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Best Chainsaw Chaps: Stay Safe While Cutting Wood

Protect the vulnerable parts of your body with these top chainsaw chaps

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BYMike Knott, Norah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON July 7, 2021

Chainsaws are convenient power tools that can help you get your work done in minutes. However, there’s also the risk of being injured by a running chainsaw if something goes wrong. That’s why every chainsaw operator should consider dressing in chainsaw chaps, which are protective trousers that minimize injuries. Take a look at some of the best on the market, so that you can help mitigate a little bit of that risk.

Best Overall

Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap

An adjustable apron wrap chap that covers the front of your legs.
It contains five layers of protective material. Durable buckles and straps. Available in a variety of colors. Meets ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA safety standards. Machine washable. Included gear pocket. Great for home and professional use.
May not offer full leg coverage for tall people. It doesn’t protect the back of the legs. Open crotch area. 
Best Value

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Affordable apron-style chaps that protect the front of your legs.
Water and oil resistant. Lightweight. Comfortable. Protects against serious injury. It has an adjustable belt and a side pocket. It comes in a variety of colors.  Meets OSHA and ASTM standards.
No pockets included. Not as thick as other chaps. It doesn’t keep you safe from electric chainsaws.
Honorable Mention

Labonville Premium Chainsaw Chaps

Apron-style chaps that protect the front of your legs and are reversible, if needed. 
Made of five layers of cut-retardant Kevlar and polyester blend material. Lightweight. Breathable. Machine washable. Comfortable to wear all day. Oil- and water-resistant. Waist is adjustable up to 48 inches. Meets OSHA and ASTM standards.
Expensive. May not be a good fit for everyone. Only available in one color. Doesn't cover the back of the leg.
Best Chainsaw Chaps: Stay Safe While Cutting Wood

The Cold Creek Loggers Professional Forestry Cutter's Combo Kit is a three-for-one deal. The kit includes a pair of highly visible orange chaps that are available in two sizes: 37 inches and 40 inches. The kit also includes a safety helmet and earmuffs, which provide face and ear protection and meet ANSI requirements. The apron-style chaps are UL classified and meet safety standards for leg protective garments, which provides some peace of mind. Overall, the chaps fit well and are expandable to accommodate several waist sizes. However, the pocket on the chaps is very shallow and not particularly useful. Also, there have been some complaints that the helmet and earmuffs are poor quality and have a tendency to break rather easily.

The Pfanner Gladiator Chainsaw Protection Pants are Class 1 pro-grade chaps that are designed to withstand and repel thorns, oil, heat, and water. They feature high-tech Dyneema chainsaw protection and StretchAIR technology, which makes them more comfortable than some competing brands. They also have KlimaAIR fabric to regulate the temperature in both hot and cold climates. The zippered vents on the back of the legs provide ventilation, while the knees are reinforced with waterproof Keprotec. The chaps are available in medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large, but you may have to order one size up for a better fit. These chaps don't feel bulky in the legs, and they provide excellent protection in densely wooded areas.  However, they don't have gators or ankle shields like some rival brands do. In addition, they're a little pricey.


  • Do not wash the chaps if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. Some chaps get weaker with every wash. Some chaps can only be hand washed.
  • Consider pairing the chaps with other safety gear, like a helmet, safety boots, and work gloves, to protect your entire body from harm. 
  • Wearing safety gear is not a license to operate the chainsaw at higher speeds than what you are used to or to do tricks. Stick to the basics and the chainsaw manufacturer’s instructions to stay safe. 


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Q: Can a chainsaw chap stop a chainsaw rotating at full speed?

A: It depends on the rotation speed, angle of the cut, and the thickness of the chaps. Most chainsaw chaps can stop a chainsaw rotating at 2,500 feet per minute. However, you may get minor injuries from a chainsaw rotating at 4,000 feet per minute. The chaps only work to reduce damage by high-speed chainsaws. 

Q: Do all chainsaw chaps protect against electric chainsaws?

A: Most chaps do not protect against electric chainsaws unless the manufacturer says that they do. Electric chainsaws attain high speeds that most chaps cannot protect against. 

Q: Do repaired chainsaw chaps offer the same protection?

A: Depending on the type of damage, you can repair the chaps and still use them. If the damage on the inner layer that’s in direct contact with your body is small, you can seal it with duct tape.  Do not attempt to repair the outer layers, especially if the damage is caused by a chainsaw. It won’t offer the same level of protection.

Q: Do chainsaw chaps come in standard sizes?

A: Most chainsaw chaps come with adjustable waist and shoulder straps to fit a range of sizes. A size 33 chap may only refer to its length and not the waist size. Most brands make a variety of sizes, including extra-large sizes for tall people. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap. They offer top-notch protection to your legs from chainsaw injury. They can also be used by anyone since they are adjustable. 

If you are looking for comfortable and affordable chainsaw chaps, then consider the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps