Best Hiking Socks: Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable

Experience maximum comfort when hiking through rugged terrain with these hiking socks

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PUBLISHED ON October 11, 2019

Choosing a pair of hiking socks isn’t as simple as picking the first pair you see in your dresser drawer. You need a pair that allows quick movements and offers enough comfort to help you cover many miles. Here are some high-quality hiking socks that will offer extra support to your feet.

  • Best Overall
    Darn Tough Hiker Socks
    A pair of well-stitched socks that offer warmth and comfort when walking, but no added bulk.
    Thick and durable quality. Come in all sizes. Have a seamless toe area for extra comfort when wearing hiking boots. Feature shock-absorbing underfoot padding. Feature a ribbed design to prevent slipping or bunching.
    The company may not stand by the warranty. They may shrink when machine washed.
  • Best Value
    MIRMARU Cushion Crew Socks
    A cost-effective five-pair bundle of outdoor hiking, trail running, and trekking socks that offer maximum protection to the entire foot.
    Have Achilles and arch support. Feature shin protectors. Warm enough for winter weather. Comfortable and breathable. The socks wick out moisture to keep your feet dry. Come in a variety of colors.
    May feel too tight around the calves. Not as thick as most hiking socks.
  • Honorable Mention
    Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks 
    A pair of affordable merino wool socks for hiking and walking that can be used by men, women, and children.
    Keep the feet fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. Quick-drying. Heavily cushioned and padded to prevent foot aches, blisters, and jarring shocks. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Fit snugly without bulking
    The toe area may get torn with long nails. May not make it past a year without fraying at the seams.

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  • Get a good pair of hiking boots to go with your new socks. High-quality hiking boots will protect your feet from injury and all-weather conditions as well as provide extra support to the foot. 
  • Wear breathable and odor-resistant hiking gloves to keep your hands warm and blister-free. 
  • To avoid losing socks, use a small laundry bag for your dirty socks. At the end of each hiking trip, throw them in the laundry bag. 
  • Do not ball up socks when you store them. The material may stretch out and lose its shape around the ankle and calves. 
  • Air-dry merino wool socks after washing them. Merino wool tends to shrink when placed in a high-heat dryer. 


Q: Which are the best socks for a hiker with tough feet?

A: If you have tough feet, you need more breathability than cushioning on your feet. Prioritize socks with a mesh fabric that’s breathable. They should be lightly cushioned to give your feet comfortable but not so much that they feel constricted.

Q: How long should hiking socks last?

A: Hiking socks can last for at least a year with proper care and maintenance, but their lifespan mainly depends on your hiking terrain, your weight, and how often you use the socks. You can care for your socks by flipping them inside out when washing them and letting them air dry. 

Q: Why do my feet feel cold even when wearing thick socks?

A: That’s a common problem for people with sensitive feet since the capillaries are closer to the skin. Try to eat a heavy meal, exercise often to warm up your feet, and wear clean socks. If those options don’t work, it’s always wise to consult your physician. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Darn Tough Hiker Socks. It offers the best mix of comfort, warmth, durability, and style. It also comes in versatile sizes suitable for both men and women of any foot size. 

If you would like five pairs of hiking socks for the price of one, consider the MIRMARU Cushion Crew Socks.