Best Archery Targets: Sharpen Your Shooting Skills

A quality target improves your archery skills and enhances your shooting accuracy

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PUBLISHED ON December 1, 2019

The only way to improve your shooting skills is through practice. That means you need a target to shoot. However, choosing the right archery shooting target may be a challenge due to the sheer number available. There are various factors to consider before buying a shooting target, including durability, multiple shots allowance, and the ability to pull out arrows easily. Considering all these factors, we have compiled the best three archery targets on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Morrell Double Duty Field Point Bag Archery Target

    This heavy-duty archery target is made of Double Duty 450FPS to withstand penetration from any bow shot. It features five traditional bullseyes, nine balls bullseyes, a dartboard game, and deer vitals to ensure complete practice and precision in various types of archery applications.


    It features a replaceable cover to enhance durability. The material in the bag does not degrade and ensures easy arrow removal. Additionally, this shooting target can take multiple shots at a time.


    Field point arrows get lodged inside, so you have to screw them properly before any shot. It is easily discolored by UV rays, which makes it impossible to see the target circles after some time.

  • Best Value
    Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

    For a cheaper option consider the Block GenZ arrow target. It features open-layered technology that allows easy arrow removal and enhanced durability. Its white on black background aiming points improves visibility, even at a distance.


    It comes with a handle, and it’s lightweight for easy transportation. This archery target can take multiple shots at a time, and it is easy to pull out arrows.


    The archery target is for youth archers only. Bows exceeding 40 pounds of draw weight cannot be used on this target. Also, it is tiny.

  • Honorable Mention
    Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Archery Target

    This shooting target is designed for high-speed bows. It features high-quality material to withstand the abuse of compound bows and ensure easy arrow removal. It comes with a removable cover for enhanced durability.


    Its carrying handle ensures portability, while the grommets provide easy hanging. It features white and black graphics on a yellow background for visibility. This target can take several shots at a time.


    This target is for field point arrows and bows only. Some users claim that the target is not as durable as advertised. 

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  • There is no best way to improve your accuracy: the only way is to practice frequently. Try your best to be consistent. As they say, practice makes perfect.
  • When starting as an archer, try shooting from a  short distance (five yards is recommendable). When you are sure you can hit the target from five yards, you can add five yards at a time until you reach 100 yards, which is the standard distance for Olympians.
  • Apart from durability, multiple arrow allowance, and the ability to pull out arrows easily, there are other factors to consider when buying an archery target. These include its mobility, cost, and the type of archery you intend to do.


Q: Can I make a homemade archery target?

A: Yes, it is possible to make a shooting target from old clothes, hay, or foam from the hardware store. However, homemade targets have a short lifespan, so you’ll have to replace them often. Also, DIY archery targets may destroy your arrows.

Q: How do I score on an archery target?

A: Scoring on an archery target depends on where your arrow hits. The lowest score from a single shot is one point when it hits the outer circle, while the highest score is 10 points when the arrow hits the center circle. A miss is not awarded any points.

Q: How long do archery targets last?

A: The durability of targets depends on its construction. A good target may last up to three years, while the best targets might last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

For a durable archery target that can withstand high-speed shots, we recommend the Morrell Double Duty Field Point Bag Archery Target

However, if you are looking for an economic archery target that is efficient, lightweight, and still durable, consider the Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target.