Best Drones 2020: Take Epic Shots and Videos From Above

A drone offers a unique photographic perspective, so get one and see things differently

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PUBLISHED ON December 6, 2019

You may be thinking of getting a drone to take breathtaking shots and videos. Or you may want one to monitor the acres of crops on your farm. A drone can do much more than just take pictures and videos. It can be used to investigate tropical storms or track wildlife. If you are in the market for a drone, here are three of the best.

  • Best Overall
    Potensic Foldable Drone with 5G WiFi

    Equipped with 5G Wi-Fi, this drone lets you see images in the app in real-time. It has a professional 2K camera with a 110-degree angle that can adjust 90 degrees for easy recording. Its flight time is about 15-20 minutes.


    The drone has a foldable fuselage and is easy to carry and store. It features a 2MP CMOS sensor that allows you to take spectacular aerial photos. It also comes with intelligent flight modes and GPS modules that make it easy for you to fly it.


    The photos it takes are not of professional quality, and the videos are a little shaky. If you have a large phone, you will not be able to mount it inside the controller.

  • Best Value
    EACHINE Mini Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids

    If you want to get your kids interested in drones, you can get them this mini drone that comes with a lot of awesome features. It has a headless flight mode, altitude hold, and phone app control.


    Unlike many mini drones, this drone has a nice flight time. Its 250mAh battery allows for approximately seven to eight minutes of flight time. Its compact size makes it easy to store, and it also comes with removable blade protectors. 


    Wi-Fi video quality is very poor. There are no additional parts that protect the propellers. Flying it outdoors is risky as it may fly away when it comes into contact with strong winds.

  • Honorable Mention
    SNAPTAIN WiFi FPV Drone with HD Camera

    If you're looking for a beginner-friendly drone with great features, the Snaptain S5C is the one. With a futuristic design and LED lights, it will give you an immersive flying experience. It has a flight time of around 10 minutes.


    The drone is very user-friendly. You can get it to take off, land, or return by just pressing one button. It has smart voice control, 360-degree flips and rolls, and headless mode—all great features for drone newbies. Protective propeller guards ensure a safe flight.


    The drone is difficult to fly because it does not stay in place and drifts a lot. The headless mode is not very effective, and the One Touch return only works if you fly the drone in a straight line.

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  • When buying a drone, check whether the camera is included. It's better to buy a drone with a built-in camera or a detachable one because it's cheaper and also easier to set up. 
  • If you want a drone you can fly right out of the box, be sure to get one with the initials RTF (Ready to Fly). ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) drones require some assembly before they're ready to fly. BNF (Bind and Fly) drones do not come with a transmitter, and you have to find one and bind it to the drone's receiver.
  • Set a budget before buying a drone because the price determines whether you buy a recreational one or a professional one. The good news is that drones are sold at different prices, so you won't have a hard time finding the right one for your budget.
  • If you have a drone that’s over .55 pounds, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you want to avoid this, get a beginner drone as most weigh less than .55 pounds.


Q: How can I avoid crashing a drone?

A: The best way to avoid crashing your drone is to have a cautious flying style. Make sure your drone is always within view, and fly it in open areas. Do not fly it on windy days, when it's raining, or at night. In addition, ensure it's always 30 feet away from any obstacles.

Q: Can I fly a drone at night?

A: Yes. You don't need a license to fly a drone at night, but you have to follow basic safety rules. These rules are set by the FAA and will help you to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement or crashing your drone.

Q: How high can I legally fly my drone?

A: The Federal Aviation Administration recommends flying a drone below 400 feet (121 meters) above ground level. This ensures it avoids crashing into manned aircraft like helicopters and airplanes.

Final Thoughts

The Potensic Foldable Drone with 5G WiFi is hard to beat for its flight time, 5G Wi-Fi, and high-speed image transmission. But if you want a beginner-friendly drone, the budget-friendly EACHINE Mini Drone with Camera for Adults and Kids will do.