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Best ATV Spreaders: Effortlessly Revitalize Your Lawn in No Time

These ATV spreaders can help you revitalize your lawn with minimal effort

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BYNikola Petrovski, Quincy Miller/ LAST UPDATED ON April 7, 2021

Maintaining a large yard can feel like a full-time job, especially when it’s time to reseed or fertilize it. These spreaders take the drudgery out of the task, as they allow you to quickly and efficiently disperse seed, fertilizer, or other materials over a large area. Even better, since they can be towed behind an ATV, you don’t have to work up a sweat as you cultivate the most attractive lawn on the block.

Best Overall

Newer Spreader Model 100


This model features a built-in agitator that keeps the material inside the hopper moving and spreads it over a wide berth. It comes with a drop-pin hitch and aluminum finish.

  • Its small stature allows it to navigate tight spaces with ease, letting you fertilize every inch of your lawn
  • It can cut up large chunks of manure, salt, and other fillers, so you can use just about any material you like without fear of it clogging
  • Limited storage capacity means users with larger yards will have to refill it several times
  • Sides of the hopper are a little short, which can cause material to spill if the ride gets bumpy
Best Value

Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader


The large pneumatic tires roll easily over almost any terrain, while the generous 130-pound hopper has enough capacity to cover up to 25,000 square feet in a single trip.

  • It spreads a variety of materials well with even distribution and little clumping
  • It releases its load in a wide spray, reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to get the job done
  • Assembly is a bit of a pain, especially for those who aren’t mechanically inclined
  • Prone to tipping on extreme inclines, so be careful when using it on hills
Honorable Mention

Buyers Products ATV All Purpose Broadcast Spreader


This vertically-mounted, gravity-fed spreader features an adjustable shut off gate that lets you easily determine how much material to spread on each pass.

  • Rust-proof hopper can survive inclement weather, and it has a tightly-sealed lid that keeps seeds or other materials dry when it rains
  • 12-volt motor is also sealed to prolong the lifespan of the unit
  • Lack of an internal auger leads to frequent clumping, especially with larger materials
  • There’s no easy way to determine how full the hopper is without stopping and opening it up
Best ATV Spreaders: Effortlessly Revitalize Your Lawn in No Time

Benefits of ATV Spreaders 

  • Greater capacity and precision. ATV spreaders have varying carrying capacity. They can hold between 50 and 300 pounds. Their higher capacity, coupled with the quick-release system found in some spreaders, makes them quick and precise. You don't have to worry about dispersing material in the wrong place. 
  • Efficient. An ATV spreader is more efficient than traditional methods of planting or distributing fertilizer. Also, depending on how much ground you have to cover, you may only need to refill the hopper once or twice to get the job done. You can even scatter material for extended periods without refilling it.  
  • Greater reach. ATV spreaders such as broadcast spreaders and tow-behind spreaders can disperse material in large areas in a short time. You can fully cover an area without leaving bare spots and complete your work faster. You’ll also find it convenient to drive around in your ATV instead of walking.

Types of ATV Spreaders 

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Drop Spreader 

Drop spreaders throw seeds behind ATVs, between the wheels. They are more accurate and prevent accidental dispersion of material. They are ideal for planting grains and vegetables, however, they take much longer to cover wider areas. If you want to plant seeds or fertilize a larger area and avoid missing some spots, your ATV’s wheels must overlap the marks of the previous pass. 

Broadcast Spreaders 

These spreaders are the most common. They are equipped with a 12-volt motor that tosses out the material in a wide curve. They are great at scattering fertilizer or seeds in a large area in a short time. You can use broadcast spreaders to plant material in a large lawn or field. However, it’s worth mentioning that they are not as accurate as drop spreaders.

Tow-Behind Spreaders 

Tow-behind spreaders are designed to be hinged to an ATV’s rear rack. They disperse material by turning their wheels as you drive around. Since they have a larger capacity, they can carry a higher quantity of materials. They are very efficient at scattering material and cover a wider area in less time compared to the other spreaders. However, they can be hard to maneuver.  

Top Brands


Agri-Fab’s products are specifically designed for homeowners looking for an easier way to maintain their beautiful lawns. The company was formed after a lawn and garden business in Illinois closed its doors in 1975. Many former employees teamed up to manufacture sprayers, lawn carts, sweepers, and spreaders. Each Agri-Fab lawn care product comes with a three-year limited warranty to guarantee lasting performance. If you’re looking for a product to transform your lawn, look no further than the Agri-Fab ATV Spreader/Spiker/Seeder

Buyers Products 

This American brand manufactures and assembles its products in Ohio. It was established in 1946 and began as a distributor for truck parts and accessories. It is known for its dependable and durable products such as ice and snow hardware, toolboxes, ATV accessories, and truck accessories. The company has a state-of-the-art engineering facility where product developers constantly create and redesign products and materials. Get the ATVS100 ATV Broadcast Spreader and make your planting and fertilizing tasks easier. 

Moultrie Feeders 

This company was launched when Dan Moultrie invented his first automatic spin-cast feeder in his apartment’s closet. The feeder was meant to keep deer on his property but later became very popular with hunting enthusiasts. Moultrie Feeders develops outdoor and hunting equipment such as game cameras and ATV spreaders. In 2003, PRADCO Outdoor Brands acquired the company. To see why hunters love this brand, get the Moultrie ATV Spreader.

ATV Spreader Pricing

  • $100-$250: These are usually made from plastic and are mostly used to spread seed or fertilizer. They have a smaller spread width and a lower speed. 
  • $250 and up: These ATV spreaders are durable and are made from powder-coated stainless steel or hard plastic. They have a greater spread width and can be used to spread or disperse multiple materials. 

Key Features

Spread Width and Speed

The best ATV spreader is fast and has a good spread width. When buying one, think of the tasks you plan to carry out. An ATV spreader with a wider spread width is best for covering a large area within a short time. One with a higher flow rate enhances productivity and saves time. The faster you work, the sooner you can complete your tasks. You can also get a spreader with an adjustable flow rate. That way, you can regulate the flow based on the task. 


An ATV spreader that’s durable is a workhorse. You can use it for years and it won’t break down. Get one with a sturdy frame that's capable of handling different materials. A tough frame is very important if you live on rugged terrain. An ATV cart with stainless steel components is highly durable because it is resistant to chemicals. However, it should be powder-coated to ward off corrosion. If you live in a rainy area, get a spreader made of heavy-duty plastic. It's firm enough and doesn't rust. 

Volume and Capacity 

An ATV hopper’s capacity determines how much material it can hold. The capacity usually ranges between 50 and 400 pounds, depending on the model. A spreader with a capacity of 80 pounds can spread fertilizer easily, while a 125-pound spreader has a greater width spread. Get a spreader with a larger capacity if you regularly plant small or lightweight seeds because their density is lower. 

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Use. The best ATV spreader should be easy to use, whether you're a newbie or a pro. It should have a simple design and basic functions such as a spinning disc, an on/off function, flow rate controls, and a simple hooking mechanism. Some automated models come with handlebar controls and fast-release systems that allow for easy operation—you don’t have to get off the ATV to disconnect the spreader. Whatever model you get, ensure you can adjust the width spread and feed flow. 
  • Design. The most popular ATV spreaders are broadcasters and drop spreaders. As we earlier explained, broadcast spreaders disperse fertilizer and seed on a larger area in a short time, while drop spreaders give you precision when planting vegetables or grains. Get a broadcaster if you prioritize speed and don’t care how the seeds are spread. A drop spreader is better for planting in a lawn because the seeds are dispersed uniformly.
  • Compatibility. Before buying a spreader, check for compatibility—especially if your ATV doesn't have a mounting rack. Nothing is as bad as getting an expensive spreader, only to find out it doesn't fit your ATV. Many models have a universal fit and come with a universal mounting bracket. However, some spreaders are designed to fit specific ATVs. To find out if the one you want to buy is compatible with your ATV, ask the manufacturer or read customer reviews on the product. 

Best ATV Spreaders Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This tow-behind spreader comes with a drop pin style hitch. It has flat-free tires that move fast and last long. Its agitator keeps the material within the hopper and prevents accidental spillages. The spreader has exceptional balance whether empty, partially loaded, or fully loaded. It has a beautiful aluminum finish with a silver hue. 

Weighing 110 pounds, it’s more stable than many spreaders so you won’t have difficulty moving it around. It’s also ⅛ inch thick and can hold up to 8 cubic feet of material—about seven bushels. The ATV spreader is 2 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet long. You can get a lot of work done with it because it disperses load up to 200 feet away. You’ll also love the fact that it’s not noisy and it smoothly discharges material.

However, most people who have bought it have one main complaint: It isn’t easy to install and the job requires more than one person. Also, if you put too much hay in the hopper, the agitator can get blocked. 

This 130-pound Agri-Fab spreader is ideal for those who have lots larger than one acre. Its hopper has a large capacity and can cover 25,000 square feet with one fill. The machine has a spread width of 10 to 12 feet and is designed for durability. Its gearbox is enclosed and has tapered gears that ensure even spreading. Its universal hitch attaches swiftly to most ATVs. 

The spreader’s 13- x 4-inch pneumatic tires feature a wide wheelbase for improved stability, especially on rugged terrain. They are large enough to support heavy loads. The spreader comes with an optional material deflector, a cover, and a hopper grate. The deflector narrows the spreading pattern while the cover keeps your material dry. The hopper grate controls the material flow, reducing waste. We love the three-year limited warranty that Agri-Fab gives for this ATV spreader. 

However, its design could do with a few improvements. It tends to wobble side to side and tips over easily, especially on slopes. The hitch height is also not high enough. Also, the spinning wheel may stop working after a while and the spreader may start dropping seeds and fertilizer straight down instead of throwing it.

This vertical mount spreader by Buyers Products will make you enjoy landscaping. It connects to your ATV's tubular utility rack and its mounting bracket attaches and detaches quickly. Its black poly hopper is rust-proof and has a 15-gallon capacity. The spreader comes with a lid that keeps your material dry and prevents the spillage caused by rugged terrain or wind. 

You can use the spreader for seed, fertilizer, feed, and to melt ice or rock salt. It has a sealed 12V motor and its spread width is 30 feet. You can access its power button and controls from your ATV’s seat. That means you can fertilize or plant without having to get off your ATV. The spreader’s feed gate is adjustable, so you can easily control how much material is dispensed.

However, the lever that regulates the flow of material is poorly designed and does not function as it should. Also, putting salt in the spreader can cause blockage. You also need to clean the spreader well after use. If you don't, it may rust.

Field Tuff has outdone itself with this hitch-mount spreader. It is furnished with a powerful, 12-volt DC sealed motor with a speed of 570 RPM. It has a universal fit and can attach to ATVs, utility tractors, or UTVs with a 1.25- or 2-inch receiver. Its on/off switch and controls are easily accessible from your ATV’s seat. 

The spreader only weighs 20 pounds, but is strong enough to carry 8 gallons of fertilizer, grass seed, or small grain. It has a 12-inch broadcast width and comes with a rain cover to protect it from the elements. The wiring harness makes installing it quick and easy. Field Tuff offers a one-year limited warranty for it.

The spreader’s maximum capacity is 80 pounds, but it has a short power cable (only 4 feet long). Its electrical connectors are also meant for indoor use. There have also been complaints that its motor is small, weak, shorts easily, and is not water-resistant. Its plastic gate also jams easily.

Buyers Products has been manufacturing truck equipment and accessories for 75 years and has only gotten better with time. The ATVS100 broadcast spreader, one of the company’s best-selling products, is highly versatile and is ideal for landscaping, hunting, farming, and maintaining grounds. It connects directly to an ATV’s rear utility rack. 

The spreader has a 12V motor positioned within the hopper to keep it safe. It weighs only 17.59 pounds and its poly hopper is rust-proof, durable, and has a 100-pound capacity. Its feed gate regulator is manually operated so you can control how much material is dispersed. The manufacturer provides a rain cover for the hopper. 

But the spreader has one major downside: Its flow handle is not easily accessible. This means you can’t adjust the flow while driving. Additionally, the hopper doesn't have a mechanism to push the material to the bottom of the spreader, which is an inconvenience. The plastic cover doesn't fit the spreader well, so your products may get contaminated.


  • Be sure to check the hitch on your ATV before making a purchase, as not all spreaders are universal fits.
  • Hopper sizes can vary widely, so determine how much capacity you need ahead of time. A larger capacity means you won’t have to refill it as often, saving you time, but often cost you more upfront. Also, massive hoppers might be overkill for smaller lawns.
  • If you don’t have someplace to store your ATV spreader so that it’s out of bad weather when not in use, you should invest in one with rust-proof components.


Q: Will ATV spreaders only work with ATVs?

Many have universal hitches, allowing them to be used with ATVs, lawn tractors, and other vehicles. Be sure to check both your vehicle and the hitch on any spreader you’re considering before you buy.

Q: Will ATV spreaders work with all types of material?

Some spreaders have built-in agitators that can break up large pieces of manure or chunks of salt. Others simply drop the material out of a chute without altering it in any way. Spreaders without agitators are not your best bet for distributing large, unbroken chunks of material, as they can get clogged easily.

Q: How do you control how much material is released by an ATV spreader?

A few models have manual regulator valves that allow you to control the rate at which seeds, fertilizer, and other materials are released. Others simply release the material at a steady, constant rate until the hopper is empty. As a general rule, you should expect to pay a bit more for a model with a regulator valve, but the increased control it gives you may be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Our favorite overall spreader is the Newer Spreader Model 100 as it’s versatile enough to handle a wide variety of materials without being too bulky for smaller yards. The built-in agitator also helps to ensure an even spread.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, the Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreaderis rugged and efficient, and its generously-sized hopper is capable of making short work of bigger jobs.