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Best Scooter Helmets: Safety Starts With Your Head

These top scooter helmets will keep you safe while riding

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BYDeborah Wright, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON December 21, 2020

If you ride a scooter, one of the safest things you can do is to wear a helmet. There are many choices and styles, so you can easily find one to suit your needs, but the main consideration when choosing a helmet is to make sure that it fits correctly. These top helmets will keep you safe on your scooter.

Best Overall

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

These well-made helmets comply with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards.
This helmet includes two sets of removable, moisture-wicking sweat saver fit pads. This will help you customize your fit. The adjustable chin strap has a side release buckle.
The combined sizes may make it hard to find a good fit. Also, it may run small.
Best Value

Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

This helmet is designed for safety when biking, skating, scooting, and performing other sporting activities.
Feels lightweight. The interior is designed for comfort. With an aerodynamic design, this helmet will allow air to flow through the side and rear vents to keep you cool. It has an adjustable strap and side buckle.
It’s best for leisure activities and not for fast-moving scooters. Only suitable for kids and teens.
Honorable Mention

Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

This lightweight helmet is built to meet CPSC and EN1078 standards. It has a shorter profile than other helmets.
With two sets of pads, you can ensure that the helmet will fit securely. The helmet rides above your ears to help keep your head cool. It also comes with a secret pop lock to protect against theft.
This helmet does not cover your ears completely.  Also, the strap is thin.
Best Scooter Helmets: Safety Starts With Your Head

Benefits of Scooter Helmets 

  • Protection. A scooter helmet is designed to absorb high impact and protect your head from serious injury. It also protects you from flying road debris that could cause injury. On top of that, if the helmet has a visor, it can protect your eyes from intense sun rays that could blur your vision. 
  • Prevent accidents. Riders pay more attention to the road when they’re wearing helmets. That’s because the helmet streamlines the head, and wind can flow smoothly around it when riding. This enhances your situational awareness, and you can better tell where the sounds are coming from to avoid accidents on the road.
  • Versatility. Scooter helmets can also be used for other sporting activities, such as biking and skating. You can have one helmet that works for all outdoor activities, which makes them very versatile. 
  • Compliance. It’s your responsibility to be compliant with the traffic laws, and that involves wearing a helmet every time you ride your scooter. 
  • Peace of mind. Despite the fact that scooters are generally safer than riding bicycles, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are safe from any harm that may befall you. 

Types of Scooter Helmets 

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An open-face helmet only covers your head and a section of your forehead. It helps the rider to maintain visibility of the road, while at the same time protecting him or her from a serious head injury. It typically comes with adjustable straps and a buckle for a secure fit. It, however, doesn’t protect the chin and jaw area. 


A full-face helmet covers most parts of the head and has a visor to keep the entire face protected. It’s typically used by high-speed or professional riders who want to maintain optimal visibility of the road and prevent a head injury. It also protects you from excessive road-noise, winds, and road debris. 


With a flip-up helmet, you can have an open-face or full-face helmet. You can flip up the visor or chin guard with one hand to open the face section and flip it back down when you switch to high-speed riding. It’s designed with a hinge mechanism that controls the movement of the chin guard, but the disadvantage is that strong winds can drop the visor. 

Top Brands

Triple Eight 

Triple Eight designed its first helmet in 1996, and since then has been gracing the industry with tough yet stylish protective gear. The company is based in New York. It also designs wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, and hip protection gear. Some of its best helmets are the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet and Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet.


Razor is an international designer and manufacturer of personal transport equipment and safety gear. The company was started in 2000 and is headquartered in Cerritos, Calif. Some of its products include kids’ scooters, electrical scooters, bicycles, helmets, and knee pads. Some of its best-selling helmets are the Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet and Razor Full Face Youth Helmet.


JBM is an international manufacturer of high-quality and affordable sports and outdoor gear. JBM makes gear for roller skating, scooting, skateboarding, cycling, camping, yoga, and gym gear. One of its most impact-resistant helmets is the JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Helmet.


Thousand is a California-based manufacturer of helmets and cycling accessories, including reflective stickers, riding gloves, and bicycle bells. Its helmets are eco-friendly and certified for safety. One of its highest-rated scooter helmets is the Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

Scooter Helmet Pricing

  • $15-$50: Most of the helmets within this price range carry a simple open-face design. The price isn’t a reflection of the size of the helmet but the construction quality. That means you can get a large size that’s quite affordable. They also have a comfortable inner foam layer. However, most do not feature the most durable straps and buckles.  
  • $50-$150: Most scooter helmets within this price range have a removable drop-down visor and a well-ventilated aerodynamic design. The visor helps you maintain a clear view of the road despite high wind speeds when you are going fast. You can also find well-designed open-face helmets that come with adjustable straps and extra padding for a snug fit. They also feature compression-molded liner pads for enhanced comfort. 
  • $150-$300: The helmets within this price range are designed for optimal comfort and offer extra features to enhance your riding experience. You can find smart helmets that are Bluetooth compatible. You can use the helmet to answer phone calls, take pictures, and listen to music. There are also full-face helmets with a protruding chin that gives you a macho look. 

Key Features

Build Material 

You need to ensure that the helmet is made from the most durable material available to guarantee your safety. Most helmets are made of ABS plastic, which offers the best impact protection. Polycarbonate plastic is also a good option and can even survive a fire. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam liner is another great helmet material since its cushiony and lightweight. 


The interior of the helmet should feature gel or foam padding for maximum comfort as you ride. Without it, the plastic shell will press hard on your scalp, and you may still get hurt in case of an impact. The weight also comes into play when considering the level of comfort. A heavy helmet is typically durable but may strain your neck, especially during long rides. A lightweight helmet is a better option. 


A helmet can feel suffocating when it’s not well-ventilated. The best helmets have a ventilation system at the top, back, and sides of the structure to promote airflow that cools your head as you ride. It also keeps you from suffering from heatstroke when you ride in hot or warm weather.  

Other Considerations

  • Proper Fit. You should get a well-fitting helmet. Sort through the different sizes offered by the manufacturer to get the right one. If it’s too loose, it will drop every time you tilt your head when you ride. It might also fall off during a crash. If it’s too tight, it will feel uncomfortable and will be difficult to strap on. 
  • Face Protection. You can opt for a helmet that has a full- or half-face visor to protect your face from flying dust and road debris. The visor should allow for optimal rider visibility with an anti-scratch, anti-fog, and crystal clear view. 
  • Road Safety Rating. Choose a helmet that’s Department of Transportation (DOT) approved and meets CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards. These mean that it meets all government protocols laid out for safety gear manufacturing companies. 

Best Scooter Helmets Reviews & Recommendations 2020

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet has a simple design but does a good job of keeping your head safe even when performing professional stunts. It’s created with a multi-impact design with a hard ABS outer shell that can hold up to an intense crash. The ABS shell also has an appealing rubber finish that will suit your style. 

The interior is fitted with an odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and sweatsaver liner with antibacterial treatment. That helps you to maintain a cool and dry head, while at the same time deters mold and bacteria buildup that typically causes a helmet to itch and stink. It also features an impact-absorbing EPS liner to cushion your head from injury. Finally, with adjustable chin straps and a side release buckle, you can fit the helmet to your liking.

However, the helmet’s size chart has combined sizes. For instance, large and X-large are in the same size category. That can make it hard to find a perfect fit. The sizes run small and, therefore, may be a bit smaller than similar sizes offered by other brands. Also, you have to wear safety goggles with the helmet since it doesn’t come with a face shield.

The Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is a great option for teens and younger children. The helmet is lightweight and breathable with 17 vents at the top as well as the sides. The vents promote air circulation and keep your head cool in hot weather. It also features an adjustable chin strap with a side release buckle for a secure fit. 

The interior is constructed with thick padding for maximum comfort. Also, the manufacturer provides an extra pad set for a snug fit in case the helmet fits loosely on your head. The helmet only weighs 0.95 pounds and is lighter than most helmets. It also has a gorgeous design and comes in several glossy colors. 

The downside to this helmet is that it only comes in small sizes that fit kids and teens. It’s only suitable for leisure riding and is not designed for high-speed scooting or performing professional stunts.  Also, its open-face design without a visor exposes you to any oncoming projectiles.

The Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet is designed to protect your skull and brain from all kinds of head injury if you do fall. As for the construction, it has seven air vents with internal channeling to keep the top and back of your head cool as you ride. It also features a built-in, low-profile sun visor to protect your eyes from the sun rays. The helmet is designed with adjustable microfiber leather straps and a magnetic buckle that can be fastened with one hand.  

A unique feature with the helmet is its secret pop lock. You can lock the helmet on your scooter for an anti-theft guarantee. Thousand shows its confidence in the locking mechanism by offering a free replacement in case your helmet gets stolen after you secure it on your equipment. In addition, the helmet comes in a variety of sizes for adults, has a premium matte rubberized finish, and features double interior paddings for a snug fit. 

The downside to this helmet is that it doesn’t completely cover the ears. It’s slightly curved at the area that typically fits the ear. Also, it has a thin strap that can tear easily if you pull too hard when adjusting the helmet.

Bell Qualifier offers a unisex adult helmet in many stylish colors. The item is designed for street bikes but can be used for scooters and motorcycles as well. It's DOT-approved and meets the FMVSS 218 standard, which means it's safe for use and highly protective. Overall, the Bell Qualifier helmet will keep your head safe during every ride and complement your gear. 

This helmet is favored among riders because of its lightweight polycarbonate shell. Thanks to the light construction, the helmet is easy to store and carry around. However, Bell Qualifier made sure to reinforce the shell and protect it from impacts as well. The helmet is extra-padded for a perfect fit and more comfort on extended use. It even has a wind collar to reduce road noise and a velocity flow ventilation system to keep your head well-ventilated. Furthermore, the shield is UV-protected and resistant to scratches.  

There are only a couple of minor things that might bother you with this helmet. For example, the cheek pads are thick and somewhat awkwardly shaped. They make the helmet very tight on the head, although they should loosen up over time. These pads might also prevent you from wearing glasses under the helmet. Another thing is that some of the chin pads might pop out because of the low-quality snaps.


Vega Helmets offers a stylish helmet to protect motorcycle riders from hurting their heads while on the road. This particular model is available in several amazing colors and different sizes to fit everyone. It's ideal for both men and women and proves to be very comfortable on extended use. The helmet also meets U.S. DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations and is designed to absorb impacts in case of accidents. 

One thing is certain: This helmet will make your scooter rides comfy and more enjoyable. The model is compact and lightweight, made to fit perfectly on the head without causing a lot of pressure. It also has a drop-down sun shield to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, and debris. You'll also like the size-adjustment dial system, moisture-wicking inner liner, unique ventilation system, and padded quick-release strap. 

On the negative side, you might need to wear earplugs to muffle the noise. The wind becomes pretty loud at higher speeds with this helmet. Another thing that might bother you is the size. Consider getting one size up because the Vega helmet runs a little small and tight.

The Core Vintage open-face helmet is perfect for riders who prefer a more traditional, retro look. It's made to fit comfortably and provide excellent protection for the skull. There's a breathable nylon interior to keep you cool during the summer and cushion your head for more comfort. A double D-ring retention system is also there to provide a custom fit for different buyers. 

The helmet can accommodate a flat shield and comes with a three-snap bubble visor. It's made of injection thermoplastic alloy, so the outer shell proves to be of superior quality. You'll be fully protected from bumps and impacts and look great on the road too. The clear-coated outer shell is very fashionable and highly protective against scratches. 

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying this helmet. Firstly, the chin strap is not of the best quality, and you might have to make some adjustments to it. Secondly, the face shield is not included. You'll get the helmet only, so you'll have to look for a face shield elsewhere.  

This is a compact and highly favored helmet that most scooter riders can't live without. It makes a great option for beginners and those who drive their scooters occasionally and on smaller routes. The Pro-Tec helmet is certified, lightweight, and highly portable. You'll be able to carry it around wherever you go and store it with ease. 

Even more importantly, the Pro-Tec helmet has a quality ABS shell that can absorb high impacts. The lightweight construction doesn't come at the expense of protection. This helmet is very sturdy and highly durable. It also has an EPS inner liner and 11 open vents for more comfort and breathability on the road. You can choose your favorite color and size from many available Pro-Tec helmets.

Still, keep in mind that this is primarily a skate helmet that might not provide the full protection some scooter riders need. You also might notice a few issues with the inner foam padding. Some buyers complained about it being loose and sliding out due to poor gluing.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly helmet that would still provide the necessary protection for your head, we highly recommend this particular model. It's a simple yet very beneficial item that protects riders on the road and won't break the bank. It's available in several colors, so you can choose the perfect one to complement your gear. 

The helmet features an advanced dual-visor design with an inner smoked lens and an outer clear, smoked, or tinted lens. It's lightweight and designed with aerodynamics in mind. The alloy shell is sturdy and durable, and the extra-cushioned interior provides a snug and comfortable fit. The inner liner is removable and washable. You'll also notice this helmet has a glossy finish—this is not solely for increased aesthetic appearance but for protection against UV rays as well. 

There are only a couple of possible issues with this helmet. The sun visor doesn't always sit in the right position and is sometimes difficult to move up and down. Also, the chin strap is somewhat flimsy and might be uncomfortable for some people. 

Lastly, we have another inexpensive option designed for every scooter and motorcycle rider out there. We’re talking about a simply designed helmet that’s tested for safety and provides excellent protection during rides. The Fuel Helmets model is all you need for keeping your skull safe, and it comes in an elegant black color as well. 

When it comes to the overall helmet design, the item has a sturdy shell and a pivoting shield for protection against the elements. It also features a clear-coated paint for UV protection and more durability. There are vents on top for better ventilation and removable cheek pads for more comfort and easy cleaning. Overall, the helmet fits great and is very comfortable. 

The flaw in the design of this helmet is with the chin strap. It's too thin to feel comfortable on the skin and will occasionally dig deep. The strap is also tricky to fasten under the throat, so the free piece might flap around during rides. Another complaint is that the sun visor scratches easily. 



  • Find a helmet that will fit securely on your head and be comfortable at the same time. Some have adjustable straps for a secure fit or removable pads that can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.
  • Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every five years. If you ever hit the ground with your helmet (even before it’s five years old), replace it.  
  • All helmets need to be DOT-certified by the Department of Transportation. This means that the manufacturer needs to meet that helmet safety standard before it can legally sell helmets. Look for the DOT symbol on the helmet.


Q: How do I know what size scooter helmet to buy?

Start by measuring the circumference of your head. Use that measurement as a guide and compare it to the product sizing chart.

Q: Is a scooter helmet safe?

You want a DOT-certified helmet for maximum safety. This certification informs the buyer that all minimum safety requirements have been met.

Q: What are the top things to look for when buying a scooter helmet?

You want a helmet that fits snugly but is not too tight. Also, a helmet with holes will provide ventilation while riding on hot days.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best scooter helmet is the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet. The ability to easily adjust the padding and strap for a good fit can help you focus on riding and not on your helmet. 

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet.