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Best Muck Boots: Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

Get yourself a pair of muck boots to keep your feet warm and dry

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BYAndra DelMonico, Daniel Rika/ LAST UPDATED ON June 24, 2021

Trekking through the mud or snow in your sneakers or other shoes can cause your feet to get wet and cold. Wearing knee-high muck boots will keep your feet dry and protected while your hunting, fishing, or performing chores. Try one of these three pairs of boots.

Best Overall

Muck Boot Rubber Men’s Boot


These muck boots are made of neoprene with a rubber sole. The shaft is a tall 14.5 inches. They’ll fit your leg perfectly with a 15.5-inch opening. The synthetic neoprene is 5 mm thick.

  • Neoprene provides you with heat retention, waterproofing, and shock absorption
  • Materials of this boot will form to your foot and leg to prevent chafing 
  • Thin rubber these boots are made of may begin to peel
  • They may not retain heat extremely well and might leave your feet feeling cold 
Best Value

Servus Comfort Technology Men's Work Boots


These all-rubber boots have a 16-inch-tall shaft. They’re made from a PVC injection mold construction to create a seamless shoe that is 100 percent waterproof. The shaped top makes the top line match the flex of your leg at the knee.

  • Rubber material these boots are made of is resistant to degradation from agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and animal waste 
  • They keep your feet warm 
  • Over time, the material at the flex point on the toe may begin to split and crack
  • Tread can wear away quickly, leaving you with a smooth sole
Honorable Mention

Duck and Fish Men Neoprene Rubber Boot


These 100 percent waterproof muck boots are constructed with both rubber and neoprene. Lining the inside are removable insoles to cushion your steps. The outside features deep cleats to give you the greatest amount of traction. 

  • There’s a handy glow-in-the-dark pull tab on the back of the boot to help you take them on and off
  • Removable inner cushion helps you keep the boot clean and comfortable for long-term use
  • While these boots may fit your feet okay, they may be snug through the ankle
  • The sole may also separate from the rest of the boot
Best Muck Boots: Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

Benefits of Muck Boots

  • Keep your feet warm and dry. Some muck boots have a structured and breathable Airmesh lining. The lining consists of thousands of tiny fibers that allow air to circulate throughout the interior. It quickly wicks away excess humidity and perspiration that might make your feet uncomfortable, allowing you to wear the boots for long periods.
  • Easy to wear and remove. Well-fitting muck boots hug your feet like sneakers and slide on and off easily. They stay on your feet no matter what you step on and keep them warm and dry. But it’s important to get muck boots that fit well.
  • Tough and lightweight. Muck boots are perfect for all kinds of outdoor chores because of their rugged exteriors. They feature non-slip soles made of high-abrasion rubber, so your feet stay where you put them. They also have a natural rubber overlay that works like a second skin for their exteriors, making them waterproof and flexible. 
  • Can be worn in all seasons. Muck boots have different heights and soles for different jobs. Some have met-guard foot protection to guard your feet from heavy objects, while others have steel shanks for better arch support. Some boots come with liners and scent-masking for hunting. You can also get snake-proof muck boots if you live or hunt in areas where snakes are common.

Types of Muck Boots

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If you want muck boots that are lightweight and can be used in any terrain, get pursuit boots. They are designed to withstand different environments and weather conditions. Pursuit boots are mainly used for hunting and sporting activities because they are lightweight and durable. They allow you to move quickly over challenging, uneven terrain and tackle wet and muddy terrain with ease. Pursuit boots come in different designs, and some feature EVA midsoles to offer excellent support during long hunting days.


These muck boots can handle anything that hunting, farm life, or wet weather dishes out. As their name suggests, they are designed for work and are very popular with farmers and outdoorsmen. The boots are specifically designed for farm and work. They keep your feet dry and comfortable around the farm, the yard, the woods, or wherever your day takes you. 

Most utility boots feature naturally-insulating neoprene rubber uppers and provide natural insulation and 100 percent waterproof protection. Their durable rubber overlays protect your feet from sticks, rocks, and other hazards. Some utility muck boots also feature steel shanks and removable insoles for great stability over any terrain. 

Top Brands

The Original Muck Boot Company

This company was created to provide a solution to a universal problem—muck. The company’s former owner, Jim Donohue, designed the first bootie-style muck boot in his home’s basement back in 1998. He was determined to create a boot that would keep feet warm and dry in any season. That’s how the most comfortable, protective, and reliable boots on the planet were born. 

The company was later acquired by Honeywell, a large multinational conglomerate that owns many popular brands. Once Honeywell bought the company, it moved all manufacturing overseas. If you want muck boots you can go hunting with, get the Muck Boot Men's Woody Max. For arctic sports, we recommend the High Performance Men's Winter Boots.


ArcticShield was started to enable hunters to stay out longer. When hunters stay out longer, there are more downed targets, more opportunities, and more stories to share. The company is an outdoor brand of the Absolute Outdoor, LLC company which is based in Sauk Rapids, Minn. ArcticShield designs Arctic Shield clothing and shoes for a warm hunt with less bulk. The ArcticShield Men's Waterproof and Insulated Outdoor Boots show the company’s knack for quality.

Muck Boots Pricing

  • $100-$200: The muck boots in this price range are for people who do a lot of serious work. They are usually made from top-of-the-range materials like Flex-Foam neoprene, high-quality rubber, and flexible Spandura.
  • $200-$300: In this category, the boots feature thick neoprene, rubber soles, fleece lining, and thermal foam (for extra warmth). They have the best insulation and allow you to work in any type of weather.

Key Features


Your muck boots must fit well because you’ll probably wear them when hunting or working on a farm—activities that require concentration. If they don’t fit you well, they may make your legs sore or cause blisters, which means you’ll have to find some other shoes to wear. Also, when shopping for muck boots, take into consideration the boot type because low cut boots and high cut boots fit differently.

Most muck boots have a unisex fit, however, they come in different sizes—since women’s feet are different from men’s feet. The boots you get should snugly hug your feet. If they are very tight or slightly large, they will make your feet uncomfortable. Undersized or oversized boots don’t offer adequate support.

To buy boots that fit well, strictly follow the size guide. If the boots you want are designed for men, order one size down if you're a woman. If you’re a size and a half, order the next size up if you’re a man and the next size down if you’re a woman.


Muck boots are usually made from neoprene to offer a protective covering against harsh terrains. They serve as a tough shield against dirt and rough environments. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that isn’t as sensitive to temperature changes as natural rubber, which becomes sticky in hot weather and brittle in cold weather. 

Muck boot manufacturers typically use different materials on the uppers and midsoles. Also, the boots are designed with materials that provide ample insulation—like waterproof and self-insulating neoprene—to keep you warm in winter or cold weather.

The quality, durability, and comfort of your muck boots will be determined by the materials used and how reinforced they are. Before buying a pair of muck boots, be sure to go through the product description to find out the materials used to make the uppers, the midsoles, and the outsoles.


Muck boots are made of neoprene and will wear out one day. However, if they are of high quality, they should last up to three years with proper maintenance. The best muck boots can withstand extreme cold, heat, rough terrain, and mud. They are easy to wash and you can quickly remove any grime stuck to the base after use. They also have reinforced outsoles and are lightweight.

The toe area and the heel area of your muck boot should be reinforced because that’s where pressure is mostly applied. Some muck boots feature triple reinforcements on these areas to ensure they stay sturdy regardless of the terrain. They remain flexible at all times and withstand abrasion.


The height of the boots you choose will be determined by two things: your personal preferences and the nature of the work you do. Many of the muck boots on the market have a high cut and rise to the knee, or slightly under or over. The height of the boots will determine your comfort. For example, most people prefer low cut boots when it’s warm and high cut boots when it’s cold. High boots keep snow and debris away from your feet when you’re hunting or working in the snow.

Other Considerations

  • Maintenance. Get muck boots that are easy to maintain—you’ll be happy you did after spending a long day at the farm or in the animal shed. You should be able to remove mud, dirt, and grime from the soles and uppers easily. When the boots are very dirty, you should be able to clean them quickly with water and soap. You can use wax polish or liquid detergent to keep the uppers looking new and shiny.
  • Water Resistance. Muck boots must be waterproof as they are used by people who get their feet dirty as they work. They should have a waterproof lining that prevents muck from wearing them out in no time. Muck boots that aren't resistant to water are uncomfortable and quickly get damaged. 

Best Muck Boots Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Muck Boot Rubber Men’s Boot is a classic Muck Boot shoe—it’s built for heavy-duty use in all kinds of unpleasant weather, and it’s a boot that’s designed to get dirty. This extra-tough boot is made out of 5-millimeter neoprene with a grippy rubber sole. The neoprene material is comfortable and flexible, ensuring you can still work and move easily without discomfort. It also provides waterproofing to keep you and your pant legs dry. The sole of each boot offers great shock absorption for cushioning as you walk, and a completely sealed rubber shell extends above the ankle for extra warmth and protection from moisture. Fleece lining along the upper shaft of the boot keeps you warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Over time, this men’s muck boot will adjust to conform to your foot’s shape, helping to prevent blisters and chafing.

A pair of Servus Comfort Technology Men's Work Boots offers everything you could want out of a muck boot: comfort, protection from outdoor elements, and stability. These boots are strong enough to prevent slips on even the slickest surfaces and tough enough to withstand weather and messes—and they’re affordable too. These muck boots will give you great value for your money. Made with PVC polyblend injection molding, these boots are seamless and 100 percent waterproof. They can keep your feet dry in wet weather and keep you protected from dirt, mud, and more. Designed with a scalloped topline for flexibility and reinforced at critical stress points, these boots can move and flex with you. A lightweight contour cushion inside offers arch and heel support while cushioning your feet. A deep-angle cleated outsole helps you get grip and keep yourself from slipping on icy or slippery terrain.

The Duck and Fish Men Neoprene Rubber Boot is a great pick if you’re looking for versatility. These muck boots are essentially a tough take on traditional rain boots, offering the same waterproof capability with a bit more durability and increased comfort. The boots look like rain boots with simple, classic styling. They feature a rubber sole that extends above the ankle. However, the shaft of these muck boots is made out of 100 percent waterproof neoprene material. In addition to keeping you dry, that neoprene shaft also offers warmth in cold weather. Inside these versatile boots, a pair of removable cushioned insoles help absorb weight and shock to keep you supported and comfortable. You’ll be able to use these boots in a wide array of different settings thanks to their materials and construction.

The Muck Boot Hale Multi-Season Rubber Boot is an excellent option for women who need tough, durable, all-weather boots. These original Muck Boot brand boots are designed to be lightweight and breathable, yet highly protective. Made with rubber soles and neoprene uppers, these boots offer comfort and flexibility. They’re 100 percent waterproof, meaning you can trek through puddles and step in mud. Your feet will stay breathable and well-ventilated yet warm, thanks to a mesh lining that provides all-day dryness. These boots can even keep your feet cozy in subfreezing temperatures. Over time, the boot material will adjust to the contours of your feet for even better comfort without chafing. With shock absorption, heat retention, and a self-cleaning sole, these are all-around tough boots.

A pair of Muck Boots Muckster II Ankle-Height Rubber Boots are a great option for men who don’t need tall boots with a lengthy shaft. These boots rise just above the ankles, with a tough rubber sole and neoprene material covering the lower calf. The boot shaft measures just 6 inches tall. They’ll keep the tips of your toes and your feet warm and cozy—but a breathable mesh lining will also wick away humidity and sweat to keep your feet dry and cool at the right temperature. A high-traction rubber sole keeps you stable and sure-footed even in ice, slush, and rain. These ankle-high Muck Boots are perfect for working in the garden, running around town, or walking in the winter. They can withstand everything from tough work environments to everyday wear.


  • If you plan to wear your muck boots in cold weather, pay attention to the heat retention and warmth of the boots. You want a pair that will reflect your body heat to keep your toes warm. 
  • Pay attention to the sizing as some boots are meant to be universal. You’ll often see two sizes listed: one is the men’s sizing, and the other is the equivalent women’s size. 
  • If you intend to use your muck bottom as safety shoes, look for a pair with a steel toe. This will protect your toes while also giving you a work boot. 


Q: Is my muck boot size the same as my regular shoe size? 

This can vary with the brand. Most boots are made true to size, but it can help to go up a half size. This will give you extra room to wear thick socks. 

Q: Should I buy all-rubber or neoprene boots? 

All-rubber boots weigh more but are also more durable and heavy-duty. If you choose neoprene, it’s lighter and softer. This makes the neoprene more pliable than an all-rubber boot. 

Q: Can I wear muck boots for other activities?

These boots are designed for working outside. They aren’t meant for snakebite protection, for example. They’re also not meant for use on a motorcycle, as they are loose through the shaft. 

Final Thoughts

Choose the Muck Boot Rubber Men’s Boot for a durable and high-quality muck boot. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Servus Comfort Technology Men's Work Boots works well as an all-rubber boot.