Best ATV Sprayers: Efficient Spraying from Your Quad or Tractor

Easily cover larger areas with more speed and less effort with one of these top ATV sprayers

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PUBLISHED ON October 28, 2019

ATV spot sprayers are an effective and efficient way of spraying large or hard-to-reach areas with water, fertilizer, or pesticides. Capable of further reach and quicker coverage than a hand sprayer and without the physical demands of a backpack sprayer, ATV sprayers are an accessible and convenient alternative. See how much quicker and easier you can get your garden chores done with our picks for the best ATV sprayers.

  • Best Overall
    Chapin International 97200B Chapin 97200

    The 15-gallon tank is suitable for most common pesticides and fertilizers and comes in translucent white for convenient visibility. Wide mouth reduces spills and waste when filling, while the attached drain plug makes cleaning and emptying more efficient.


    12V, 1 GPM diaphragm pump, and dual filtration system guarantee efficient performance, while the 18-inch spray wand with adjustable nozzle improves targeting and ease of application.


    A potential issue with waste, as the tank does not include a sump, so it’s difficult to get last drops of liquid out. Only really suitable for rack mounting; it’s liable to roll around if carried loosely on the truck bed.

  • Best Value
    Master SSD-03-009B-MM 9 Gallon Spot Sprayer

    A 9-gallon spot sprayer with 1 GPM, 12V Everflo diaphragm pump, and adjustable spray gun with a range of 20 feet horizontally and 18 feet vertically.

    Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on pump and parts.


    Includes adjustable straps for easy mounting to a wide range of vehicles. Set up is quick, and the wand is easy to use.


    The coiled hose between sprayer and tank is short and therefore limits movement. It’s prone to leaking, and the tank is fairly opaque, so it's difficult to check liquid levels without stopping to do so.

  • Honorable Mention
    Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer

    1 GPM, 12V spot sprayer available with 15- or 25-gallon heavy-duty plastic tank. It can be mounted in the rear basket of ATV or tractor and includes an eight-foot detachable power harness and heavy-duty battery clamps for easy connection to any 12V battery.


    The 15-foot hose and thumb-controlled handgun ensure ease of use and accurate spraying. Drainage plug on tank allows quick emptying and convenient cleaning.


    Opaque tank means it’s not possible to check progress in terms of remaining liquid without stopping spraying. Thread on the drainage plug is inaccurate and results in some leakage.

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  • If you’re going to use your ATV sprayer for pesticides or weedkiller, make sure the tank you choose is made from heavy-duty, chemical-resistant plastic.
  • Consider how much pressure you’re going to need before making a purchase. As a rough estimate, 70 PSI should provide a horizontal spray of up to 30 feet.
  • Make sure you buy a sprayer with a length of hose that will cover hard-to-reach spots or any areas that you can’t drive right up to.


Q: What is an ATV sprayer?

A: It’s a garden sprayer (usually water, pesticides, or fertilizers) that can be used in conjunction with your all-terrain vehicle. Depending on the model, it can be towed by or mounted directly onto your ATV, making much lighter work of your spraying.

Q: How big a tank do I need on my ATV sprayer?

A: To answer this, you’ll need to know two things. First, how much land are you spraying, and second, what is the application rate (the area you can cover per gallon, for example) of the chemical you want to spray. 

Q: Do I need a boom on my ATV sprayer?

A: A boom will allow you to easily and evenly cover much larger tracts of land without having to do anything apart from driving your ATV. If you’ve got a large, roughly square-shaped area to spray, like a whole field, then a boom might be a good idea. They come in different lengths to suit different sized areas.

Final Thoughts

With its dual filtration system and wide mouth, the Chapin International 12V EZ Mount Fertilizer is our best overall ATV sprayer. 

The smaller Master 9 Gallon Spot Sprayer is our best value pick.