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Best Bow Sights: Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

With a bow sight, you can aim effortlessly and hit the target accurately

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BYDaniel Rika, Linsay Thomas, Robert Kimathi/ LAST UPDATED ON July 12, 2021

Although several factors affect a bow shot, accuracy is the main one. You can aim effortlessly and hit the target precisely, thanks to the technology in bow sights. These simple devices can help you improve your archery or hunting skills remarkably. We have reviewed some of the best bow sights in the market to help you make an informed buy.

Best Overall

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology


For enhanced precision, Trophy Ridge Bow Sight is the real deal. It features a 0.010’’ fiber optic pin for maximum sight and enhanced accuracy. Advanced tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments ensure easy corrections.


Its rheostat light enhances visibility in various conditions, while its glow-ring maintains vision through low and changing light. Also, its third axis adjustment ensures accuracy even in severe angles. The sight construction features aluminum and steel for durability, reliability, and strength.


This bow sight is very expensive. Its plastic knobs are brittle, while the brackets that hold the fiber optics in place are very weak and can break easily.

Best Value

Topoint Archery Compound Archer Upgrade Sight Kit


The Topoint Bow Sight is one of the cheapest yet efficient options on the market. It features a green and red fiber optic with a diameter of 0.029" for precise aiming. The level is marked with two vertical bars for improved accuracy.


This bow sight is adjustable to suit right-handed and left-handed shooters. It comes with markings for easy elevation and windage adjustments. It is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and long-lasting.


It’s not ideal for lowly lit environments. It does not come with adjusting tools, so you’ll have to buy Allen wrenches separately. Some products arrived damaged.

Honorable Mention

TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight


This bow sight comes with the characteristics necessary for serious hunting. It eliminates the pin technology and replaces it with illuminated center dot technology for superior accuracy on long-distance shots. It features a fully adjustable LED light to suit various lighting conditions.


It features a tool-less design and a Zero-In adjustment dial for fast and accurate yardage adjustment. It includes the quiver mount to ensure adjustability for right- and left-handed users. The accessory lens kit helps provide enhanced magnification.


Some users claim that the quiver gets in the way when you turn the elevation wheel. It’s a bit on the heavy side. The wheel lock is plastic and may break if you tighten it too much.

Best Bow Sights: Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Benefits of Bow Sights

  • Enhance aim and alignment. The main reason why users fit their bows with sights is to improve their aim and the alignment of the entire shooting system. While you can easily shoot accurately on targets situated less than 10 meters away, it is difficult to precisely aim at a target which is farther away, and that’s where the bow sight comes in.
  • Enable better focus. It is impossible to have an enhanced focus on your target without using a bow sight. Most of these devices come with features that enable you to completely focus on your target and thereby improve your shooting accuracy.
  • Save money. This may sound surprising. However, you can save a lot of money when you consistently use a bow sight. Every time you miss a target you can lose arrows. Arrows come at a price, and any loss should be avoided.

Types of Bow Sights

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Fixed Pin/Multi-Pin

For a number of reasons, this type of sight sees the widest use among both novice and seasoned bow hunters. Fixed pins sights are arguably the easiest to set up, and when used properly they are the most accurate. The fairly simple design features a range of multicolored pins. It can take a novice some time to learn the tricks that come with adjusting the yardage, but after the learning session, everything is pretty easy to implement.

Also, the flexibility that comes with being able to add pins to the system allows you to determine the appropriate distance for your shot. You can use the pins as your primary guide, but it all boils down to what you are comfortable with.

Movable Pin/Single Pin

The primary difference between multi-pin sights and single pin sights is the number of pins that are used. While multi-pin sight options use a number of pins, their single pin bow sights counterparts use just one pin. As the name suggests, movable pin bow sights allow users to adjust the focus and distance by conveniently moving a single pin to a place of convenience for each shot.

The bow sights in this category come with a slider scale with notations. Note that you will need to adjust the sight as you adjust the distance. The major downside of this type of bow sight is that you will need to pre-adjust the distance before you make a shot. The whole practice becomes complicated if you are a hunter, and the game is on the move. However, they come in handy for 3D shooting or during competitions.


The final type of bow sights is the pendulum sights. It is ideal for hunters who aim from tree stands. They use a unique concept featuring a pendulum in the sight bracket and a pin mounted within the pendulum. The pendulum allows for the downward angle of the bow, thereby giving the tree stand hunter a better focus and a more accurate shot.

These types of sights may not be ideal for novice hunters because the pendulum requires accurate calibration and adequate knowledge on arrow velocity. Other disadvantages include difficulty in getting accurate shots from the ground as well as difficulties shooting long-distance targets.

Top Brands

Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge is one of the most famous companies when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality bow sights. It is based in Evansville, Indiana, and specializes in the production of outdoor and sports gear. Its major products include bow sights, quivers, arrow arrests, and stabilizers. It has a wide range of bow sights to choose from, including the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology and the Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight


Another popular bow sight brand is Truglo. It is an American-based brand headquartered in Richardson, Texas. The company has a reputable history in the manufacturing of precision hunting equipment. It features a range of archery equipment, firearms, crossbows, compound bow sights, scopes, and red-dots. Other hunting accessories from the company include hunting targets and hunting apparel. Its best-selling bow sights include the TRUGLO Range-Rover Series Single-Pin Moving Bow Sight and the TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight.

IQ Bowsights

Based in Superior, Wisconsin, FeraDyne Outdoors has been in the archery business since 2011. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader in the manufacturing of target archery and bowhunting equipment, making it one of the top brands in the world. The IQ Bowsight Micro 3 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sightand the  IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight are some of its best bow sights.

HHA Sports

HHA Sports is an industry leader. The American company has been around for nearly 30 years and has stood the test of time to earn the top brand tag in the sports and outdoor gear industry. It has a range of bow sights that vary in pin orientation, number of pins, and pin sizes. One of its top bow sights is the HHA Sports KP-5510 Optimizer Lite King Pin .010 Sight.

Bow Sight Pricing

  • Under $100: First, it is vital to note that price alone is not the only determinant of the quality and performance of a bow sight. However, bow sights within this category are generally considered affordable options for beginners and come with basic features.
  • Over $100: Although you may find a few overpriced products, bow sights in this category are more sturdy and durable and are considered perfect tools for professionals. They may also feature a quiver for altering the hand orientation, as well as LED lights and mathematical precision among other features.

Key Features

Number Of Pins

The most important feature to consider when choosing an ideal bow sight lies in the number of pins. However, it can be quite complicated. First, you need to understand that the number of pins doesn’t guarantee the best results as your skills and experience also come into play. Choose a suitable range from three to seven pins. Note that more pins will lead to congestion on your sight, and that may lead to difficulty setting them up. Consider the number of adjustments that you are likely to make as well as the range of your shots.

Ease Of Use

It’s much better to use a bow without a bow sight rather than purchasing a sight that ends up on the shelf gathering dust. For better aim and accuracy, a sight must adjust both horizontally and vertically. Features that enhance usability include the availability of lock screws, wrenches, retina lock technology, rangefinder, sight light, sight tape, calibrations, and a vertical level that is included in the sight.

Sight Pin Diameter

The difference between a good bow sight and a perfect sight lies in the sight pin diameter. A proper bow sight should have sight pins that are considerably smaller in diameter. Therefore, choose a bow with small diameter pins. However, you need to ensure that the pins are strong enough despite their smaller dimensions.

Other Considerations

  • Durability: No one wants to waste money on a product that fails after a short period of use. Therefore, the durability of the type of bow sight that you choose is a vital consideration. Look for features such as sturdiness and an aluminum frame, which will increase the durability of a particular bow sight.
  • Low-Light Visibility: If you opt for a sight with low-light visibility, then you will have an upper hand in a wide range of situations. For example, most deer and big game are easier to shoot at dawn or dusk when the light is low. Materials such as fiber optic sights independently illuminate your gear without extra additions. Those that do not have illuminating materials need a lamp for illumination.
  • Peep or No Peep: Some people opt to eliminate the peep feature from their sights while others like it there. Even when you decide to keep it, its size is an essential consideration. This is because smaller peeps are difficult to use in low-light settings, while larger peeps have the potential to increase the possibility of error. If you wear glasses, then you may need to eliminate the peep altogether.
  • Hunting Environment: Your hunting environment determines your shooting range. Forest hunting limits your range to between 10 to 30 yards and is devoid of long straight lights. On the other hand, fields and plains have environments that are vast and synonymous with straight lines that give you sufficient time to adjust your pins and aim.

Best Bow Sights Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight has five pins that can automatically adjust to the right location. The device, therefore, adequately deals with accuracy challenges. Unlike most sights, you have the convenience of choosing between the 0.10 pin and 0.19 pin.

The core advantage of the React Pro bow sight is the fact that it features dual and complex third adjustment features. This element gives you the versatility to spot your target from very far distances. It also features aluminum and stainless steel in its construction, so it’s considerably lightweight but durable. The React technology means that you only adjust two pins and leave the rest. The device features a micro-click windage and elevation adjustments to enhance more precise corrections without any tools. Additionally, the click adjustments mean that you can enjoy mathematical accuracy and precision when you take shots.

The main downside of the device is that it is considerably noisy, so it’s not ideal for use when you are near animal targets. The device is also a luxurious product and therefore a bit on the expensive side. In addition, its plastic knobs are brittle and can break easily.

The Topoint Compound Bow Archery Essential Archer Upgrade Combo equipment is very affordable and comes as a complete kit, so you have nothing to add to the system. The kit includes five pins, an arrow rest, a peep sight, a stabilizer, a braided bow sling, a stabilizer, and a D-Loop. All these components seamlessly fit on a bow. Just like most luxury options, the Topoint product is made from durable lightweight aluminum.

It stands out as a perfectly easy-to-use bow sight. One of the main advantages of the device is that it features red and green fiber optics for illumination in low-light conditions. It comes with pins that measure 0.029 inches that improve accuracy when you aim. It also comes with a level, featuring a pair of marked bars for easy aim. Another great feature of the Topoint combo kit is the hand orientation. You can easily set it to suit both left-hand and right-hand shooters.

However, it does have some drawbacks. First, it is not as sturdy as pricier options, so some parts may get damaged. Another negative element of the Topoint device is its lack of adjusting tools in the package. You need to purchase a couple of wrenches to use it. Finally, while it features some glow, it is not the best for low-light environments.

The Range-Rover Pro LED Bow Sight is a great investment. It features a simple structure that any shooter can easily familiarize themselves with. So, if you are the type who wants to use a bow sight that you know pretty well, then this is your type of tool.

It features a green dot that is centralized within the lens. The feature replaces the common pin technology with a more accurate and precise center dot technology. Even better, the feature provides more accuracy in long-distance shooting. Another great feature of the bow sight is its fully adjustable LED light, which makes it a good tool for a range of light conditions. It includes a Zero-In dial, which allows fast and precise yardage adjustments. It also comes with an accessory lens kit that provides enhanced magnification.

While the bow sight features excellent features, it does have some issues. Most notably is the fact that it is slightly heavier than most high-end models. In addition, you shouldn’t use too much force on the plastic wheel lock because you may break it.


  • The pin diameter determines how accurate the bow sight is. Some typical pin thicknesses are 0.10, 0.19, and 0.29. Keep in mind that the smaller the pin, the more precise your bow sight will be.
  • In a multiple pin sight, the number of pins does not necessarily guarantee better results. In some cases, they may even congest the view. The number of pins ranges from one to seven, with a standard bow sight having three pins. It is important to note that the first pin range is 20 yards; each subsequent pin adds extra 10 yards.
  • When buying a bow sight, consider its hand orientation. Many bow sights are intended for right-hand users. However, if you are left-handed, there is an option for you.


Q: Are sights bow-specific?

A: No. Most sights in the market today are standard. This means any bow sight can fit and work in any bow.

Q: What tools do I need to adjust my bow sight?

A: Most modern bow sights constructions are made easy to adjust and do not require any adjustment tool. However, some models may require an Allen wrench.

Q: Can sight improve your accuracy if you don’t have archery experience?

A: No. Even though the bow sight will increase your accuracy as an established hunter, it will not improve you as a starter. You have to learn the basics of archery before thinking of a bow sight.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology because it is lightweight, accurate, reliable, and durable. 

For a cheaper option that will still work accurately, consider the Topoint Archery Compound Archer Upgrade Sight Kit.