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Best Mountain Bike Pumps: Inflate Your Tires With Ease

Don’t let a flat tire wreck your ride with these top mountain bike pumps

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON January 28, 2021

A bike pump is a must-have accessory for even the most casual of cyclists. It’s even more critical for a mountain biker, who’s bouncing around on sharp rocks and gravel. Flats aside, tires naturally lose pressure over time, and low tire pressure can increase the risk of punctures. Check out our top bicycle pumps for mountain bikes and avoid getting stuck in the hills.

Best Overall

Lezyne High Pressure High Volume Bicycle Hand Pump


High-pressure floor pump constructed almost entirely out of CNC aluminum for lightweight durability. Includes 24-inch rubber hose for ease of use and comes in two different colors.

  • Although a floor pump, it’s only 13 inches long
  • Comes with a folding foot stand and its own mount for guaranteed portability
  • Optional extras include in-line 160 psi pressure gauge
  • Gauge (if included) is difficult to read
  • Not easy or convenient to attach hose to pump when mounted on bike, so this ideally needs to be carried separately
Best Value

Aim High Pro. Bike Tire Repair Kit with Pump


Emergency bicycle repair kit with bike multitool, adhesive patches, and a universal, pocket-sized pump that can be mounted underneath your water bottle cage.

  • Pump is sturdy 
  • Weighs less than 150g, so it is easy and convenient to take with you on bike rides 
  • No adapter needed for different valves, so it can be used on any bike tire
  • Doesn’t include a gauge for measuring tire pressure
  • No adapter hose, so it’s too wide to inflate tires with closely aligned spokes
Honorable Mention

Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump with Gauge


This portable, lightweight pump is designed for mountain bikes and BMX.  It includes an integrated gauge for accuracy and is capable of providing up to 100 psi of pressure via Presta or Schrader valves. Available in three different colors.

  • Features an oversized piston which requires 30 percent fewer pumps to achieve full pressure
  • Includes secure frame mount bracket with extra security strap for a rattle-free ride
  • Because the gauge is integrated, it’s very small and difficult to read
  • Presta valve fitting is fiddly to attach and problematic to use
Best Mountain Bike Pumps: Inflate Your Tires With Ease

Benefits of Mountain Bike Pumps

  • Handy in emergencies. A mountain bike pump is extremely useful in emergencies. Wherever the road takes you, you'll be able to fix inconvenient punctures and jams and keep going. 
  • Smooth ride. With a quality mountain bike pump, you'll be able to keep your tires pumped at the correct PSI all the time. This will make every ride smoother, requiring less effort on your part when heading out.
  • Household use. If you have a compact pump around the house, you'll be able to pump all kinds of things, such as sports balls, small pools, and tires. They are especially useful for parents whose kids have a lot of toys, baby carriages, and scooters.

Types of Mountain Bike Pumps

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Floor or track pumps are the most common type, and they provide the most efficient way of inflating tires. They have steady bases and allow you to use your weight to push the handle. That makes inflation quicker and easier than a hand pump. The long hose on the floor pump also makes reaching valves much simpler. Most floor pumps have a pressure gauge that allows you to set tire pressure accurately. They have a large capacity, and they can be used for different tasks such as inflating pools, balls, and more. Due to the large design, they are mostly suitable for home use.  


Mini pumps are designed for emergencies on the road. They come in handy for fixing small punctures when far away from home. Their main advantage is the compact design as they mount on different bicycle types, fit in backpacks, and can be carried in pockets. The pressure in these pumps is not as high as on floor pumps, so they might require more effort when inflating tires, but they are still quite efficient. 

CO2 Inflators

CO2 inflators are another compact type of pump that efficiently inflates tires. They work on CO2 cartridges filled with compressed CO2 gas, which means they require little to no effort when inflating tires. The best thing about this type of pump is the impressive inflation speed, although each cartridge is meant for single-use only. CO2 inflators are also lightweight, pretty small, and easy to carry around. 

Top Brands


Lezyne was founded in 2007 by professional triathlete Micki Kozuschek. It's based in San Luis Obispo, Calif. In the beginning, the company only produced bicycles and clothing, but soon it launched several series of high-quality bike lights, pumps, and other accessories. Although relatively young, the company counts many award-winning products that made it incredibly popular in record time. The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive is one of its most innovative mountain bike pumps.

Pro Bike Tool

Pro Bike Tool is a team of passionate cyclists who bonded over new ideas and ways to improve the cycling experience. The company was founded in 2015 and quickly became very popular. It's focused on producing quality tools and accessories for all riders. Combining reasonable prices and quality products, the company is a runner up in the industry. Products like the Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump are proof of that statement.

Mountain Bike Pumps Pricing

  • Under $20: You can find a lot of handheld and mini bike pumps under $20. They are usually quite small and can't provide a high PSI, which means they require a lot of effort. Still, for emergencies and quick puncture fixes on the road, they are very handy. 
  • $20 and up: In a higher price range, you can find bike floor pumps and other more powerful ones that can deliver higher pressure and ease the inflating process. Some of the most efficient pumps cost around $30-$40.

Key Features


The most important feature of every mountain bike pump is the pressure, which is how much air can be forced into the tire. If the pressure is too low, you won't be able to inflate the tire to the proper PSI level. Pumps with higher pressure mostly have lower volume levels, which means they require more effort. The mid-range ones are the best solution, but it still depends on the bike type and your needs. 


If you want to avoid breaks and leaks when inflating tires, make sure to get a pump with the proper valve. It should match the valve on your bike; otherwise, you won't be able to use the pump. Mountain bikes have either Presta or Schrader valves. The Presta is slim, light, and has a lock nut, while the Schrader is wider and has a spring mechanism on the top. 


Another feature you should look for when searching for the best mountain bike pump is the gauge. It measures and displays the pressure inside the tire. The gauge should be easy to read, so you can accurately inflate the tire without using too much or less than the needed pressure. While most floor pumps have gauges, handheld mini pumps often don’t, and they require checking the pressure manually. 

Other Considerations

  • Design. A mountain bike pump design is something that every rider should consider. If you're on the road all the time, you'll probably use a frame or mini pump mounted on the bike. That means you'll want the one that is aesthetically pleasing and complements your bike. 
  • Durability. A high-quality bike pump should have a solid construction that can withstand a lot of abuse. You should be able to inflate the tire without the pump breaking under pressure, especially on the road where it will be exposed to many other threats.

Best Mountain Bike Pumps Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Lezyne's Micro Floor Drive operates like a miniature floor pump. It's larger than frame pumps, but also smaller than floor ones and proves to be highly portable. The device is 13 inches long, has a built-in foot stand, and a 24-inch long hose. It's rather convenient for mountain biking as well as home use. 

The Micro Floor Drive pump is our top pick for several reasons, two of which are its high-quality construction and ergonomic design. The pump is made of CNC aluminum, which makes it lightweight and extremely durable at the same time. The pump body and pump head are ergonomically designed for easy use, and the hose is long enough to attach to the valve with ease. 

Although the pump has a handy pressure gauge, it does suffer from a minor drawback. The gauge has a very interesting and unique design as it is placed on the air hose, but that makes it inconvenient to read from the operator's perspective. Also, the hose is difficult to attach to the pump, which means it will get in the way when mounted on the bike, so you'll probably have to carry it separately.

The Aim High Pro bicycle repair kit includes useful accessories that come in handy in emergencies. There's a bike multitool, a pocket-sized pump, a ball needle adapter, as well as adhesive patches and bike pry bars. 

The pump is compact and easily mounts on the bike frame. It's a rather convenient tool to have on the road to fix small punctures and inflate tires on the go. Weighing 150g, the pump can be carried in backpacks and even pockets. It also doesn't require using adapters for different valves, so it works on a wide range of bike tires.  

The main drawback of this pump is the lack of gauge. You'll have to measure the tire pressure manually. Also, even though it works on different valve types, the pump doesn't come with an adapter hose. That means it won't be able to inflate tires with closely aligned spokes.

The Pro Bike Tool pump with gauge is an excellent multipurpose tool primarily designed for mountain bikes and BMX. It's a mid-range tool that provides up to 100 PSI and attaches to both Presta and Schrader valves. That makes it rather versatile and handy for different situations. Also, the pump comes in three different colors and makes a great addition to every bike type. 

The pump has a removable flexible hose with an integrated pressure gauge. The gauge readings allow for a high level of accuracy and easier inflating. The oversized piston also eases the process as it requires less effort when pumping, achieving full pressure in only a few pumps. Additionally, the pump comes with a mounting bracket with a strap for a secure attachment to the bike frame. 

The pressure gauge is rather convenient to have, but we did discover some limitations due to its location. Since it’s in the center of the hose, the gauge is very small and difficult to read. It also limits the hose flexibility. Another issue comes from the fact that the Presta valve fitting is not as easy to attach and use as a Schrader fitting.

The VIBRELLI Bike Floor Pump comes highly rated and is set at a rather friendly price. The tool is lightweight and easy enough to use. It features a large gauge so it’s easier to read how much pressure is in each tire. Best of all, the pump is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves making it more functional and versatile.

Another great feature of the bike pump is its ability to store needles. They are so small that it can be easy to lose sight of them. The gauge measures up to 160 PSI and includes a sturdy barrel and reinforced grippy handle that makes it much easier to grasp. It also comes with an emergency puncture kit so you can repair a flat tire on the go.

Its light weight is a blessing and a curse. It makes it easier to take along with you, but can make it more difficult to pump when on the ground. If it were just a bit heavier, it might not sway or wobble around as much while you use it. 

The Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Floor Pump may have a lengthy name, but it’s durable and quite capable. The pump itself is made out of a heavy-duty hardened steel which increases its strength and reliability under pressure. It also includes a PSI gauge that is capable of reading up to 160 PSI.

It comes with all of the necessary needles you need to blow up a bike tire and sporting equipment, too. But one of its greatest features is its ergonomic and oversized handle. The handle is one of the most important components of a bike pump, and a larger one makes it much easier to use. Your hand won’t get cramped or over-tired due to its shape.

But for a bike pump, it is a bit overpriced. The bike pump is also on the heavier side, which can make it annoying to lug around. There have also been complaints that the gauge might not provide the most accurate readings. 

The Venzo Bike Pump is an excellent tool for your mountain bike. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to pack away in a backpack or in a bike shirt’s rear pocket. It is known as a shock pump and is able to function with Presta and Schrader valves. It’s hard to beat a compact bike pump that you can take with you on the trail.

As unique-looking as it is, one of the most unique things about the pump is its dual gauge feature. One is able to pump out a maximum of 300 PSI while the second is rated at 150 PSI. Both are easy to read as well. Another great thing about it is its overall price. It isn’t overly expensive, nor is it priced too low to be considered poor quality. 

However, there have been complaints about air pressure escaping when it is released from the nozzle. Also, due to its smaller, more travel-friendly size, it isn’t the most comfortable or easiest tool to use. It’s difficult to manage and may cause hand cramps or pain.

The Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Bike Pump is built by one of the most well-known bike makers around: Schwinn. It’s light, easy to use, and is set at a reasonable price. It is able to pump up to 120 PSI and includes a comfortable handle and a robust gauge set in the middle of the pump. It’s pleasing to look at, too.

The pump also includes a dual-indicator pump head that functions with both Presta and Schrader valves. It’s a versatile floor pump that has a wide base for increased stability and reduced wobble. The base is perhaps its best feature overall. Plus, the pump comes with a sports ball needle and inflation cone so you can blow up just about anything.

One complaint would have to be how it handles higher pressure. Once you surpass a certain point it can be difficult to continue pumping the device. There have also been issues with accurate readings. It may be off by a few PSI. It also isn’t the most durable feeling bike pump and the foot placement is made out of plastic.

The PRO BIKE TOOL Mini Bike Pump is another great compact travel pump for the trail. It comes highly rated and isn’t too expensive either. It fits perfectly inside a bike bag or bike shirt pocket, too. It doesn’t even weigh a pound. It’s easy to use and delivers quick bursts of air for any mountain bike tire.

Its best overall feature is its mountable bike bracket that makes it easily attach to the mountain bike frame. It fits securely inside the mounting brackets of your water bottle. It also includes a flexible hose that bends to reach difficult-to-reach areas like between the bike spokes. For its price, it is built rather well. It’s rugged, sturdy, and dependable in a pinch.

It may not be all that easy to pump past a PSI of 80. While it is capable of reaching 120 PSI, the higher you go the harder it can be to pump. The mounting bracket isn’t able to fit anywhere on the frame. It also depends on the frame style of your bike. The handle doesn’t include any sort of rubber, so holding onto it can be difficult.


  • You can’t fit a flat tire with a pump alone. Always make sure to carry a puncture repair kit with you when you’re out on your bike.
  • Consider a pump’s size and weight if you carry it with you on your bike. If you can get one that fits your bike and has a gauge, even better.
  • Check out the specifications of the pump. Is it high pressure, high volume, or both? Higher volume pumps are better for mountain bikes, while higher pressure ones are more suited to road bikes.


Q: Do different tires have different valves?

Yes. Most inner tubes are either Presta or Schrader valves, although your mountain bike (like your car) is most likely to be a Schrader. Prestas are long and thin and tend to be found mainly on road bikes.

Q: Why is it important to have a mountain bike pump?

Bicycle pumps are needed for two things: repairing flats and keeping your tires at the correct, safe pressure. Different situations require different amounts of pressure, and there are minimum requirements you need to hit to be roadworthy.

Q: Am I better off with a floor pump or a hand pump?

Every cyclist should have a quality floor pump at home or in their garage and a hand pump in their bicycle travel kit, if not mounted directly on the bike itself.

Final Thoughts

With both power and portability, the Lezyne High Pressure High Volume Bicycle Hand Pump is our best overall mountain bike pump. Our top pick for value is the super portable Aim High Pro. Bike Tyre Repair Kit with Pump.