Best Saddle Bags: Change the Look of Your Bike

Add a pair of saddlebags to your bike and have cargo space

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PUBLISHED ON November 21, 2019

Riding a motorcycle is a freeing experience, but sometimes it doesn’t mesh well with other things you want to do. Oftentimes you need more storage space for your belongings. Adding saddle bags not only changes the look of your bike but also gives you a place to stow away your stuff. Add one of these sets to your bike and feel the freedom of cargo space.

  • Best Overall
    Milwaukee Leather Saddle Bag
    These saddle bags use durable PVC material and feature reflective piping. There are chrome accents throughout. They have two main compartments and two bonus pockets on the front.
    You can easily unclip these bags and take them with you, which makes them great for traveling. They’re also rain-proof to keep everything inside totally dry. Their quality construction lets you fill them without fear of breaking them.
    They don’t have the same level of adjustability as other bags, so there’s a chance these won’t fit your bike. Some riders have found the bags leak in the rain.
  • Best Value
    Bikeraccess Braided Two Tone Slanted Saddlebags
    These bags have quick-release straps and an adjustable yoke. The material is UV-resistant and 100 percent waterproof.
    These bags come with a lot of detailing and don’t look budget-made. The durable material won’t dry out or crack like leather might. Because of their adjustability, they can fit a wide range of motorcycles.
    They don’t provide the greatest level of security because they only have buckles, and you can’t lock them. The eagles don’t come on the bag; you must install them yourself.
  • Honorable Mention
    Diamond Plate 2 Piece Motorcycle Saddlebag Set
    These saddle bags are made from waterproof PVC material and feature a diamond-plate stud design. There are two pieces to the set. Each bag has a strap closure and buckled straps.
    The metal studs give these bags a unique design that will differentiate your bike from others on the road. The dual buckles on each bag give you added security.
    Be careful how much weight you put into these bags. Overloading them will cause them to tear away at the metal loops. Make sure they are nowhere near your exhaust as the heat can cause the material to melt.

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  • Pay attention to the method used for securing the bag closed. You can find bags that have a flap, while others have a tie, snap, buckle, or strap and loop closure. 
  • Think about what you intend to carry in your bags to see if they will accommodate the weight and size of the items. Some bags are only meant to carry small, lightweight objects, while others are meant for cross-country travel. 
  • Match the style of your bags to the style and look of your bike. If you have a lot of details and chrome, then continue that trend with bags that have extra detailing. If your bike is more simplistic, then look for more streamlined bags without a lot of accents. 


Q: Will all saddle bags work on any bike?

A: No. You need to find a set that’s compatible with your motorcycle. Make sure you have accurate measurements before you purchase a set. Also, make sure that they don’t interfere with your lights or sit too close to your exhaust.

Q: Does material matter when it comes to saddle bags?

A: The material that your bags are made out of will affect how much you can put in them, their durability, and their security. The most secure bags are hard case bags that you can lock. Other options are leather and PVC.

Q: Should I look for additional pockets in saddle bags? 

A: This is a personal preference. Some bags have a single compartment, while others have several pockets. If you want small items to be quickly accessible, then smaller compartments may be good. If you have a few large items, then one large compartment may be the better choice. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for durable bags from a well-known maker, then the Milwaukee Leather Saddle Bag set is a great choice. If you’re looking for a set of bags that are good quality but still fit in your budget, then the Bikeraccess Braided Two Tone Slanted Saddlebags are sure to impress.