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Best Bike Phone Mounts: Keep Your Phone Within Reach

These bike phone mounts will secure your phone while you’re riding on your bike

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BYDorian Smith-Garcia/ LAST UPDATED ON April 8, 2020

Biking is one of the healthiest means of transport that you could use. Whether you want to go to work on your bicycle or you’re just taking a quick ride on your bike, you must have your smartphone in a secure spot. That way, you can see the best route in Google Maps, check your messages, and pick up calls without taking your hands off of the bike handlebar. That’s why we’ve decided to show you the best bike phone mounts.

Best Overall

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorbike


This tool is a universal phone mount that fits almost every smartphone of 3.5 inches wide. It is adjustable, so it can fit almost any bike handlebar too. It has robust and flexible plastic rubber bands that will support the movement and secure your smartphone.


The Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount Premium has two points of contact. The co-pilot has one of the widest clamps, compared to others in the market. This mount has silicone material, which can stretch and adapt to the smartphone’s shape. It also has a quality-price balance.


Some users claim it’s a good smartphone mount for regular bikes, but it doesn’t have much strength when it comes to high movements like in motorbikes or mountain bike.

Best Value

IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bike Mount

The IPOW Universal Bike Phone Mount is a modestly-priced bike phone holder that has a 360-degree rotatable mode, and it’s suitable for almost every cell phone. It is a popular option because it has two interchangeable silicone straps. It also has soft rubber lines to avoid phone scratches.
One of the best parts of this handlebar mount is the 360-degree mode, which allows you to use it in portrait or landscape. The two silicon butterflies are interchangeable. It has soft rubber bands that reduce vibration and, therefore, it protects your smartphone from scratches. And finally, it has excellent value.

The rubber lines don’t cover enough space for the smartphone, so it doesn’t have enough support. Some users say that the phone could fall if they’re doing a mountain bike or road full of rocks.

Honorable Mention

TeamObsidian Premium Bike Phone Mount

This mount comes in medium and large and is made of non-slip silicone. It fits most smartphones and attaches to your bike's handlebar or stem. It operates similarly to a watch strap.
The holder grips your phone really well and does not slide around. It's also easy to wash if it gets dirty in the rain or on a mountain trail.

It may dip slightly forward a bit if you ride on bumpy terrain. It doesn't work on really small phones, and the straps can loosen or break over time.
Best Bike Phone Mounts: Keep Your Phone Within Reach

Benefits of Bike Phone Mounts

  • Attend calls easily. When you’re riding a bike or motorcycle, holding onto your cell phone with your hands isn’t safe. A bike phone holder is perfect because you can put the call on speaker mode and keep your hands on the handlebars.
  • Use maps. With a bike phone holder, you can use your maps without taking your eyes off the road and find the best route to your destination. You will focus only on riding, and you can set Google Maps to run through the speaker in your Android or Apple device.
  • Access music. You can ride while you listen to your favorite songs. Some phone mounts have a particular hole where you can plug in your headphones, or you can use Bluetooth headphones.
  • Easy installation. Most of the handlebar mounts are adjustable so they can fit with any cellphone or bicycle. You will need to place your phone on the mount case or put the elastic rubber bands onto the phone (if it’s a universal one). After that, you can place the bike phone holder onto the bicycle handlebar by securing it with its lock system.
  • Protect your phone from falling. These smartphone mounts can protect your phone, even when you’re riding on uneven or bumpy roads. It is one of the principal reasons why people buy these phone holders. They can go on a ride without worrying about their phone falling and potentially getting damaged.

Types of Bike Phone Mounts

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Case Mounts

These smartphone holders work with specific phone models. They are common, and they’re available for most of the popular phone models and brands, like Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Most of these phone holders work with most iPhones (iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X). They’re pretty secure, because even if the phone falls, it will have a strong case to protect it. The only disadvantage is that it’s limited when it comes to models, and not every phone will work with the phone case mounts.

Universal Mounts

These smartphone holders are not restricted to a particular phone model. They work for almost every type of phone and adjust to most types of handlebars. You don’t need to have a Samsung Galaxy Note or an iPhone 6 to have one of these phone holders. This is a great option because you’re not limited to a phone model; however, they may not fit your phone perfectly.

Frame Bag Mounts

The frame bag is like a small bag that carries your phone and other helpful things, like your charger, power bank, credit cards, or your headphones. Most of them have plenty of space and are very functional. You can even charge your phone while you’re riding the bike. One of the cons is that it heats up your phone when the day is sunny.

Top Brands


Rokform was founded in 2010 and designs military protective cases. That’s the reason why most of its products are made with strong materials that will also support everyday use. Some of its main products include theRokform Rugged Series Military Grade Magnetic Protective Phone Case and theMotorcycle Fork Clamp Phone Mount. The iPhone mount works with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X.


Topeak is a technological company with 29 years of experience in the market. It specializes in bike-related products made of resistant materials. Most of its products are meant to support strong movements and heavy use. Its popular products include theTopeak Ride CaseII Quick Click Mount and their Topeak Ride Case RX with Sport Camera Mount.


Quad-Lock is an Australian company that grew thanks to a crowdfunding campaign in 2011. It specializes in bike phone holders, and it created its own security system for protecting phones from falling. This is the principal reason why it became so famous. It produces phone case mounts, so they work on specific phone models. However, it’s been starting to add universal mounts as well. Some of its main products are the Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit.

Bike Phone Mount Pricing

  • $5-$30: Here you will find phone mounts that are equipped with 360-degree rotating heads, and they usually have anti-split material in the clamp.
  • $30-$80: At this price point are mid-range, quality phone mounts. They usually have a great locking system, and they’re mostly case phone mounts, which is good for securing your phone properly. 
  • $80-$200: These are the high-end bike phone mounts. They are durable, and most of them have a useful life of more than five years. One of the main characteristics of these types of phone mounts is that they’re extremely flexible and have non-slip rubber cradles.

Key Features


Most phone mounts are made out of silicone or rubber material. Make sure that you choose a phone mount that has a strong support made of good materials. That way your phone will stay protected from falling. Some high-tech mounts can last several years.

Phone Size

Remember that there are two types of mounts based on phone size: case mounts and universal mounts. If you have a popular phone model, like the iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy Note, then you can go with a case mount because it’ll fit better with your particular phone. But if your phone is not so common, then you should go with a universal mount.

Mount Design

There are many types of phone mounts that you can choose from, and all of them have different features. The most common features include extra security, a 360-degree rotatable mode, a water-resistant exterior, and a sunlight reflector.

Handlebar Size

Yes, there are many phone mounts that have a universal function. But don’t assume it will automatically fit your bike model. You need to check the handlebar measurements for each phone mount in order to get the best fit.

Full Access

Some phone mounts allow you to use all the buttons and features of your phone, while others encapsulate your phone in a way that you can’t press any buttons. The latter tends to happen with frame bag mounts. So, make sure that the one you’re looking for allows you to use your phone properly.

Other Considerations

  • Security Flaws: Generally, most phone mounts are secure. But there is always the possibility of failure. There are only two reasons why your phone might fall from your mount: poor installation or hitting a big bump. These mounts are not meant to be used for extreme sports like mountain biking.
  • Waterproof Ability: Most bike phone mounts are not waterproof. You need to check the specifications before you buy one. The only ones that can offer this feature are the frame-bag ones.
  • Quality of the Security Bands: If you’re buying a universal phone mount, make sure that the security bands are thick enough to protect your phone. Some of the low-priced mounts have very thin security bands, so they could break anytime if you hit a bumpy road.

Best Bike Phone Mount Reviews & Recommendations 2020

The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount has a great quality-price balance, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular choices among consumers. It is a universal phone mount, which means it can suit almost any type of phone. It is also made out of silicone straps. This provides flexible movement, which is great for supporting vibration in the road.

This phone mount has adjustable support for the handlebar, so it allows you to use it on most bicycles; however, it’s not meant to work on supersport bicycles. It’s good when it comes to regular rides, but be careful when you’re hitting a bumpy road. You shouldn’t use it when you’re mountain biking.

Also, this mount won’t protect your phone from rain. Your phone is completely exposed to external factors. However, it is a good product if what you’re looking for is something strong enough to support your phone with great material and a good price.

This is a universal phone mount that has a 360-degree rotatable mode, which makes it versatile when it comes to the positions of your phone. You can use it in portrait mode or horizontal. It is known to be one of the best-priced phone mounts online.

Having a thick and strong material to support your phone is great. But sometimes the rough materials can cause scratches on your device. The IPOW mount has soft rubber bands that will support your phone and protect it from this type of damage.

However, the rubber lines might be to thin and don’t cover that much space on the phone, so it could drop the phone when it hits an extremely bumpy road. If you’re a sport lover and like to go on extreme mountain rides, then this phone holder isn’t for you. Another good point to mention is that the IPOW is a universal mount, but if you use a phone that’s too heavy, it might slouch a little.

This non-slip silicone bicycle phone mount fits 99 percent of smartphones and comes in two sizes: medium and large. The bands on the mount are affixed to the edges of your phone, so you can easily tap the screen. The mount attaches to the handlebar or stem of your bike and can also be used on a scooter, motorcycle, or exercise bike.

This device holds your phone like a champ. It wraps around your phone perfectly, and since it's made of silicone and is a slim cut, there are no screws that loosen it up. The mount does not slide around, and it operates similar to a watch wrist strap. The material is also easy to wash following a dirty ride or rainstorm. It even comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

However, during a really bumpy ride, the mount may roll forward slightly. The straps may loosen or break over time, and it doesn't work very well with small phones.


  • When you’re buying a phone mount, think about the way you want to use it: do you prefer to have a bag with enough space to carry other devices? Then go for a frame bag mount. If you prefer something that will allow you to use your phone without any limitations, you should go for a regular phone mount. 
  • You should also think about your phone model. If you have a popular model like an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy Note, you should buy a case phone mount because this one will adjust perfectly to your phone. If you have a phone model that is not so popular, you should buy a universal phone mount. These types of mounts adapt to almost every type of phone and bike. 
  • When you’re buying a universal phone mount, make sure that it fits your handlebar too. Most universal bike phone mounts have an adjustable clamp for the handlebar. But it doesn’t mean it will fit every single type of handlebar. You must check its measurements first.
  • Check  the security lock system. Some bike phone mounts have an excellent security lock system to protect your phone, which consists of strong materials and a good locking method that will make your phone stick to the handlebar as much as possible.
  • And, remember, it’s very important that you ensure a proper installation of the phone mount. One of the most common reasons why mobiles fall from the mount is that they weren’t properly installed.


Q: What kind of bike phone mount should I buy?

A: This depends on several factors. If you regularly change your phone model, you could go for a universal phone mount. However, if you are stable with your phone model you could choose a case phone mount, which will provide more security to your phone. And even if you’re choosing a universal mount, you should check its measurements.

Q: How to install a bike phone mount?

A: It’s very easy to install. All you need to do is to attach the phone mount onto the bike handlebar and secure it by screwing the flipper. Then you can adjust the ball and the socket joint. If it has a silicone band, you can proceed to attach the band onto your phone. 

Q: Why should I buy a bike phone mount?

A: This is an excellent tool for people who regularly use a bike and still want to be able to use their phones while riding. They will allow you to listen to music in your android, use Google maps and even pick up phone calls while you’re on the road. And most of them are very secure, so your phone will stay protected all the time. 

Final Thoughts

The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is the best overall phone mount because of its good quality-price balance and versatile silicone bands.

If you’re looking for a great price, you should go for the IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bike Mount. It has a great 360º feature, and its soft rubber bands will protect your phone.