Best ATV Goggles: Keep Your Eyes Safe from the Elements

Ride through dirt, mud, and puddles and see the path more clearly with these ATV goggles

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PUBLISHED ON October 24, 2019

A good pair of ATV goggles will protect your eyes while you ride and let you see the trail more clearly. Goggles are a necessity for any ATV adventure and prevent dust, dirt, mud, or the sun from blinding you. They fit over most helmets and can even be matched with the color of your ATV to add a sense of style. Here are the best ATV goggles to consider for your next trip.

  • Best Overall
    Fox Racing Goggles
    These goggles come with a wide lens with a triple layer of face foam for added protection and comfort. The glass also offers 100-percent UV protection from the sun.
    The straps are made up of a non-slip silicone fabric to ensure they cling tightly to your helmet and head. The goggles also come in several different colors to match your ATV or helmet.
    The paint may not be strong and can rub or peel off easily. The goggles are also not tinted, so riding in direct sunlight may be an issue. Plus, the tear-off posts may be difficult to reach.
  • Best Value
    Jamiewin ATV Racing Goggles
    These ATV goggles are tinted and impact-resistant. The dark glass lens protects against sunlight, wind, dust, and fog to keep your eyes free from harm.
    They include extra soft padded breathable foam, so you don’t get overheated while wearing them. Plus, the non-slip straps are comfortable and can fit all helmet sizes.
    The goggles are not flexible or bendable, so they may be a little stiff at first. They may also fog up during humid or hot days and do not fit comfortably over glasses.
  • Honorable Mention
    Enkeeo ATV Racing Goggles
    These goggles come with an easy-to-adjust no-slip strap for any style or size of helmet. In addition, they have a breathable and hypoallergenic foam layer for increased comfort.
    As a shatterproof lens, they are more resistant to abrasions and cracks. They are also wind-resistant to protect your eyes against the strongest wind gusts.
    The thick layer of foam may make them prone to fogging, and they can also make the goggles a bit too snug. They may not fit properly over glasses either.

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  • To keep your goggles in peak condition when you’re not wearing them, leave them in their carrying case. This will protect them against extreme heat or intense cold.
  • To clean your goggles more efficiently, consider using an antiseptic spray. The solution will help keep away dust and prevent streaks on the lens.
  • You may want to get ATV goggles with a thicker layer of foam around the lenses. This will ensure you are more comfortable, and they fit more snugly around your face.


Q: How can I stop my ATV goggles from fogging up?

A: Spray an anti-fog solution on the goggles before each ride to repel moisture and condensation. Or use a brand that has enhanced ventilation to allow warm air to travel through them instead of being trapped inside.

Q: How do I clean ATV goggles?

A: Use a microfiber cloth or rag to scrub away any dirt or dust from the lens. Avoid using rough paper towels or other fabrics that may scratch the lens. You can also place the goggles under warm soapy water.

Q: What is a tear-off lens? 

A: A tear-off or rip-off lens is a thin layer of clear film that fits over the glass. Typically there are several of these layered on top of one another, and they can be quickly ripped away when they get dirty. 

Final Thoughts

For one of the best pairs of ATV goggles that provide you with a wide view and comfortable fit, consider the Fox Racing Goggles

If you want a lower-priced pair with breathable foam and a tinted lens, try the Jamiewin ATV Racing Goggles.