Best Pop-Up Tent: Set Up Your Tent with Ease

Make camping easier and more fun with one of these pop-up tents

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PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2019

Camping can be a ton of fun, but no one wants to spend hours struggling with setting up a tent. That’s why pop-up tents are the perfect solution. These tents go up in seconds and can provide you shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. This leaves you more time for fun in the woods or at the beach. Check out these three high-quality pop-up tents for your next outdoor adventure.

  • Best Overall
    Zenph Pop-Up Tent

    This tent opens automatically in three seconds. It measures 102 x 62 x 43 inches, which is enough space for 2-3 people to sleep. The material is both waterproof and moisture-proof.


    This tent goes up lightning fast. You could throw it in the air, and the tent will pop up by the time it hits the ground. You’ll also notice its superior three-way ventilation. 


    The height of the tent is low, which can make it awkward to move around while inside. You may find it challenging to fold the tent back up after use.

  • Best Value
    Redcamp Small Camping Tent

    This 2-3 person tent measures 80.7 x 80.7 x 40.5 inches. The fabric is windproof and rainproof. It comes in two colors: blue and orange.


    You get three different tent setups out of this single tent. There is the traditional tent setup, a mesh option, and a canopy style with open ends for maximum breathability. 


    The material is super thin, so the material will become soaked if there is heavy rain. The mesh netting is also delicate, so you’ll need to be careful not to rip it when using the zipper on the screen door. 

  • Honorable Mention
    Hewolf Dome Pop-Up Tent

    The unique hexagon shape of this pop-up tent makes it possible to fit 2-4 people. It has an instant mechanism that makes it easy to assemble. The material is waterproof and wind-resistant while blocking UV rays. 


    The rounder shape of this tent allows you to fit more people into it, which makes it perfect for families. A large amount of mesh material makes the tent breathable. 


    This tent isn’t very good at keeping the rain out. There is a rain fly attached to the tent, but water can still get in. There is also a risk of the door zippers getting stuck. 

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  • Look for a pop-up tent that has high usability. It should have attached poles and clear instructions for setup and takedown. It should also have a carrying case with sturdy handles for easy transport. 
  • Plan to use a footprint tarp with your tent. Some tents will come with this footprint tarp, while others require you to buy it separately. These protective tarps will prevent your tent from ripping on sharp objects. 
  • Think about where you plan to use your tent. If you want to use it at the beach, then you’ll want to make sure the fabric is UV-resistant. That way, it can provide a safe space to get out of the sun’s harmful rays. 


Q: Can I find an extra-large pop-up tent? 

A: Yes, pop up tents come in a variety of sizes. You can find tents small enough to accommodate one person and large enough to comfortably fit four or more people. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or look at the dimensions of the tent to determine the size. 

Q: Are pop-up tents categorized into seasons? 

A: Yes. All tents come with a manufacturer's rating to indicate what kind of climate the tent is best suited for. You will see labels like “four-season” or “three-season” on the packaging. Three-season tents work best from spring through fall, while four-season tents can withstand harsher winter climates. 

Q: Do I need extra pegs to set up a pop-up tent?

A: You shouldn’t need any extra pegs or any other equipment to set up your tent. Once you take your pop-up tent out of its carrying bag, it should automatically begin to unfold and form into the finished tent shape. 

Final Thoughts

Consider the Zenph Pop-Up Tent for a high-quality tent that goes up automatically in seconds. 

The Redcamp Small Camping Tent is a smart choice for someone on a budget who still wants a well-built tent.