Best Truck Mods: Add Performance and Personality to Your Ride

Add performance and personality to your truck with these mods

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PUBLISHED ON November 27, 2019

Truck owners aren’t generally the type of drivers who accept what they get at the dealership. Owning a truck is a labor of love, and there are many great ways to put your own personal stamp on your vehicle—all while increasing its performance. Check out our guide below to learn about some of the best accessories and enhancers you can add to any make or model of a pickup truck.

  • Best Overall
    K&N Performance Cold Air Intake

    This air intake system helps your truck’s engine run more smoothly and powerfully by letting it “breathe.”


    Provides noticeable increases in horsepower, acceleration, and gas mileage. Hardly requires any cleaning. Protected by a 10-year warranty.


    The hose doesn’t fit with every kind of engine and requires extra parts in order to attach to some models.

  • Best Value
    Westin Black Rubber Bed Mat

    This rubber mat fits in your truck’s bed and protects it from damage. It’s essential if you plan to move a lot of heavy things with your pickup.


    Universal size fits almost all trucks. Heavy rubber and ribbed surfaces grip tightly to keep mat and loads from sliding around. Installation is extremely simple.


    The fit is not completely universal and is occasionally too large or too small for some trucks. It may also be unevenly cut. 

  • Honorable Mention
    Giantex Aluminum Tool Box

    This large, lockable tool chest fits in your truck’s bed and has enough room for whatever equipment you need.


    The 49-inch by 15-inch storage space and sturdy aluminum construction guarantees your tools will be safe for the journey. Fits easily into your bed, but is also easy to remove. Comes with locks and keys.


    No padding on the inside, sometimes leading tools to slide around and damage the aluminum. The aluminum is also somewhat thin, and the latches may not work properly.

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  • While modding your truck, make sure to keep it tuned up with regular cleanings and fluid changes. Sometimes the best way to get more performance out of your truck is by simply taking care of it properly.
  • When exploring more complex mods, be aware that superchargers and turbochargers are not the same things. Turbochargers boost your engine power using exhaust, while superchargers rely on the mechanical movements of the engine itself. While superchargers will get you a lot more power, turbochargers are cleaner and more fuel-efficient.
  • Be aware that digital tuning chips can permanently damage your engine if turned up too high.


Q: How does a cold air intake help my truck’s engine performance?

A: Think of it as a decongestant for your engine. Cold air intakes increase horsepower by cooling the air that enters your engine, making it more oxygen-rich and leading to more efficient fuel burns.

Q: Is there a way to permanently protect my truck bed from damage instead of using a temporary insert?

A: Yes. You can purchase permanent coating sprays that will bond to your bed and strengthen it against whatever you plan to throw in there. If you plan on using one of these, be careful to spray in a single even layer.

Q: What other options do I have for modding my truck?

A: Superchargers and turbochargers will crank up your horsepower far beyond initial specs. More efficient exhaust systems are also available, and on the cargo side, you can buy protectors for your tailgate in addition to your bed.

Final Thoughts

For better fuel efficiency and performance, we recommend the K&N Cold Air Performance Intake as the best choice for modding your truck. 

The Westin truck bed protector provides great protection and value for your money.