Best Motion Sensor Lights: Stay a Step Ahead of Intruders

Take your home’s security to the next level with indoor and outdoor motion sensor lights

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PUBLISHED ON December 5, 2019

Your home is your sanctuary; that's why its security is paramount. When you’re safe, you have peace of mind. While you may be vigilant, you can’t watch every nook and cranny at all times. Motion sensor lights keep your mind at ease as you know who has access to your home. Today, we’re shedding light on the best motion sensor lights that can help you deter intruders in and around your home.

  • Best Overall
    URPOWER Motion Sensor Lights

    Position each of these lights in a spot inside your house and they’ll serve you for up to 10,000 hours. Each produces up to 20 lumens of light whenever it detects motion 7-10 feet away. 


    Each of the lights has a dusk-to-dawn sensor and automatically powers on at dusk. They work great in extreme temperatures (from -20° C up to 40° C). The lights have both 3M adhesive pads and magnets, so you can stick them on walls or metallic surfaces. 


    You may have to keep replacing their batteries every now and then. The lights damage paint when you remove them from a wall. They don’t stay on for long before they turn off. There’s a slight delay before the power on. 

  • Best Value
    Fulcrum Motion Sensor Light

    Use this light to illuminate entrances and outdoor areas with up to 100 lumens of LED light. It stays on as long as there is motion in the illuminated area. It has a long lifespan of 100,000 hours.


    There are six powerful LED chips in this weatherproofed light which makes it a great option for outdoor use. It has a 25-foot detection range and 100-degree coverage. It can illuminate a large area. It features photocells which ensure it only produces light when it gets dark. 


    It is not entirely water-resistant and its interior components rust when exposed to water. Its motion-detection capability is slow. The light dispersion is slightly skewed; there are dark spots in some areas. 

  • Honorable Mention
    Heath Zenith Motion Sensing Security Light

    This light features DualBrite technology. It serves as a night light and produces soft light. When it detects motion, it emits powerful, bright light. Its manual override allows you to switch it on and off. 


    It has a 100-foot detection range and the light it produces covers up to 21,000 square feet. Both of the lights are adjustable and allow you to direct the light to the specific area you want. They feature dusk-to-dawn sensors and switch on automatically at dusk. 


    Sometimes the on and off function is erratic and the light might stay on longer than expected. LED bulb replacement might be a problem since the light fixture is not compatible with a wide range of LED bulbs on the market. 

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  • To make the best use of outdoor motion sensor lights, install them at vulnerable entry points of your house. Get enough lights to cover your home’s perimeter so you don’t have any dark spots. 
  • You will save on lighting maintenance costs if you get lights with LEDs, since they light up to full capacity, use very little energy, and are more durable compared to other lights. 
  • Protect your motion sensor light by angling it downwards to prevent rainwater from seeping into the interior. You can also steer clear of water damage by getting sealed bulbs. Alternatively, you can install protective shades above the lights. 
  • Adjust the detection range and angle to minimize false alarms triggered by non-threatening things like trees and leaves. Also, ensure the lights do not cast their light in areas that pose no threat. 


Q: Do motion sensor lights need to be cleaned?

A: Dirty motion sensor lights are not able to accurately detect motion. That’s why it is so important to clean your lights occasionally. Use a soft cloth and window cleaner to clean the lens of the light fixture.

Q: Will a power outage affect my motion sensor light?

A: A power outage has different effects on motion sensor lights. It might affect the light switch or circuit breaker, causing the lights to either stay on or go off permanently. 

Q: How do motion sensor lights work?

A: Motion sensor lights have motion detectors that detect infrared waves. Infrared waves are heat waves emitted by moving objects, like human beings. The detectors automatically switch on the lights once they sense motion and switch them off if there’s no motion for some time.

Final Thoughts

The URPOWER Motion Sensor Lights impress with their durability, ease of installation, and functionality. 

For a budget option with bright light, consider the Fulcrum Motion Sensor Light.