Best Angle Grinders: Get Greater Control and Maneuverability

Use any of these professional cutting and grinding tools to complete detailing projects in your garage

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PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2019

An angle grinder, also known as a side or disc grinder, is an invaluable detailing tool in a service garage or auto repair shop. It helps you grind, polish, sharpen, and cut through metal and stone. We have put together some of the best angle grinders on the market that would make a great addition to your power tool set.

  • Best Overall
    Bosch Angle Grinder 
    A high-performance and easy to handle angle grinder that cuts through concrete in minutes.
    Capable of delivering 11,000 RPM. Includes a grinder-stopping mechanism for safety.  It offers a comfortable grip. Well-suited for pipe fitting, concrete restoration, and metal fabrication.
    Durability issues. Fragile casing. Awkward positioning of the control button.
  • Best Value
    BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool
    An affordable, motor-operated angle grinder that’s capable of delivering 10,000 RPM.
    Safe and durable. Easy to transport and store. Lightweight. It offers extra comfort and control. Well-suited for cutting, sharpening, removing rust, grinding, and surface preparation.
    May overheat with extended use. Cheap quality grinding wheels. On/off switch may jam.
  • Honorable Mention
    Milwaukee Fuel Pad
    A cordless and versatile angle grinder that runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
    Capable of 8,500 RPM. Adjustable handguard. Fits comfortably in the hand. Dust-protected. It requires no brush changes. Good battery life. Experiences little motor wear over time. 
    Fragile external components. A bit heavier than other angle grinders.

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  • Wear protective clothing to protect yourself from flying particles caused by the grinder. Wear a face mask, ear protectors, and safe work gloves to prevent any injuries. 
  • Secure the workpiece and ensure that no one is close to the work area to protect them from flying sparks. Also, keep flammable objects away from the workspace.  
  • Ensure that the grinder is switched off before connecting it to a power outlet. Also, ensure that the handle is firmly attached to the unit before lifting it. 
  • Test out all the safety components to make sure that there are no defects. The safety/user manual can help you identify the flaws. 


Q: Are wheels on an angle grinder safe?

A: It depends on how well you know how to use the equipment. You should test out new wheels in a protected space before using them. To guarantee your safety, be sure to position the workpiece so that all the dirt flies downwards, and avoid taking the wheels close to the edge. They may get caught up and kick back the object. 

Q: Can an angle grinder cut through metal?

A: Angle grinders come with different discs or blades designed for working on different surfaces. You can find a disc that is suitable for cutting through tough metal or other hard surfaces, including rebar, concrete, tiles, and stone. Metal cutting discs are usually thinner and can cut through dimensional steel, pipes, metal plates, and sheet metal. 

Q: What is a soft start?

A: Imagine buying an angle grinder that bursts into a powerful force every time you start it. Your hands would strain to control the tool and direct it to the surface. Soft start technology eliminates this problem. It ensures that the power tool starts off at a slower speed before it builds up to the right speed to handle the task at hand. It’s meant to reduce user fatigue when operating the tool. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Bosch Angle Grinder. It can handle tough detailing jobs and has a durable design that’s protected from abrasion damage.  

If you are looking for a cheaper angle grinder, consider the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool