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Best 10×50 Binoculars: See Further and More Clearly

Enjoy the outdoors, sporting events, or look at the stars with these top 10×50 binocular

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BYDaniel Rika, Linsay Thomas, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON November 10, 2021

If you are an avid hiker, bird watcher, or enjoy being outdoors and are in need of a good pair of binoculars to see the game, then 10x50 binoculars are a good option. With so many various types to choose from, how can you be sure you’re getting the best? What do those numbers even mean? Well, we’re here to help you understand their specifications and find the best binoculars to help you see more clearly. Here are the top 10x50 binoculars to consider before you hit the trail.

Best Overall

Maven C3 ED Binocular


These are mighty powerful and heavy-duty 10x50 binoculars. They are designed out of a lightweight polymer frame and include multi-coated lenses for improved vision.


These binoculars include a five-degree exit pupil and a superior low-light performance level for brighter vision. they provide the viewer with a clear and crisp image and include comfortable eyecups.


You will pay a good amount for them. The adjustable strap isn’t the easiest to get in place. The field of view is rather narrow.

Best Value

SkyGenius 10x50 Powerful Binoculars


These Skygenius binoculars feature aspherical lenses with a multi-layer lens coating for a brighter and more enhanced view.


They are developed out of tough, non-slip rubber and are shock absorbent. They feature a diopter system that adjusts the imbalance of your eyes. The focus knob is easy to operate and does so smoothly. Come with bak-4 prisms.


While they may be water-resistant, they are not waterproof. They don’t feature night vision, and the neck strap can be difficult to adjust.

Honorable Mention

Nikon 8248 ACULON 10x50 Binoculars


Nikon understands how to build quality lenses, and the ACULON 10x50 binoculars are impressive. They are lightweight and feature spherical multi-coated eco-glass lenses.


They include a Porro prism, which gives them a unique design and shape. They are easy to grip with a durable rubber-armored coating. They come with turn-and-slide rubber eyecups for more comfortable viewing and feature a sharp and clear view.


The instruction manual isn’t that informative. The neck strap feels flimsy and weak. They can take a bit of time to properly focus on an object.

Best 10×50 Binoculars: See Further and More Clearly

Benefits of 10x50 Binoculars

  • See further. 10x50 binoculars allow you to see an object that is far away to provide you with a better image. While you may be able to see something with your naked eye, you may not be able to see it clearly. A binocular lens focuses your vision to allow you to see as far as 12 miles away. The human eye can only see up to three miles away on a clear day.
  • See more details. When using 10x50 binoculars, you can make out details on whatever is in the viewfinder. You may be able to point out a bird with your eyes, but binoculars let you see individual feathers and colors you may not have noticed.
  • Brighten images. One great benefit of binoculars is they brighten an image seen through the lens. Larger lenses will feature a larger light transmission. You will also find Porro prism binoculars filter in more light as well.

Types of 10x50 Binoculars

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Porro Prism

One of the most common types of binoculars are ones with a Porro prism inside of them. The prism allows more light to filter through the glass so you get a brighter image. This makes the binoculars stand out a bit more as well. Porro prism binoculars are more commonly used by nature photographers.

Roof Prism

Roof prism binoculars aren’t as wide or robust as Porro binoculars. That’s because the glass is side by side instead of askew like its counterpart. The glass is designed that way to make the binoculars more dependable and tougher. However, this design is usually more expensive.

Top Brands


Based out of Lander, Wyoming, Maven is one of the leading manufacturers of optic wear. The company released its high-performance optics in 2014 and designs everything from binoculars and scopes built for rifles. One of its most popular 10x50 binoculars is the Maven C3 ED Binocular.


Nikon has been in the business of designing and creating optics for the past 90 years. The company makes high-quality lenses for binoculars, riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and Fieldscopes. For one of its most popular 10x50 binoculars, consider the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10x50 Binoculars.

10x50 Binoculars Pricing

  • $40-$100: 10x50 binoculars in this price range are great for anyone who is just starting out bird watching or getting used to binoculars. They are typically lighter and easier to carry and may not be as powerful as higher-priced brands. They may also be made out of cheaper materials.
  • $100 and up: Binoculars found here are more robust and come with thicker glass. They feature wide-angle vision and produce brighter images. They are also developed out of sturdier materials and are more rugged.

Key Features

Lens Size

10x50 binoculars feature an objective lens size of 50mm. The large size allows them to filter in more light to produce brighter objects in the viewfinder. While this review is focused on 10x50 binoculars, the lens is measured in millimeters and can range from 30mm to 80mm and higher.


The eyepiece or eyecup should be comfortable on your face. After all, you will be looking through them for long periods of time. If you need larger eyepieces or ones to fit over eyeglasses, you should be able to swap them out.


You can find the magnification of binoculars by looking at the first number. In the case of 10x50, they have a 10x magnification. To find what is known as the exit pupil take the magnification and divide it by the objective lens size. The pupil is how much light is filtered through the lens.

Other Considerations

  • Design: Think about where you will be using the 10x50 binoculars. If you need them for everyday use to look at birds, animals, or sporting events, then choose a product that is heavy-duty. Lighter ones are useful for hikers or campers who don’t want to lug around a heavy pair of binoculars around their necks.
  • Tripod Adapter: Binoculars require a steady hand in order to see things clearly. You can get a tripod to hold the binoculars still while you look through them. It steadies the binoculars to reduce them from wobbling around.

Best 10x50 Binoculars Reviews & Recommendations 2020

For a strong and reliable pair of binoculars, the Maven C3 ED is certainly hard to beat. These are powerful and heavy-duty 10x50 binoculars that are designed out of a lightweight polymer frame and include multi-coated lenses for improved vision and functionality. 

This, of course, makes them easy to carry around, so they aren’t a pain around your neck. One of the best benefits of these binoculars is that they include a five-degree exit pupil and a superior low-light performance level for brighter vision. This means you get a clear and crisper image quality of objects that are out of eyesight. Another benefit is the binoculars include comfortable eyecups that provide you with long eye relief.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of them is their price. As a premium set of 10x50 binoculars, you will end up paying a large chunk of change for them. Other issues are the adjustable strap isn’t the easiest to get in place, and their field of view is lacking as it is rather narrow.

These binoculars feature aspherical lenses with a multi-layer coating for a brighter view. This makes them ideal for viewing a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as bird watching, stargazing, hunting, racing, sporting events, and more.

They also include a wide field of view that reaches up to 1,000 yards. As far as functionality goes, these are developed out of tough, non-slip rubber and are shock absorbent. They feature a diopter system that adjusts the imbalance of your eyes. They are easy to focus and operate smoothly without a hassle. Also, their Porro style prism gives them a sleek and adventurous look.

There are a few downsides with the Skygenius 10x50’s you should be aware of. While they may be water-resistant, they aren’t built for all weather conditions. You should be prepared to bring them inside if it rains as they are not waterproof. Another minor setback is they do not feature night vision but still work well in low-light conditions. You may also find the neck strap can be difficult to adjust.

As one of the leading creators of photo cameras and video cameras, Nikon understands how to build a quality lens, and the ACULON 10x50 binoculars are impressive. If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of binoculars, these are for you. 

They also feature spherical multi-coated optics, so they’re strong and durable. One highlight is they include bak-4 Porro prisms, which gives them a unique design and shape. They are easy to grip with their durable rubber-armored coating. Plus, they come with turn-and-slide rubber eyecups for more comfortable viewing. They also give you a sharp and clear view.

Some downsides of the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10x50’s are the instruction manual isn’t that informative. However, you should be able to find guidelines online. Other issues are the neck strap feels flimsy and weak, and you may find they take a bit of time to properly focus on an object.

The Olympus Trooper binoculars provide a wide-angle field of view, and the lens is treated with an anti-reflective coating to produce brighter images. The device has a tough and rugged rubber coating for optimal grip, and the large center knob makes it easy to focus on an object. 

The binoculars also have UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun. They provide excellent detail and clarity. Objects are sharp and clear even if you use these binoculars while wearing eyeglasses. If you use them to view the night sky, you can clearly see the moon’s craters and a lot of details. It's easy to locate objects in the viewfinder, the dial is easy to turn, and they have a non-slip feel. Overall, they have a good build quality, feel nice in your hands, and are great for the price.

However, they may not be as efficient in low-light conditions. Also, the case is subpar. While it will provide scratch protection, it won't protect your binoculars if they're exposed to any type of impact. The binoculars also feel a little fragile, as they aren't as rugged as some other options.

The Bushnell Falcon 10x50 Wide Angle Binoculars can be used for a variety of activities, including bird watching, hunting, and watching stadium games. These affordable binoculars are black with a rubberized, abrasion-resistant finish and a Porro prism. 

Weighing just 27 ounces, these binoculars are durable and feature coated lenses for sharp viewing. They also provide a close focusing distance of 25 feet. One of the best things about these binoculars is they are easy to use with eyeglasses and sunglasses, and they feature fold-down eyecups so you won't scratch your lenses. The InstaFocus feature operates smoothly and allows you to fine-tune the magnification. Overall, these binoculars focus quickly, the optics are easy to adjust, and they are a great value. They're a great purchase if you're on a budget.

One downside is they may be a bit big and heavy for a child to use. There have also been some complaints that the lens cap falls off rather easily, and the neck strap isn't the best quality.

Nikon's Action Extreme binoculars have a Porro prism design. They are ruggedly constructed and are waterproof and fog proof with eco-glass lenses prism systems that make them lighter-weight. 

They have a field of view of 1,000 yards and a close focus distance of 23 feet. The binoculars have excellent clarity and a fast range of focus, allowing you to view objects quickly. Overall, the optics are quite good, and they work well with eyeglasses. The central focus knob has a smooth feel to it, and the rubber-coated armor provides a good grip in both wet and dry conditions. They also provide more eye relief compared to some competitor models. They work very well in low light, and the view of the moon is super sharp.

Unfortunately, these binoculars are a bit heavy and can be tedious for tasks such as bird watching. Also, there have been some complaints that you have to continually adjust the focus, which can be frustrating, particularly if you use them for hunting. Plus, the eyepiece and lens covers can be hard to insert and remove and awkward to store.

Leupold's McKenzie binoculars are 100 percent waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. They are lightweight and ergonomic and feature an open bridge/roof prism design. 

The twist-up eyecups are designed to provide eye relief, while the multi-coated lens system boosts clarity, contrast, and color. The focusing system allows users to smoothly make fine adjustments. The build quality is excellent, and the images are crisp and clear. They perform well in low light conditions and produce crisp images up to around 500 yards. The coating on the lenses cuts glare, and the nitrogen gas filling practically guarantees that they'll never fog up. It's easy to dial in the focus, and overall the optics are great. 

As a bonus, they come with an upgraded carrying case and neck strap, which gives them an advantage over some other binoculars on the market. One issue with these binoculars is that the lens caps fit loosely and fall off easily. Also, the focus is a little touchy, and there have been a couple of complaints that they broke in half after a short period of use or during the shipping process, which may be a testament to their durability.


  • Consider attaching the neck or shoulder strap to the binoculars to avoid accidentally dropping them.
  • To avoid a blurry image, don’t zoom in all the way to focus on an object. Try zooming in all the way and slowly zooming back out until the image is in focus.
  • Leave the lens caps on to prevent any damage to the lenses while walking with the binoculars.
  • Place the binoculars on a tripod for a clearer and more sturdy image.
  • Get a pair of binoculars with larger eyecups if you wear glasses. That being said, if the binoculars have smaller eyecups, you may be able to swap them out for larger, more comfortable ones.


Q: What do the numbers before and after the X mean on binoculars?

A: The number before the X is the power or zoom of the lens and lets you know how much they will magnify an object. An object in 10x50 binoculars will be 10x closer than the naked eye. The second number is written in millimeters and represents the diameter of the lens.

Q: What is the exit or pupil ratio, and how do I find it?

A: To determine the exit ratio of your binoculars, or the image brightness seen through the lenses, take the numbers of the magnification and the objective lens diameter and divide them. When using 10x50 in the equation, we get an exit pupil ratio of 5.0. The larger the number, the brighter the image will be.

Q: What is the best way to clean binocular lenses?

A: Use a soft or microfiber cloth to wipe away any smears or smudges to clean the lenses. You can also use a towel, but be careful not to scratch the glass.

Final Thoughts

For one of the most powerful 10x50 binoculars with a clear and crisp image, consider the Maven C3 ED Binocular.

You can go with a less expensive option and still get a great pair of binoculars with the SkyGenius 10x50 Powerful Binoculars.