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Best Rectangular Sleeping Bags: Find Comfort in a Good Night’s Sleep

The right sleeping bag will help you get a warm night’s sleep

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BYDeborah Wright, Linsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON July 21, 2020

A rectangular sleeping bag has plenty of room in the feet area, so you can roll over without bunching up the material. Sleeping bags come in various colors, materials, and warmth ratings, so think about where you will be using your sleeping bag before selecting one of the products in our buying guide below.

Best Overall

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Rectangular Sleeping Bag

This -25 degree flannel sleeping bag will keep you warm. The two-layer construction helps keep heat in and keep cold out.
This heavy-duty bag is built for warmth. The cotton flannel lining is thick. The designer attached an extra piece of fabric that makes rolling up and securing the bag very easy.
This sleeping bag weighs 13 pounds and is thick and bulky when rolled up. It may be too heavy for backpacking.
Best Value

REVALCAMP Lightweight Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is ultralight and comes in nine bright colors. It’s best suited for temperatures above 40 degrees.
This lightweight bag fits people up to 6’ 1” tall. It’s a good option for warm weather and is a very light bag that weighs only 2 pounds.
This bag is made from thinner material. It may not keep you warm in colder weather. The fabric wrinkles.
Honorable Mention

Coleman Duck Harbor Sleeping Bag

The shell of this 40-degree sleeping bag is made from cotton. The flannel liner helps retain the heat. It’s available in one color only.
The color should not fade. The material is water-resistant. This bag is “Wrap ‘N Roll” for easy storage. It features a flashlight compartment and a no-snag zipper.
It is suited for people under 6 feet tall. You may need an extra blanket at 40 degrees. It might be a different shade of green than in the photo.
Best Rectangular Sleeping Bags: Find Comfort in a Good Night’s Sleep


  • Some sleeping bags are rated for colder weather. If you plan to take trips where you need to stay warm, then make sure you look at the temperature rating of the product.
  • If you are going to use the sleeping bag in colder weather, make sure that it is made from waterproof material. Otherwise, you may feel a little damp in chilly temperatures. 
  • Many sleeping bags are machine washable and dryable but check the washing instructions beforehand. Check on it while it dries, as you may have to adjust it to ensure it dries thoroughly on both sides. 


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Q: What should I look for in a sleeping bag?

A: Comfort and warmth are most important, and the outside should be made from a sturdy material. Also, check the bag’s temperature rating, so you stay warm in colder weather.

Q: Does material matter in a sleeping bag?

A: Down sleeping bags are warmer than those made of synthetic. Decide when and where you will be using your sleeping bag so you know what type of material will work best in the conditions. 

Q: How often should I wash my sleeping bag?

A: If you camp a lot, you may want to wash your sleeping bag after every trip. Let it dry completely before packing it away. If you don’t want to wash it after every trip, consider buying a sleeping bed liner for the inside. You can then just wash the liner.

Final Thoughts 

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Rectangular Sleeping Bag. It will keep you warm in temperatures up to 25 degrees below Fahrenheit.

For a budget-friendly alternative, take a look at the REVALCAMP Lightweight Sleeping Bag.