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Best ATV Sprayers: Efficient Spraying from Your Quad or Tractor

Easily cover larger areas with more speed and less effort with one of these top ATV sprayers.

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BYLinsay Thomas, Trey Williams/ LAST UPDATED ON July 13, 2021

ATV spot sprayers are an effective and efficient way of spraying large or hard-to-reach areas with water, fertilizer, or pesticides. Capable of further reach and quicker coverage than a hand sprayer and without the physical demands of a backpack sprayer, ATV sprayers are an accessible and convenient alternative. See how much quicker and easier you can get your garden chores done with our picks for the best ATV sprayers.

Best Overall

Chapin International 12V EZ Mount Fertilizer


The 15-gallon tank is suitable for most common pesticides and fertilizers and comes in translucent white for convenient visibility. Wide mouth reduces spills and waste when filling, while the attached drain plug makes cleaning and emptying more efficient.

  • 12V, 1 GPM diaphragm pump and dual filtration system guarantee efficient performance
  • 18-inch spray wand with adjustable nozzle improves targeting and ease of application
  • Potential issue with waste, as tank does not include sump, so it’s difficult to get last drops of liquid out
  • Only really suitable for rack mounting; it’s liable to roll around if carried loose on truck bed
Best Value

 Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer


An 8-gallon, 1 GPM, 12V sprayer that’s easy to mount on the back of an ATV. Safe for use with almost any pesticide, including Roundup. Includes a 3.5-inch opening and bottom drain, gallon marks to monitor fluid levels, and a reinforced PVC hose.

  • Low price
  • 20-foot spraying range (12-foot vertical)
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Switch that’s easy to operate from the driver’s seat
  • In order to get good pressure, the hose has to be entirely filled
  • The pump might be a little weak for large jobs—it’s better for lanes or trees than for entire orchards
Honorable Mention

Precision Products Spot Sprayer


1 GPM, 12V spot sprayer available with 15- or 25-gallon heavy-duty plastic tank. Can be mounted in the rear basket of an ATV or tractor and includes an 8-foot detachable power harness and heavy-duty battery clamps for easy connection to any 12V battery.

  • 15-foot hose and thumb-controlled handgun ensure ease of use and accurate spraying
  • Drainage plug on tank allows quick emptying and convenient cleaning
  • Opaque tank means it’s not possible to check progress in terms of remaining liquid without stopping spraying
  • Thread on drainage plug is inaccurate and results in some leakage
Best ATV Sprayers: Efficient Spraying from Your Quad or Tractor

Benefits of ATV Sprayers

  • Portability. ATV sprayers are portable and easy to install and uninstall, so you can quickly empty them and refill them. You can also use the same sprayer on different ATVs.
  • Convenience. Unlike a backpack sprayer that limits how much ground you can cover, an ATV sprayer is designed for convenience. You spend less time spraying than you would with a manual sprayer and get much more done. 
  • Prevent waste. With an ATV sprayer, it's easy to avoid spraying the same area twice, which causes waste of chemicals or death to plants. The sprayer is easy to use and requires no professional knowledge. 
  • Versatility. An ATV sprayer can be attached to any ATV or UTV. It can hold different chemicals and is ideal for hard-to-spray areas like field borders, potholes, pastures, wooded areas, road ditches, and fence lines. It can also be used on flat or rugged terrain. Many ATV sprayers can also function as backpack sprayers, however, they can be quite heavy. 
  • Even distribution of chemicals. Because you use the ATV’s pump to control the chemical’s flow rate, it is evenly distributed and there’s no wastage. When chemicals are evenly distributed, crops are healthier. 

Types of ATV Sprayers

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This is the most common type of ATV sprayer and is ideal for domestic or light commercial use. The tank is usually smaller and mounted on top of the ATV. Mounted ATV sprayers are easier to use and more compact. They are perfect for minor tasks such as spraying crop stores, paddocks, and spot treatments. 


Similar to trailers, manufacturers design these sprayers for towing behind ATVs. Some come with a spray gun for spot spraying. Pull-type ATV sprayers are available in different sizes, but they are more expensive and best suited for professional use. They require the operators to have a bit of technical knowledge. The sprayers are ideal for spraying larger areas because they have longer booms and bigger tanks.

Top Brands

NorthernTool + Equipment

Located in Burnsville, Minn., this is a family business established by Don Kotula in 1981 in his garage. The company initially operated under the name Northern Hydraulics and used to sell valves, cylinders, and how-to manuals by mail. The NorthStar brand was launched in 1991 to manufacture sprayers, generators, air compressors, and pressure washers. The name was later changed to NorthernTool + Equipment in 1998. If you’d like to make your life easier, get this 8-Gallon Ironton ATV Sprayer


This is a subsidiary of Valley Industries and has been producing spot and broadcast sprayers for the last 15 years. Its sprayers are versatile and can be used for lawn care or agricultural purposes. The company is situated in Paynesville, Minn., and its sprayers and sprayer accessories are manufactured using a blow-molding machine to guarantee quality. Master MFG also has a mobile app to make it easy to set up your sprayer: Spraying Simple mobile spray assistant. If you’re looking for a good sprayer for insecticides and herbicides, it’s the Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon Sprayer


Ralph Chapin launched this company in 1884 when he began creating kerosene cans for his clients. It soon grew into a manufacturing business located in Batavia, N.Y., that began developing pumps and storage tanks. Chapin made its first hand sprayers and compressed air sprayers in 1903, and still maintains high standards up to today. The company also makes single-use sprayers and spot sprayers like the Chapin 15-Gallon Deluxe Dripless ATV Sprayer.

ATV Sprayer Pricing

  • $100-$200: Many of these sprayers are mounted ATV sprayers. They have up to a 15-gallon capacity and a flow rate ranging from 1-2 gallons per minute. They are mostly spot sprayers with a single nozzle. 
  • $200 and up: Most of the sprayers you’ll find here are pull-type ATV sprayers. A majority have a 26-gallon capacity and two nozzles. They may be spot or broadcast sprayers. They have a flow rate ranging between 2.2 and 5.5 gallons per minute. 

Key Features

Flow Rate 

The speed at which liquid gets dispensed from the ATV sprayer is measured using gallons per minute (GPM). A sprayer’s flow rate lies between 1 and 2.2 GPM. The flow rate influences how fast liquid moves through the sprayer. A higher flow rate allows you to cover more ground and work faster. An ATV sprayer with an adjustable flow rate is best because you can control it depending on your preference and the task. 

Tank Capacity

The tanks of ATV sprayers vary in size. The most common ones have a capacity of 15 to 25 gallons. A 15-gallon tank is ideal for small-scale use, like water projection and killing weeds. The 25-gallon tanks are mostly used in commercial settings. The bigger the tank, the quicker you complete the task, since you can spray a larger area without having to refill it. However, it should be noted that most high-capacity tanks are pricey. Also, if a tank is too large, it may waste chemicals. 

Hose Length and Spray Wand 

The hose length determines the reach of your ATV sprayer, so the longer the better. The spray wand’s design influences the pressure created in the ATV sprayer, regulating its reach. The wand and hose are important features to look at, especially if your sprayer isn't a boom sprayer. Many sprayers come with a 15-foot hose, which is ideal for small-scale use. However, you can get an extension if your wand and hose are short. If possible, check the wand beforehand to see if the handle is weak, if there are signs of leaking, and to see whether the tip shoots incorrectly. 

Other Considerations

  • Durability. The material the tank is made from determines its durability. It's best to get a tank made from polyethylene because the material is compatible with strong chemicals and is resistant to corrosion. If your sprayer will be out in the sun for extended periods, ensure it’s resistant to UV rays—they can harden the plastic, making it brittle. Nozzles or valves made of brass are also more durable because they are less reactive to chemicals. Get a reinforced hose which is more durable and ensure the tank has thick walls, as they last longer.
  • Pump Quality. Your ATV sprayer can't work without a pump because that's what controls the flow rate and the spraying distance. The best pumps can withstand harsh chemicals and are protected against corrosion. The amount of pressure a pump can generate and maintain is directly linked to its functionality. Steer clear of low-quality pumps that spray less than a gallon per minute. 
  • Tank Lid Diameter. The tank lid diameter dictates how much access you have to the tank’s interior. A small tank lid diameter makes it hard to mix spraying material and fill up the tank. A wider tank lid diameter allows you to easily mix chemicals and clean the tank. 

Best ATV Sprayers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Featuring an ergonomic shutoff valve, this sprayer’s shut-off system can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance. The translucent tank lets you know when it's time to refill it, so you won't be caught off guard. The tank’s 5-inch mouth allows you to quickly access the interior. It also comes with a drain plug so you can clean it easily. 

The sprayer’s 12-volt diaphragm pump operates at 4.5 GPM. Its dual filtration system, 15-foot reinforced hose, and 18-inch spray wand are exactly what you need to complete your tasks faster. The tank is resistant to chemicals and can hold common pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers. 

The 40 PSI pressure means the tank can spray up to 18 feet horizontally and 30 feet vertically.  However, if you don't tighten the hose clamps properly, the tank may leak around the exit barb. Also, the sprayer is not UV-resistant and will become brittle and break easily.

Northern Tool has used Santoprene and Viton components to make this sprayer’s 1 GPM Ironton pump, ensuring it is durable and chemical-resistant. And that’s not all: The 8-gallon tank is resistant to UV rays and can hold almost all pesticides. Gallon marks provide an easy way to monitor liquid levels to ensure you don't run out. The tank’s 3 ½-inch opening and easy-empty bottom drain let you fill it and drain it easily. 

The ATV spot sprayer has a gun nozzle that lets you adjust the spray from stream to cone, depending on the task. Its hose is lightweight and made from clear PVC reinforced with braided synthetic. An in-line switch allows you to turn the sprayer on or off from your ATV’s seat. For extra convenience, the tank comes with a remote switch and battery clips. 

We love how far this sprayer can spray: 20 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically. But the downside is, the quality of the pump is poor, so it tends to leak from both ends. Also, the motor locks and will not start at times. There have also been complaints that the sprayer’s pumping rate is not as high as the manufacturer claims (1 gallon per minute).

This 15-gallon ATV sprayer is made from heavy-duty plastic and can be mounted on the back of ATVs or tractors. Its tank is made from high-strength polyethylene, while its 15-inch hose is manufactured from a flexible EPDM material to withstand heavy use. The tank has a drain plug that makes it easier for you to clean and maintain it. 

The sprayer’s diaphragm pump connects to a 12-volt battery and has a flow rate of 1 GPM. It can be attached to a 12V tractor battery using strong alligator clips. The pump’s 60 PSI pressure is ideal for spot-spraying smaller yards. Also, you can control the spray wand using your thumb to ensure accurate spraying. The sprayer comes fully assembled—all you need to do is mount it. Precision Products offers a 90-day limited warranty for the sprayer. 

However, the pump’s pressure switch doesn't work as it should. When the liquid in the tank is too low, it can't be pushed up. Additionally, the plastic is very thin where the wand’s handle meets the pole extension, causing it to break easily.

The 12V Everflo diaphragm pump on this sprayer has a 1 GPM flow rate. It is powerful and can spot spray up to 15 gallons. You will also love the adjustable spray gun that can spray mist or stream and is attached to a 15-inch rubber hose. The sprayer comes in a standard size to fit most ATVs and UTVs. The manufacturer also provides a 12V wire harness for quick battery connection. 

This is a powerful sprayer that can hold pesticides, disinfectants, herbicides, water, and insecticides. Its UV-resistant and translucent tank is durable and easily displays how much chemical is left. The tank’s walls are easy to grip, which prevents accidental spills. The sprayer features a mold-in drain with a cap and a 5-inch lid, which make it easy to fill and empty the tank. If you want, you can even convert this sprayer to a broadcast sprayer using the boom and mounting kits sold separately. 

However, this sprayer has a few drawbacks. It doesn't come with any mounting hardware, so you'll need to get bungee cords. Also, it doesn't have an on or off switch, which means you have to plug and unplug it.

This ATV sprayer is a must-have if you have a large area to work on. Its 26-gallon capacity makes it large enough to spray your entire property without having to refill it. Its open-flow pump has a flow rate of 2.2 GPM and a maximum pressure of 70 PSI. The sprayer’s tie-down straps make it easy to install and its quick-connect ports let you change chemicals easily. 

What you’ll like about this sprayer is it can be regulated to spray on-demand using the Honeywell Microswitch. It has both a spot sprayer and a broadcast sprayer. The broadcast sprayer covers 14 inches at a time and can spray up to 19 inches vertically and 30 inches horizontally. The spot sprayer wand is ideal for hitting those tricky areas. You can easily adjust the spray from cone to stream. 

The tank’s walls are UV-resistant and extra thick for enhanced durability. Its valves are chemical-resistant to prevent corrosion. A bottom drain makes for easy emptying. The sprayer also comes with 12V battery clips, a remote switch, and tie-down straps. 

Unfortunately, the spraying width cannot be adjusted. What’s more, the alligator battery clips are too large to connect the sprayer to an ATV’s 12V battery.


  • If you’re going to use your ATV sprayer for pesticides or weed killer, make sure the tank you choose is made from heavy-duty, chemical-resistant plastic.
  • Consider how much pressure you’re going to need before making a purchase. As a rough estimate, 70 PSI should provide a horizontal spray of up to 30 feet.
  • Make sure you buy a sprayer with a length of hose that will cover hard-to-reach spots or any areas that you can’t drive right up to.


Q: What is an ATV sprayer?

It’s a garden sprayer (usually water, pesticides, or fertilizers) that can be used in conjunction with your all-terrain vehicle. Depending on the model, it can be towed by or mounted directly onto your ATV, making much lighter work of your spraying.

Q: How big a tank do I need on my ATV sprayer?

To answer this, you’ll need to know two things. First, how much land are you spraying, and second, what is the application rate (the area you can cover per gallon, for example) of the chemical you want to spray. 

Q: Do I need a boom on my ATV sprayer?

A boom will allow you to easily and evenly cover much larger tracts of land without having to do anything apart from drive your ATV. If you’ve got a large, roughly square-shaped area to spray, like a whole field, then a boom might be a good idea. They come in different lengths to suit different sized areas.

Final Thoughts

With its dual filtration system and wide mouth, the Chapin International 12V EZ Mount Fertilizer is our best overall ATV sprayer. 

The Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer is our best value pick.