Best Bike Trailers: Explore the Outdoors in Comfort

These top bike trailers are comfortable, functional, and easy to install

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PUBLISHED ON October 25, 2019

Bike trailers are highly useful. There are bike trailers for kids, pets, and even cargo. If you like to move around using your bicycle, a bike trailer is a must-have. It increases a bike’s capacity, making it more than a bike. If you want a bike trailer for your kid or pet, choose one of the three in our buying guide below.

  • Best Overall
    In-Step 2-in-1 Canopy Bike Trailer
    This two-in-one trailer has enough room for two kids and bags weighing 12 pounds. The universal coupler fits most bikes’ rear wheels. It also has a flag for extra visibility.
    Your kids will safely experience the outdoors, thanks to the bug screen and weather-protection canopy. The 16-inch air-filled wheels are made for top performance. The trailer easily fits most storage spaces.
    The pneumatic tires tend to get damaged quickly, especially if you constantly ride on rough roads or in hot weather. The trailer can only be attached to bikes with a wheel size of 26 inches or smaller.
  • Best Value
    Allen Sports T-1B Bike Trailer
    Your kid will love riding with you in this little fortress of fun. Thanks to its quality construction and 16-inch steel wheels, you can turn corners and a smooth ride over small bumps.
    It has expansive front and side windows to let your kid soak up the sun in comfort. They stay protected by the foot guard and padded five-point safety harness inside the trailer, especially during bumpy rides.
    During hot months, the interior can get hot and humid unless you open the windows. For big kids, the trailer can be a bit uncomfortable. The seat could use more cushioning to absorb shocks better.
  • Honorable Mention
    Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer
    If you like taking your furry friend with you on bike rides, get this pet trailer. It comes with a one-year limited warranty and has thick 16-inch wheels. You can easily fold it when you want to store it.
    The pet trailer can hold a pet that weighs 50 pounds or less. It has a rear doggie door for easy entrance and exit. It is easy to assemble. It is also made of non-slip material to ensure your pet does not slip down the seat.
    If your pet likes to stand when in the trailer, it may tip over. Some newer Schwinn bikes are not compatible with the trailer because their rear axles do not stick out beyond the end nuts.

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  • Invest in a trailer with bigger wheels and a low center of gravity. That way, you protect your kid from awkward falls on sharp corners and shocks during bumpy rides. If the trailer has pneumatic tires, keep away from wild trails that might easily ruin them or the tubing.
  • While bike trailers for kids and pets are relatively safe, road users can be unpredictable. Try to only ride when there is minimal traffic or stick to roads that are less frequented. 
  • Make sure your child is strapped in and wearing a helmet. This is to keep them safe in case you encounter a rough patch or hit something. 


Q: What is the maximum weight a bike trailer for kids can carry?

A: Bike trailers for one kid can carry up to 50 pounds. Two-seat trailers usually have a capacity of 100 pounds. You also need to consider the weight of luggage as it will affect the trailer’s function. 

Q: Is a bike trailer safe?

A: Well-constructed bike trailers offer a very safe way to transport your child, pet, or cargo. Those that are specifically designed for kids have safety features and keep your child safe from harm. 

Q: How old should a child be to ride in a bike trailer?

A: The ideal age for a kid to travel in a bike trailer is between one year and 18 months when they are old enough to sit upright with a helmet on. However, there are some trailers that cater to small kids and accommodate a rear-facing car seat. 

Final Thoughts

If you want your kid to travel in comfort, protected against the elements, we recommend the In-Step 2-in-1 Canopy Bike Trailer. However, if you’re looking to save money, simply get the Allen Sports T-1B Bike Trailer