Best Jeep Wheels: Add Performance and Style

New wheels on your Jeep provide an updated look and better performance

byLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Richard Bowen|
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BYLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Richard Bowen/ LAST UPDATED ON March 6, 2020

If your Jeep’s wheels are dented, scuffed, rusted, or just plain beat up, maybe it’s time to consider a new set. New Jeep wheels will give you confidence and stability on off-road journeys and also add a unique style to your ride. Choose one of our top picks below and start to add a new dimension to your Jeep.

Best Overall
RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels

RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels

Our pick for the best Jeep wheels fit 1999-2019 Grand Cherokee WJ, WK, and WK2; 2007-2019 Wrangler JK, and JL; 2020 Gladiator JT; and 2006-2010 Commander XK. They have a 17-inch rim diameter and a 9-inch rim width. The bolt pattern measures 127 mm and the bore diameter is 71.5 mm with a -12 offset (4.5-inch spacing). The center bore is 71.5 mm.
The rims’ aggressive wheel offset provides as much as two more inches of clearance compared to OEM wheels. They have an attractive black finish and are protected with a clear coat for durability.
Fenders and a lift or leveling kit may be required for larger sizes. You may have to purchase separate cone-seat lug nuts.
Best Value

Helo HE878 Wheels

These best value wheels are available in rim diameters of 16, 17, 18, and 20 inches (9-inch rim width). Also available in 20-inch diameters with either 8.5- or 9-inch width. They feature a black satin finish and come with a lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty.
These are heavy wheels with an attractive glossy black finish and machined edges. They dress up Jeep Wrangler and JKs perfectly.
The middle hubcap may fall off. You also need to order lug nuts to install them.
Honorable Mention

Trailmaster Steel Wheels

These economical steel wheels have a rim diameter of 15 inches and a rim width of 8 inches. The bolt pattern is 5 x 4.5, and the backspace is 3.75 inches. They feature a gloss black finish and fit on Cherokee, Cherokee Sport, Wrangler, and other Jeep models.
These wheels are heavy- duty and are tough for trail and off-road use. Yet they also add style and appeal to your Jeep with an attractive gloss black finish. Good fit on most Jeeps.
The backspace may be too deep for some tastes. The manufacturer’s description may not match the wheel’s look and specs.

Benefits of Jeep Wheels

  • Looks. Choose a stylish aftermarket set of wheels and you can completely change and upgrade the look of your Jeep. Consider the color and spoke pattern that appeals to you. 
  • Durability. If you want to go off-roading, the right set of wheels will give you improved durability. They’ll provide strength and support to the tires as they flex around obstacles. 
  • Performance. You can improve the overall performance of your car by choosing a set of aftermarket wheels that are lighter than the stock wheels. You could buy heavy steel wheels for improved performance while off-roading. 

Types of Jeep Wheels


These are the most basic and traditional types of wheels, and with that, they tend to be the cheapest. Steel is made from an alloy of carbon and iron, which makes them incredibly durable, but also heavy. You’ll find that they have limited designs and minimal style. Most companies just punch holes in the wheels to create a design.


For a long time, alloy wheels were only used on high-end cars from the manufacturer. But in the last few decades, alloy wheels have become the wheel of choice. They’re lightweight yet have the same strength as steel wheels. Production is fast and easy by pouring a molten compound into a pre-made mold. 


There are two and three-piece wheels where the main components are made separately and then bolted together. This tends to make them a bit heavier than alloy wheels but still lighter than steel wheels. The barrel and the face make up the two separate pieces. Three-piece wheels take this even further by making the wheel two pieces to allow for adjustability.


These are the strongest wheels on the market and are made from forged aluminum. The metal is subjected to high temperatures in excess of 900 degrees. The metal gets crushed down to make it extremely dense and strong. This compression also makes them extremely light. 

Top Brands


Helo produces aftermarket wheels in chrome and black. Their product line ranges from wheels meant for lowered and lifted trucks and SUVs to off-roading and lifted trucks. They also have wheels that can give your vehicle a stock look.  The Helo HE835 Gloss Black Machined Wheel is a perfect example of Helo’s attention to detail when it comes to style. 

Mickey Thompson 

Founded in 1963, Mickey Thompson is named after the racing legend of the same name. While the company is famous around the world for producing high-quality race wheels, they also produce wheels for street cars and trucks, including Jeeps. The Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheel with Satin Black Finish is an example of its commitment to excellence beyond racing.

KMC Wheels

KMC Wheels was founded in 1995 and is the company behind XD Series wheels. The company prides itself on pushing the envelope to continually produce innovative styles and rule-breaking performance. The XD Series by KMC Wheels Rockstar Matte Black is a popular model due to its bold yet simplistic styling that looks great on a wide variety of vehicles. 


Even though it’s one of the younger companies on this list, Fuel hit the market in 2009 and has proven to be a game-changer. The company prides itself on producing high-quality off-roading performance wheels. The Fuel Lethal Matte BLK MIL Wheel is sure to give your lifted truck some attention-grabbing style.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino has built a reputation for creating wheels that combine sharp style and strength. The company dedicates itself to creating lighter and stronger wheels. But it isn’t all about performance; it also puts a priority on designing some wicked good looks. The Black Rhino Armory is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to excellence. 

Rugged Ridge

While other companies on this list make wheels for all vehicles, Rugged Ridge is dedicated to producing parts for Jeeps. Established in 2005, the company branched out into wheels when they saw a gap in the market. Today, they have over 3,000 products available. The Rugged Ridge XHD Black Satin Wheel is a perfect example of the company’s understated, performance-focused style. 

Jeep Wheels Pricing

  • Under $100: These wheels are smaller, plain, and usually steel. You won’t find fancy detailing or unique colors. You won’t get performance-boosting qualities. These wheels are best for someone on a budget.
  • $100 to $500: You’ll find that these wheels have a bit more flash than the basic wheels, but still lack fine details and style. These wheels tend to be steel, alloy, or multi-piece. 
  • $500 to $1,000: Wheels in this range are high quality and come in a variety of types, including alloy, forged, and multi-piece. Sizing can range from small to large. Styles tend to be more intricate and bold with small detailing. 
  • $1,000 and up: These are specialty and top-of-the-line wheels. They are made of lightweight composites that are forged to create the greatest level of durability and performance. They also tend to be bigger wheels, usually in the 20-inch plus range. They’ll have extra details and intricate designs.  

Key Features


Most Jeep owners will end up buying steel or alloy wheels. Steel wheels are perfect for the person wanting to do some serious off-roading. They’re strength and durability make them strong enough to withstand the abuse experienced during climbing obstacles. Alloy is perfect for the Jeep owner who uses their vehicle as a daily driver.  

Bolt Pattern

All vehicles, including Jeeps, have a specific bolt pattern that is what secures the mounted wheel to the wheel hub. This can also be called the lug pattern. You need to match the wheel bolt pattern to your Jeep’s bolt pattern. You also need to look at the number and length of the bolts to ensure that your new wheels will stay secured to the Jeep. 

Rim Size and Width

The rim size is the diameter of the wheel. It’s easiest to match the original size on the Jeep. If you plan to go off-roading, then you may want to consider a smaller size so that you can buy tires with a larger sidewall. Keep in mind that changing the wheel diameter will change your tire size and how your Jeep handles. 


The offset is how far off of the center of the barrel the mounting plate is set. For the easiest wheel replacement, match the offset of your stock wheels. If you choose wheels too far off, you’ll need to adjust either the Jeep’s suspension components or fenders to prevent rubbing. 

Other Considerations

  • Beadlocks. This feature is vital for serious off-roading enthusiasts. The beadlock keeps the tire secured to the rim when you run at lower tire pressure. There are two types: a clamp ring or an outer bead grip. This type of wheel isn’t meant for the road because they’re heavier and harder to balance.
  • Hub Centric or Lug Centric. Hub centric wheels have a space in the center of the bore of the wheel that fits perfectly onto the axle of the wheel. The lugs then hold the wheel flush to the mounting plate. Lug centric wheels use the lugs to center the wheel. There tends to be a space between the axle and the hub.
  • Finish. Choose a set of wheels that speak to you when it comes to style. They need to reflect your taste and look good with the rest of your Jeep. You’ll find wheels that are chrome, black, machined, and milled. There are some wheels that have brightly colored accents. The colored finishes can be glossy, matte, or satin. 

Best Jeep Wheels Reviews & Recommendations 2020

These multi-spoke black wheels will give your jeep a sporty yet stylish feel. They have a 5x5 bolt pattern and 4.5-inch backspacing. They’re perfect for off-roading and will give you an extra 2 inches of clearance. The diameter is 17 inches and should be a direct OEM replacement.

The aggressive offset of these wheels can help you achieve as much as 2 inches of clearance over the OEM wheels. They have a stylish look with a clean black finish and a protective clear coat for durability.

Because these wheels are larger, you may need to also buy a lift kit and adjust your fenders. You may also need to purchase a separate set of cone-seat lug nuts.

If you’re looking for style, these wheels deliver with a satin black finish and aggressive spoke design. They come in diameters ranging from 16 to 20 inches. There are also a wide variety of lug configurations. There is a chrome version available if you’re looking for a bit more flash. 

These wheels have an aggressive and rugged look to them and can enhance the style of your Jeep. The satin black and chrome finishes complement their multi-spoke design. There is a one-year finish warranty to protect your investment from peeling or lifting of the finish. 

You may experience issues with the center hubcap not staying on. You’ll also need to purchase a separate set of lug nuts, as they don’t come with the wheels.

These Trailmaster wheels have a gloss black finish and are made of steel. They have a 5x4 bolt pattern and a diameter of 15x8. The backspace is 3.75 inches. 

These are tough wheels that will perform well in heavy-duty applications. This makes them perfect for the trail or any other demanding off-road use. The gloss black finish on them dresses them up, so they are more than just utility wheels. 

The backspacing is deep on these wheels, and some people may find it to be too much for their tastes. You should also double-check what you’re purchasing because sometimes the description isn’t totally accurate.


  • You may need extra-long valve stems in order to accommodate the deep recesses of some of Jeep wheels. Also, lug nuts that fit your choice of wheels perfectly are usually sold separately.
  • If you dent or bend steel or alloy wheels on an off-road adventure or even in town, they can be repaired. Just take them to a custom shop where they have the equipment to repair dents and bend wheels.
  • Wheel maintenance is usually simple. Wash and dry them, especially after off-road adventures. Keeping your wheels clean and dry and occasionally spraying them with a new clear coat helps prevent rust and corrosion. 


Q: Are all Jeep wheels basically the same?

A: All wheels hold the tire and support the vehicle, but the similarity ends there. Differences include the material, bolt patterns, rim size and width, and offset and backspacing. Types of finishes and protectants also vary from wheel to wheel.

Q: What is better: a steel wheel or an alloy wheel?

A: It depends on a number of factors: where you plan to drive your Jeep (primarily street or off-road), if you are concerned about handling and fuel economy, and if you value style over performance. In general, steel wheels are heavier and stronger, and while they are better for off-road driving fuel economy is affected. Alloy wheels are usually made of either aluminum or magnesium and are therefore lighter and better for street driving. Lighter wheels also produce less strain on suspension and steering parts and give you better fuel economy.

Q: What other factors should I be concerned about when choosing a set of wheels? 

A: Bolt pattern is important. Jeeps usually have a 5 x 4.5 or 5 x 5 pattern. Also, rim size is a factor. It is determined by the tire. For example, a 215/75R15 tire has to go on a 15-inch wheel. Offset and backspacing are other technical considerations you need to research before purchasing new wheels. 

Final Thoughts

For attractive, durable, functional wheels, we chose the RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels as our best Jeep wheels overall. 

Our best value pick, Helo HE878 Wheels, are economical but sharp-looking and heavy-duty as well.

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