Best Mountain Bike Pumps: Inflate Your Tires With Ease

Don’t let a flat tire wreck your ride with these top mountain bike pumps

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PUBLISHED ON October 28, 2019

A bike pump is a must-have accessory for even the most casual of cyclists. It’s even more critical for a mountain biker, who’s bouncing around on sharp rocks and gravel. Flats aside, tires naturally lose pressure over time, and low tire pressure can increase the risk of punctures. Check out our top bicycle pumps for mountain bikes and avoid getting stuck in the hills.

  • Best Overall
    LEZYNE Micro Floor Drive High Pressure & High Volume Bike Pump

    High-pressure floor pump constructed almost entirely out of CNC aluminum for lightweight durability. Includes a 24-inch rubber hose for ease of use and comes in two different colors. 


    Although a floor pump, it’s only 13 inches long and comes with a folding foot stand and its own mount for guaranteed portability. Optional extras include an in-line 160 psi pressure gauge.


    Gauge (if included) is difficult to read. Not easy or convenient to attach a hose to the pump when mounted on a bike, so this ideally needs to be carried separately.

  • Best Value
    Bike Repair Kit with Pump - Bike Multitool - Tire Levers - Ball Needle - Frame Mount

    Emergency bicycle repair kit with bike multitool, adhesive patches and a universal, pocket-sized pump that can be mounted underneath your water bottle cage.


    The pump is sturdy but weighs less than 150g, so it is easy and convenient to take with you on bike rides. No adapter needed for different valves, so it can be used on any bike tire.


    It doesn’t include a gauge for measuring tire pressure. No adapter hose, so it’s too wide to inflate tires with closely aligned spokes.

  • Honorable Mention
    Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump with Gauge, Presta and Schrader Valve

    This portable, lightweight pump is designed for mountain bikes and BMX.  It includes an integrated gauge for accuracy and is capable of providing up to 100 psi of pressure via Presta or Schrader valves. 

    Available in three different colors.


    Features an oversized piston which requires 30 percent fewer pumps to achieve full pressure. Includes a secure frame mount bracket with extra security strap for a rattle-free ride.


    Because the gauge is integrated, it’s very small and difficult to read. Presta valve fitting is fiddly to attach and problematic to use.

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  • You can’t fix a flat tire with a pump alone. Always make sure to carry a puncture repair kit with you when you’re out on your bike.
  • Consider a pump’s size and weight if you carry it with you on your bike. If you can get one that fits your bike and has a gauge, even better.
  • Check out the specifications of the pump. Is it high pressure, high volume, or both? Higher volume pumps are better for mountain bikes, while higher pressure ones are more suited to road bikes.


Q: Do different tires have different valves?

A: Yes. Most inner tubes are either Presta or Schrader valves, although your mountain bike (like your car) is most likely to be a Schrader. The Prestas are long and thin and tend to be found mainly on road bikes.

Q: Why is it important to have a mountain bike pump?

A: Bicycle pumps are needed for two things: repairing flats and keeping your tires at the correct, safe pressure. Different situations require different amounts of pressure, and there are minimum requirements you need to hit to be roadworthy.

Q: Am I better off with a floor pump or a hand pump?

A: Every cyclist should have a quality floor pump at home or in their garage and a hand pump in their bicycle travel kit, if not mounted directly on the bike itself.

Final Thoughts

With both power and portability, the Lezyne High Pressure High Volume Bicycle Hand Pump is our best overall mountain bike pump. Our top pick for value is the super portable Aim High Pro. Bike Tyre Repair Kit with Pump.