Best Electric Mountain Bikes: Enjoy an Easier Riding Experience

Tackle the toughest trails with these electric mountain bikes

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PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2019

Cycling helps you get fit, but there are times when it gets exhausting to push the pedals to force the bike up a hill. Changing the gear may not be much help, and at times it may feel like you are punishing yourself when you don’t have to. With an electric bike, you can maintain your fitness routine and get a little boost when going up a steep slope. Consider using any of the options in our buying guide to have an easier time riding your bike.

  • Best Overall
    ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike 
    A 36-volt electric bike with wide tires and a seven-gear shifting system for a fast and smooth ride
    It has a chic color and design. It comes with a removable lithium battery and a smart charger. Suitable for riding on all terrain. Safe and stable. Features anti-slip and wear-resistant tires. Has an adjustable seat and handlebar. Comfortable grips.
    Poor customer service. It may be challenging to get a battery replacement. The package may come without the assembly instructions. 
  • Best Value
    ANCHEER Pro Electric Mountain Bike
    A 36-volt electric bike and assisted bicycle that lets you combine two cycling modes when traveling long distances. 
    Made of high strength aluminum frames. Has an adjustable handle and seat. Shock absorbers included. Has a horn and LED headlamp for safe night riding. It has a removable battery. Features a 21-speed shifter for enhanced performance.
    The motor may develop issues over time. The LED light may stop working after a few months. The chain is a bit noisy.
  • Honorable Mention
    Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike 
    A stylish electric mountain bike with a quick-release 36-volt lithium battery that can reach speeds of 15 mph.
    Rust-resistant and appealing bright silver finish. Safe to ride in the rain. It offers a smooth ride. Has a heavily padded saddle for enhanced comfort. It can provide up to 30 miles of travel on a full battery. Easy to use.
    It doesn’t come fully assembled. Poor packaging. The color may fade after only a few months.

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  • To avoid running out of power, plug in your bike to charge at the end of each day. You may want to carry an extra charger in case the battery runs low during the day.
  • Buy an extra battery for your bike. It will come in handy for when you go for long trips and may not have access to a power outlet for charging the battery. 
  • Store the battery at full charge when it’s not in use. Be sure to top it off after a few weeks when the charge goes down. Avoid leaving it on the bike when the temperatures are too hot or cold as it may get damaged. 
  • Keep your chain well-lubricated to improve your pedaling efficiency. A well-oiled chain also improves the cranking efficiency of the motor. Also, lubricate the joints like the handlebars and saddle seat joint to reduce friction between the metal parts. 
  • Consider switching to tubeless tires. They can adapt to any terrain and are better at absorbing the shocks of bumps, potholes, and rugged terrain compared to conventional tube tires. They also have a lower chance of puncturing. 


Q: How can I improve the bike range when the battery is low?

A: Switch to pedaling to conserve the bike's energy. Lower the assist setting, and pedal faster when climbing a slope. Alternatively, you could ride slower to reduce wind resistance that typically puts a strain on the battery. 

Q: Can an electric bike ride well with low tire pressure?

A: Low tire pressure makes the bike harder to move and sluggish. It gets harder for you to pedal and puts a strain on the battery since the electric system is being overworked. Maintain your tire pressure at around 60 psi for a smooth ride. Overinflating them also makes the ride feel rougher. 

Q: How often should I replace an e-bike’s battery?

A: Your battery’s ability to hold energy will reduce significantly with time. You can, therefore, replace your battery every year, or when you feel that the bike range is intolerable. Be sure to replace it with the same model or one that’s compatible with your e-bike. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best electric mountain bike is the ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike. It’s a versatile choice for anyone who wants to go for off-road rides or daily commutes. 

If you are looking for something that fits better within your tight budget, consider the ANCHEER Pro Electric Mountain Bike