Best Tactical Belts: Conveniently Carry All the Gear You Need

These tactical belts make it extremely easy to carry around your gear

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PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2019

Whether you’re a police officer, first responder, or an EDC proponent, chances are you have more equipment than you have places to put it. These tactical belts can help solve that problem, as they’re capable of supporting firearms, batons, spare ammunition, and nearly anything else you could possibly need when in a hostile environment. Plus, they look great while holding your pants up—what more could you ask for?

  • Best Overall
    5.11 Tactical Multi-Functional Patrol Belt

    Made of fade- and fray-resistant nylon webbing, this versatile option can double as a tie-down or carry strap if needed. 


    The quadruple-stitched reinforcements allow it to safely support quite a bit of gear without ripping or tearing. A lack of metal components enables users to pass through metal detectors quickly and without any hassle.


    It’s difficult to tighten, so you may feel as if your pants are slipping while wearing it. It may also be too flimsy to support larger-caliber firearms.

  • Best Value
    Fairwin Military-Style Tactical Belt

    A quick-release metal buckle lets you take it off in a flash. Its incredibly stiff construction ensures it won’t flop around, even when loaded to the gills.


    This option is a bit more stylish than other tactical models, making it a smart choice for users who want to make a fashion statement. It has two tabs that need to be engaged for the buckle to release, reducing the possibility of it coming loose accidentally.


    Putting it on is a bit of a chore, as you have to remove the buckle every time you want to use it on a new pair of pants. It’s also too wide for some belt loops.

  • Honorable Mention
    Condor Tactical Belt

    Two built-in pouches give you a handy place to store spare magazines or other equipment, and the adjustable loops allow you to make customizations or modifications. 


    An inner lining holds the belt in its proper orientation, so it won’t slide around on you if you need to sprint unexpectedly. It’s only semi-rigid, making it more comfortable for extended use than some of its competitors.


    The sideways orientation of the pouches makes it easy for things to fall out if they’re not securely fastened. It has four belt keepers, but they’re purely ornamental, as they do nothing to hold the belt upright.

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  • When shopping for a tactical belt, you should look at three main factors: rigidity, buckle strength, and whether it fits in the belt loops of your pants. A floppy belt is practically useless and downright dangerous, while a weak buckle can undermine the entire belt, especially if you find yourself in a struggle. 
  • If you want a belt for EDC, look for one that will make carrying a firearm easy. That means it needs to be versatile enough to hold your weapon and any other accessories, while also making it convenient for you to reach your gun in a hurry. Ideally, it should help conceal the fact that you’re carrying in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Finally, make sure it’s rugged enough to withstand the additional weight it’ll be expected to carry on a daily basis.
  • While it’s important that your belt be able to lug around all your gear, don’t forget that you’re going to have to actually wear the thing, too. If it’s not comfortable, you’ll find yourself either leaving behind valuable equipment to lighten the load, constantly readjusting it when you should be focused on your surroundings, or—worst of all—you may even avoid wearing it at all.


Q: What is a tactical belt, and what makes one better than another?

A: A tactical belt is designed to hold the gear that cops, military personnel, or other first responders need to have handy at all times. As such, the best belts are durable, flexible, and able to support a wide assortment of supplies. They’re often made of materials like fine-grain leather, high-quality nylon, and cotton canvas.

Q: Are there different types of tactical belts?

A: There are three types of tactical belts you’re likely to encounter while shopping: instructor belts, rigger belts, and gun belts. Instructor belts feature some sort of clipping mechanism and have heavy-duty seams and buckles capable of supporting weights of at least 500 pounds. Rigger belts are designed for rappelling and are more suitable for rock climbing, fast-roping, or zip-lining than walking a patrol. Gun belts, on the other hand, have to be thick and rigid enough to support a firearm, making them ideal for police or military use.

Q: Can I wear a tactical belt on casual occasions?

A: Of course! While tactical belts are designed for functional uses like assisting search-and-rescue personnel, they’re perfectly suitable for everyday wear as well. Many tactical belts blend in with a wide assortment of pants and some are quite fashionable. The best tactical belt, after all, is the one that meets your needs while also looking great with your existing wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

The 5.11 Tactical Multi-Functional Patrol Belt is our favorite, as it is extremely durable and rigid, and the lack of metal components makes it extremely convenient for EDC. 

If you want something a little more stylish, the Fairwin Military-Style Tactical Belt has a fashionable buckle that will dress up any outfit you pair it with, and you can take it off in a flash, thanks to its quick-release feature.