Best Truck Games: Rule the Road from the Comfort of Home

You’ll have loads of fun with these truck simulator games

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PUBLISHED ON December 5, 2019

Long-haul trucking is an exciting life. You get to discover new vistas, navigate dangerous roads, and keep the wheels of industry turning. We may not all be cut out for the tougher parts of the job, but thanks to video games, you can experience the thrill of building a trucking empire from the comfort of your own living room. Check out our list of the best trucking simulator experiences below.

  • Best Overall
    American Truck Simulator Gold Edition for PC

    Experience the feeling of driving over 30 different truck models with this PC game. It features realistic steering and air braking and includes the New Mexico DLC.


    Features an engaging long-term mission where you start from the bottom and build up your own trucking company. Driving controls are extremely close to the real thing. Covers thousands of miles highways across the American West.


    It requires you to install the Steam app before you can play. Casual gamers might have a hard time with realistic truck controls. Sometimes it has problems with Windows 10.

  • Best Value
    Mudrunner: American Wilds for PS4 and Xbox One

    This game features a huge open world you can explore solo or with up to three friends. With the American Wilds expansion, drive all-terrain trucks from famous brands across all sorts of rough environments.


    Builds on the success of the original Mudrunner by adding exciting new maps based on Montana, North Dakota, and Siberia. Realistic physics and vivid open-world graphics.


    Missions are lacking in variety. Lots of DLC content is locked at the beginning, requiring a lot of work to open.

  • Honorable Mention
    Monster Jam: Crush It for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

    Play through competitions based on real-life Monster Jam events, including racing, freestyle, and environmental challenges. Master control of your vehicle to win races and perform epic stunts.


    Brings players into the heart of the high-stakes Monster Jam experience with detailed truck physics and the ability to play as famous monster trucks. Controls are easy to learn but rewarding to master.


    Lacks a multiplayer mode. Also, if you’re looking for a realistic trucking experience, check out a different title. This one is all about stylized competition, not an accurate simulation.

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  • There are a lot of vehicle simulators of different kinds available for free for mobile phones, but most are rushed and not well-developed. Console and PC truck games provide a much stronger experience, and they’re worth the money.
  • If you’re playing a truck simulator on your computer, hooking up a console controller will make steering, accelerating, and braking much easier. You’ll also be able to change the settings to match how you like to play. We recommend setting acceleration to the right trigger and braking to left, the usual console control scheme.
  • When racing through the night to make a delivery, don’t be afraid to use cruise control. Almost all truck games have it as a feature, and it’s the best way to avoid speeding tickets while making sure you don’t lose any time.


Q: If a truck game is a UK import, will I be able to play it in North America?

A: Yes. That just means that like a lot of truck simulators, it was first released in Europe. UK import games work fine on American computers.

Q: Are truck games good to buy for kids?

A: Absolutely. Kids will have tons of fun figuring out how to control the big rigs and take them out on the road. It might even give them some good foundational knowledge for when they learn to drive for real.

Q: Other than realistic simulators, what kinds of truck games are available?

A: Games exist that will let you race 18-wheelers, do tricks with monster trucks, drive smaller ATVs across rough terrain, and experience all kinds of real and imagined aspects of the trucking world. The simulator genre isn’t often talked about by gamers, but it’s grown surprisingly robust in the new generation of consoles.

Final Thoughts

We recommend American Truck Simulator Gold Edition because it has the best balance of fun and realism. 

If you’re looking for a better value, Mudrunner: American Wilds also offers a vivid truck-driving experience.