Best Car Competition Subwoofers: Increase the Power and Bass

Pump up the bass and draw a crowd with these strong and sturdy competition subwoofers

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PUBLISHED ON November 4, 2019

If you want to feel the bump and thump of the bass both inside and outside of your car, then you’ll need a competition subwoofer. These high-quality subs are powerful and loud, allowing you to hear and feel every bass note possible. If you want to beat out all the other competitors at the next meet up, then check out these competition subwoofers to blow them all away.

  • Best Overall
    Skar Audio EVL-15

    A powerful and strongly built 15-inch subwoofer with a competition-grade cone for the clear and precise sound quality of 2,500 watts.


    The bass is loud and creates an intense sound that fills the vehicle with a premium sound. Plus, it comes with a high RMS rating and has great low and high tone quality.


    A few of the components aren’t very durable, such as the dust cap, and it will require a subwoofer box for maximum efficiency.

  • Best Value
    MTX Terminator Series

    Sturdy and tough dual 2-ohm subwoofers boasting 1,200 watts including 400 watts of RMS power. 


    The subwoofers feature a polypropylene cone for improved quality and bass, and the speakers are protected by a thick rubber.


    You are limited by where you can put them due to their size, and they may be a hassle to set up and configure.

  • Honorable Mention
    Rockford Fosgate P3D4

    Don’t be fooled by the size of these 12-inch subwoofers for they pack quite a punch and feature 1,200 watts and 600 watts of RMS.


    The cone is developed out of a sturdy and reliable anodized aluminium for clear audio. It produces a great quality of bass that is clear and crisp and has a high power handling.


    You might need a custom box to fit the sub, it may heat up a bit if cranked at maximum capacity, and it has a low sensitivity rating.

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  • Invest in a more powerful amplifier when upgrading to competition subwoofers. This will increase the power and functionality of your subs without pulling power from the rest of your car.
  • For the best sound quality possible, lay out the speakers in specific locations. Imagine it’s like a movie theater with surround sound. The bass should be between the speakers or somewhere it can reverberate more efficiently. Smaller speakers should be placed all around the car in the corners.
  • Invest in a car audio capacitor if you get a new competition subwoofer. The capacitor will act as the battery for the amplifier and sub without drawing power away from your lights.
  • For the best possible outcome, consider having a professional install and connect the competition subwoofer.


Q: What is the difference between a single and dual voice coil?

A: The voice coils attach the subwoofer to the amplifier as a power source. A dual voice coil allows a single speaker to output both stereo channels through one speaker, while a single voice coil will only allow one connection. You will get a crisper sound with a two-voice coil system.

Q: How much power will I need to run a competition subwoofer?

A: That depends on the amplifier you have. Check the amount of RMS your sub has and compare it with the amplifier to see if it can run the sub effectively.

Q: Do I need a subwoofer box or can I use the sub without one?

A: An enclosure will improve the overall sound quality and bass you get from the subwoofer. While larger, more robust subs may come in their own casings, smaller ones may not come with a pre-mounted box. If you want more volume out of the subs, consider ported or bandpass enclosures. If you want to get a deeper and lower frequency, choose a sub in a sealed box.

Final Thoughts

For a small yet mighty powerful competition subwoofer, consider the Skar Audio EVL-15

You can save a bit of money and go for the robust MTX Terminator Series.