users claim that these sunglasses can break easily if mishandled. They are also too small for some users and are a little expensive.

  • Best Value
    ATTCL Men's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses

    ATTCL blends style and quality in a way that is difficult to find. The sunglasses are a multipurpose type of protective gear ideal for all outdoor weather conditions. They come in handy for men and women who value performance in sports, outdoor activities, and night driving. 


    These lenses are 100-percent polarized and feature anti-glare functions for night driving. The UV400 protection rating makes them perfect for all weather conditions. The sunglasses are made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes them lightweight and strong.


    Their frame is susceptible to scratching and may need extra care. Most users find them more ideal for night vision and not as sunglasses.

  • Honorable Mention
    Oakley Women's Caveat Aviator Metal Sunglasses

    The Oakley sunglasses are a perfect protective accessory designed for world-class athletes. They feature a unique design to enhance your looks. The model utilizes high-quality materials and unbeatable craftsmanship to ensure dependability and durability.


    The advantage of these lenses is that they use patented HDO technology to produce clear images with no distortion. They also feature perfect refraction capabilities to provide real image distances. Additionally, these sunglasses offer protection from all types of UV rays.


    Users claim that the nose piece is uncomfortable and unadjustable. They are also made specifically for women and may not look good on men.

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  • The first factor to consider when shopping for a pair of sunglasses is to ensure that you pick one that has a UV rating of at least 400. Such a feature ensures that your eyes are protected from nearly all UV ray wavelengths.
  • The protective features on sunglasses break down over time, and you'll need to replace them. For example, the anti-glare coating should last about two years; however, it can break down quicker in extreme use.
  • Choose a model that is polarized. Such models improve protection by reducing the effects of horizontal and reflected light.


Q: What’s the best way to clean the lenses of my sunglasses?

A: The most effective way to clean lenses is to use a special cleaning cloth (i.e., microfiber) with a cleaning liquid and gently rub the lenses.

Q: Can a single pair of sunglasses have UV protective lenses and anti-glare lenses?

A: Yes. The common practice is to incorporate both components in a single lens. Look for the one that has both features for enhanced protection.

Q: What's the difference between polarized lenses and UV-protection lenses?

A: While ordinary UV sunglass models protect your eyes from strong UV rays, polarized lenses reduce glare and protect your eyes from horizontal and reflected light.

Final Thoughts

Based on our research, we chose the Maui Jim Rimless Frame Sunglasses as the best overall pick. They are stylish and durable and come with unmatchable performance.

However, it is worth noting that a fair price does not mean a product is substandard. The ATTCL Men's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses also offer protection from UV rays and reflected light.