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Best AT Bindings: Enjoy Skiing Even More

Enjoy the adventure that is skiing while staying safe with the best AT bindings

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BYAlice Musyoka, Daniel Rika/ LAST UPDATED ON April 1, 2021

If you are a skiing enthusiast, you know the importance of a good set of AT bindings. They keep your skis secured to the boots, enhancing your overall experience. Bindings also improve your safety as they detach themselves from the skis if you are in danger. We looked at a variety of AT bindings, and here are three of the best.

Best Overall

Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings


These bindings have a wide DIN/ISO range of 4-13. They are ideal for both intermediate-level skiers and experts looking for a smooth downhill thrill. The Anti Friction Device (AFD) feature allows you to use the same boots all day. 


The Triple Pivot Elite Toe System absorbs an impressive amount of shock, while the AFD gliding toe plate gives you seamless release. The Inter Pivot Heel provides a secure grip even at high speeds. 


Although it’s not a frequent occurrence, these bindings may jam at times. If you’re an expert, you may feel like they have weaker power transmission.

Best Value

SALOMON Warden MNC 13 Ski Bindings


Salomon is a winter sports specialist and doesn’t disappoint with these AT bindings with multi-norm capabilities. The S-Lab Shift makes them a great choice for skiers willing to venture into new skiing territory.


The progressive transfer pads are designed to provide more shock absorption during landings as you ski downhill. The bindings are certified for use with a range of boots, including walk- to-ride boots.


Salomon products have a strict shipping policy that makes these bindings only eligible for shipping in the United States. In addition, these AT bindings do not have a clear warranty. 

Honorable Mention

Tyrolia Attack2 11GW Bindings


For freeriders looking to perfect their skills, these AT bindings offer a modest DIN range of 4-11 and plenty of brake width options to boost safety. The bindings also accommodate different ski boots, including those with grip walk soles.


They have a horizontal spring with a specially-designed center of rotation suited to ski touring. Integrated stiff pads make boot release and binding a smooth process. Curved rubber soles provide walking comfort and natural roll. 


Their modest DIN range limits your skiing locations to mostly powder. They are also not elastic enough. Elasticity dictates how far your boot can move.

Best AT Bindings: Enjoy Skiing Even More


  • Do not tune or adjust your skis and bindings unless you are a professional. These tasks should only be done by a technician. You may accidentally tamper with the binding brakes when tuning. 
  • Washing bindings will weaken the factory glue in them. Let a technician clean, inspect, and test your AT bindings to increase their productivity and lifespan. 
  • If you tumble while skiing, have the bindings inspected as soon as possible. They tend to develop hard-to-spot micro cracks. You can replace them with another pair if you are unsure about the extent of the damage.  


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Q: What is the ideal DIN range for AT bindings?

A: If you are just starting out, bindings with a narrow DIN range (to seven) will help you to learn the skill. Carefully monitor your progress, and as you get better increase the DIN.

Q: Can I use the same bindings with different boots?

A: Yes. Most of the AT bindings on the market are designed to be compatible with different boots. They come with different brake settings—up to 110mm—to fit the requirements of most skiers. 

Q: Are pin bindings better than frame bindings?

A: Frame bindings feature an older technology and come with integrated brakes and adjustable release settings. They are good for beginners and uphill climbers who want to retain performance before heading downhill. Pin bindings have an advantage as they are lighter, perform better at high speeds, and offer smoother power transmission. 

Final Thoughts

The Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings are made by a reputable brand and focus on speed, earning the top rank in our review. But the SALOMON Warden MNC 13 Ski Bindings deliver great transmission and power— all at a lower cost.

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