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Best Four-Season Tents: Camp Comfortably Any Time of Year

Enjoy the great outdoors and camp in any season with these excellent four-season tents

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON November 17, 2021

Whether you’re a camper who goes out multiple times a year or want to start camping more often, you will need the right gear for the job. If you plan on roughing it all year round, you should consider a good four-season tent to get you through comfortably and safely. They are made up of durable and breathable fabric, so you can camp in snow, rain, and heat. Here are the best four-season tents to check out before you head out into the wilderness.

Best Overall

Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tent


A large 55 x 82-inch all-season tent with a height of 43 inches that can sleep up to two people comfortably.


It’s designed out of light yet sturdy polyester mesh material to allow better airflow. It comes with lightweight and durable aluminum poles and prevents rain and moisture from seeping through.


It isn’t the largest of tents and doesn’t allow a lot of standing room. The zipper can be a hassle.

Best Value

Naturehike Cloud-Up 1,2,and 3 Person 4 Season Tent


A lightweight 4.7-pound tent that folds out to fit a 49 x 83-inch space. Plus, it can fit three people and shelter them from the weather.


It features double polyester mesh layers for additional protection and ventilation. It is sturdy and waterproof. It is simple to set up and takes around five minutes. Also, it can be folded compactly to fit in a backpack.


It may be a bit snug with three people. There aren’t enough interior pockets and the instructions may be difficult to understand.

Honorable Mention

Mier 3 Person 4 Season Camping Tent


A spacious 49 x 82-inch camping tent that weighs a total of 5.5 pounds that is capable of sleeping three people.


The interior is roomy and features plenty of hooks and storage pockets for phones and lights. It is able to withstand powerful winds and rain without blowing over or leaking and is easy to set up.


Assembling it can be challenging and may take time. The stakes aren’t the thickest or toughest, and packing it away can be difficult.

Best Four-Season Tents: Camp Comfortably Any Time of Year


  • Bring a hammer or object to pound the tent stakes into the ground. If you forget one or don’t have any on hand, you can use a rock or other blunt object as a hammer.
  • Assemble the tent well before your camping trip to make sure you understand how to put it up. Practice setting it up a few times, so you know exactly how it works.
  • Use a water-repellent spray to prevent rain from soaking through the mesh material. Even though tents are rated to be waterproof or resistant, the repellent is just another precaution to keep you dry.


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Q: What is a double-wall camping tent?

A: Tents with a double wall will generally last longer and provide you with a much more comfortable shelter. The inner layer of fabric provides airflow throughout the tent, while the outer layer prevents rain from leaking through the material. Single-wall tents are typically smaller and can be pitched in tight spaces.

Q: Does it matter if the poles are set up inside or outside of the tent?

A: Tents with an internal pole set up are better suited to support the walls and are lighter than ones that support the weight from the outside. Exterior poles attach to the outside body of the tent or fly using clips or sleeves to hold it in place. Sleeves are more difficult to maneuver the pole through but provide a strong and sturdy way to hold up the tent.

Q: What can I do to keep the tent on the ground?

A: While the poles and stakes do a great job at keeping the tent on the ground, you can use guylines as well. A guyline is a cord or string used to secure a tent or tarp. They provide structure to portions of the tent where the poles aren’t able to reach. You can run a guyline from the troubled area and stake it into the ground for additional protection.

Final Thoughts

For a strong and sturdy four-season tent to shelter you in the elements, consider the Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tent

There is also the Naturehike Cloud-Up 1,2, and 3 Person 4 Season Tent, which is spacious and provides a comfortable place to bed down for the night.