Best Bicycle Lights: Be Seen and Light Up the Dark

Stay safe and visible while riding at night with these super bright LED bicycle lights

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PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2019

Whether you enjoy riding at night or through a dark forest, the brightest bicycle light will not only help you see, but also allow others to see you too. Bike lights help you see what’s ahead so you don’t accidentally run into something. They also warn drivers or other riders of your presence well before they reach you. If you need a bright LED light for your bicycle, here are the best ones.

  • Best Overall
    Cat Eye Rechargeable Bicycle Light
    A bright high-intensity and long-lasting bicycle light with white LEDs that provide 1,200 lumens.
    The light features five modes, including a flashing light to alert others and keep you safe. It lasts up to 100 hours on a single charge, is lightweight, and functions great in cold and hot temperatures.
    The beam shape is square, which may not be the best at lighting around corners. It’s heavy to mount on a helmet, and it takes a while to fully recharge.
  • Best Value
    Victagen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light
    This lightweight bike light comes with 1,000 lumens of power, five-light mode settings, and is developed out of durable aluminum alloy.
    The LED light weighs less than a pound and includes a strong painted finish to resist shocks, scratches, and abrasions. It can be charged by a USB for added convenience and can swivel left and right.
    The mount feels a little flimsy but it works great. The high beam seems like it could be brighter, and it may be a hassle to get onto thicker handlebars.
  • Honorable Mention
    Vont Bicycling Light
    The light is developed out of military-grade materials, is designed for professional cyclists, and features a bright 120-lumen beam.
    Its tough casing protects it from harsh falls or drops. It’s waterproof, functions in rain and snow, shines up to 1,000 feet away, comes with an adjustable beam, and can detach to be used as a flashlight.
    The batteries don’t last all that long, more difficult terrain may knock it around a bit, and it may not be as bright as the pictures advertise but is still plenty bright.

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  • If you ride at night, whether on the street or through a trail, wear a high-visibility jacket and put reflectors on your bike and helmet.
  • To make sure no one steals your bicycle light, remove it from the bike when you leave it behind. They are small enough to fit into a small bag or pocket.
  • Check the mounting system each time before setting off on a ride to make sure the light is stable and the brackets are tight.


Q: Where can I mount a bicycle light?

A: There are a few places to mount the light, and it depends on your preference. You can mount the light on the handlebars so you have easy access to move it around or change the modes. You can put it on the frame and leave it on one setting while you ride. Or you can mount it onto your helmet.

Q: What are the different modes for on a bicycle light?

A: They give you a wider viewing distance and allow drivers and anyone else on the road to see you. The lower settings can be used on a cloudy day, while the higher ones are designed to reveal pitch darkness. The strobe is used as a warning light to reveal your location.

Q: What type of batteries does a bicycle bike light need?

A: The type of batteries will depend on the brand of light you purchase. Many bike lights will require AAA or AA batteries to power them, while others may require lithium-ion batteries such as 9V or rechargeable ones. Others feature batteries similar to phones that can be charged with a USB device. Make sure to check before you buy replacement batteries.

Final Thoughts

For a super bright and long-lasting bicycle light, check out the Cat Eye Rechargeable Bicycle Light

Or there’s the Victagen USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light, which is less expensive, powerful, and easy to set up.