Best Truck Wash Soaps: Make the Gloss on Your Truck Last Longer

These truck wash soaps will help you preserve the gloss of your truck

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PUBLISHED ON November 21, 2019

Investing in quality truck wash soap is the way to go if you want to preserve the gloss on your truck. The right truck wash soap will protect your truck's exterior and clean off all the dirt and grime, so you can proudly drive your truck anywhere. After careful research, we selected these three top truck car wash soaps.

  • Best Overall
    Chemical Guys Citrus Wash

    This is a citrus-based wash soap with good foaminess. It has a biodegradable formula and is environmentally friendly. It is free of additives and artificial thickeners and colors.


    It has an advanced foaming formula, ensuring the right lubricity for easy washing and scratch-free rinsing. It is suitable for the two-bucket method, and one ounce mixes well with five gallons of water for a clean surface wash. It works both as a gloss enhancer and a shampoo.


    May leave behind water spots and stains. You may need to vigorously shake it before using it, as the product can separate inside the bottle.

  • Best Value
    Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash

    This high-concentration soap contains 64 ounces in the formula. This makes it easy to wash tough stains with less soap, while the added wax improves your truck's gloss. This soap gives you a spot-free, radiant finish with its quick-rinse formula.


    The Carnauba wax enhances the gloss of your truck, boosting the existing wax of your truck. Since it’s pH neutral, it will not cause swirl marks, watermarks, or streaks. Its high concentration means a single bottle will last you for a long time.


    It struggles when used with a foam blaster, and it is not particularly sudsy. It may also require extra scrubbing to clean the paint.

  • Honorable Mention
    Adam's Car Wash Shampoo

    This biodegradable and eco-friendly wash soap combines polymers and advanced cleaners to produce good foam for cleaning off dirt and grime. It features a unique chemical technology that allows you to wash your truck in full sunlight. It has a candy-like wild berry scent.


    The formula enhances the slickness and lubrication of this soap, preventing damage to your clear coat.  The concentrated formula also produces more suds, and it works well with a foam cannon or foam gun. It has a pH balance, making it gentle on the surface of your truck without drying out plastic components.


    It can be a little challenging to pour the soap due to its thick consistency.  In addition, it may leave water spots.

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  • Make sure the truck wash soap you select is safe for all kinds of paints. It should have good lubricity and pH balance. The pH neutrality prevents the wax from stripping.
  • Use the truck wash soap with plenty of water. Water enhances the lubrication and helps avoid abrasions. Begin the process by wetting your truck first to rinse off the grime. 
  • High-pressure water is suitable for washing the engines of your truck and its wheel wells. However, don't use high-pressure water directly on the truck's surface to avoid scratching it.
  • Use a microfiber drying towel with your truck wash soap instead of cotton/polyester household towels. The former absorbs more and has a softer texture for quicker drying and protects your truck's finish.


Q: Can I use dish soap instead of truck wash soap for my truck?

A: No. Dish soaps are abrasive. They don't have the right pH balance and will damage the paint of your truck.

Q: Can I wash my truck in direct sunlight?

A: It is not advisable. Direct sunlight creates water spots. It is crucial to keep your truck wet through the washing process, so it is better to wash your truck under shade to prevent premature drying.  

Q: Why should a truck wash soap have a heavy-foaming formula?

A: It makes it easier to clean off the dust and grime. Foam loosens the dirt and grease, so these contaminants can be readily washed off. Foam also enhances the lubrication, protecting the finish of the truck.

Q: What is the best pH for truck wash soap?

A: Select wash soaps with a pH balance of 7. Such pH neutrality prevents the soap from attacking the protective coat of your truck. Heavy solvents can damage the sealant coating and wax of your truck.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain additives and artificial colors.

If you want something considerably cheaper, you can select the Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash.