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Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags: Sleep Tight and Travel Light

These ultralight sleeping bags will cut down the weight of your pack

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 21, 2020

When you're camping, every pound in your backpack counts. While choosing a lighter tent may not be an option, a sleeping bag is a piece of gear on which you can cut down some weight. And, even with light sleeping bags, you don't have to compromise your comfort and warmth. Some ultralight sleeping bags offer a balance of warmth, comfort, weight, and functionality. To help you choose the best one, we’ve put together this guide.

Best Overall

Hyke and Byke Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Hyke and Byke offer a sleeping bag made with down insulation and waterproof fabrics. The lower temperature limit is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and the comfort limit is 50 degrees. It's mainly designed for warm weather conditions.
Tested for reliability and safety. Duck down insulation for more warmth and less weight. All models and sizes weigh under 3 pounds. Resistant to water and moisture. The nylon compression panels have straps with a quick-release function.  Spacious enough to ensure comfort for every body type.
The bag could be a little cold depending on the pad you place underneath. The zipper is not of the best quality. Some down feathers might transfer to your clothes.
Best Value

Redcamp Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The temperature range goes from 59 to 77  degrees, with a comfort limit of 68 degrees. The breathable fabric makes the bag comfortable and lightweight. It's foldable, easy to transport, and waterproof.
The bag is made of polyester. It's available in different sizes, and the heaviest one weighs 2 pounds. Two bags can be connected with the two-way zippers. The bag compresses easily, keeps the body warm, and proves to be quite durable. It comes with a one-year warranty. 
Only appropriate for summer weather. Some people find it too narrow around the shoulders. Zipping it up may be difficult.
Honorable Mention

Kelty Tuck Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

This ultralight sleeping bag from Kelty offers a balance of warmth and compressibility for easy traveling. The lower temperature limit rating is around 22 degrees. It's mostly designed for warmer nights when you want to cut down some pack weight.
The bag is EN tested and reliable. The synthetic insulation ensures comfort and less weight for backpacking. The bag is spacious, with some extra room for your feet and a thermal-comfort hood. It has an integrated storage pocket. Comfortable and breathable material. Easy to zip and unzip.
The synthetic insulation makes it bulkier than the other two choices. The bag is designed only for summer and warm temperatures. The included sack lacks compression straps.
Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags: Sleep Tight and Travel Light


  • Pick a sleeping bag according to your body type and sleep style. Carefully determine the numbers when deciding on comfort or lower temperature limit of a sleeping bag. If you're a cold sleeper, go for a higher lower limit. 
  • Look for an EN rating when choosing a sleeping bag. The ones with EN ratings have undergone the manikin test for temperature and comfort. They are safer and more reliable than sleeping bags rated only by the manufacturer.  
  • Make sure to get a spacious sleeping bag. Ultralight bags tend to shed weight by cutting down the length and width. You should opt for the sleeping bag that gives you some extra space around your feet, shoulders, and hips to allow for comfortable sleep. 


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Q: Which insulation should an ultralight sleeping bag have?

A: Most people prefer down insulation when they want to cut down the weight of their sleeping bags. It's lighter than synthetic insulation, warmer, and contains durable water repellent (DWR). However, keep in mind that synthetic insulation dries faster and is less expensive.

Q: Are all ultralight sleeping bags resistant to water?

A: Many are water-resistant but don't offer full protection. Down insulation is more resistant to water, but it's not waterproof. The durable water repellent works, but it wears off, and it has to be applied repeatedly.

Q: Which type of zipper should you choose for an ultralight sleeping bag?

A: If you don't mind sleeping in a fixed position, you can go with shorter zippers. They are lighter than long ones, and therefore perfect for ultralight sleeping bags. To avoid extra weight, you should avoid metal zippers and get plastic or nylon ones.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for an ultralight sleeping bag is the Hyke and Byke Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag. It’s a reliable and warm bag that compresses to an impressively small size. 

You can also go for a budget-friendly option and get the Redcamp Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag as long as you’re planning to use it in warm weather.