Best Knife Sharpening Systems: Sharpen Edges and Points

Slice, cut, and chop more precisely with these knife sharpening systems

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PUBLISHED ON October 11, 2019

Over time, knives will become dull, lowering their efficiency and precision. However, there is a way to make them sharp and new again. The best knife sharpening system will allow you to sharpen a knife anywhere and in no time at all. Whether you’re camping, using a survival knife or Swiss Army Knife, or cooking in the kitchen, here are the best knife sharpening systems to use.

  • Best Overall
    Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone System
    This professional-grade sharpener is highly durable, long-lasting, and it sharpens hunting knives to pocket knives.
    The kit includes a double-sided, high-quality 1,000 and 6,000 dual grit whetstone, a sturdy bamboo base that doesn’t slide around, an angle guide, and a manual for professional techniques.
    It can take a while to sharpen a knife, the 6,000 grit side feels soft and chalky, and the angle glide can be a hassle to attach.
  • Best Value
    Work Sharp Guided Field Knife Sharpener System
    A sharpening system designed for the field and professionals. It’s also simple to use anywhere and by anyone.
    It features strong diamond plates to make dull knives sharp again, ceramic rods for finish sharpening and honing, a thick leather strop to remove burrs and get a sharp edge, and the system is easy to understand and use
    It’s not advisable to use lubricant with the system to avoid ruining the leather. It doesn’t offer much room to grip with your hands, and it may be difficult to sharpen large knives.
  • Honorable Mention
    Lanksy Deluxe 5-STone Sharpening System
    A convenient-to-carry and versatile knife sharpening kit equipped to handle the kitchen, outdoor, hobby, and garden knives.
    The five-stone system includes several hones, such as extra-coarse, medium coarse, and fine alumina oxide to sharpen any knife. Its color-coded stones help guide the user. The angle assist helps keep a consistent angle so you don’t have to alter how you hold the knife
    It will take some time to sharpen a knife, the rods can bend a bit under pressure, sharpening small knives can be a hassle, and the oil can leave a mess on the stones and the area around the system.

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  • Make sure the base is sturdy and secure before using a knife sharpening system to avoid accidents or harm.
  • Take it slow when using a knife sharpening kit to ensure you don’t potentially cut yourself. 
  • If you want the best edge and point on your knife, consider using a 4,000 grit to sharpen and hone the blade. While there are higher grit choices, 4,000 is considered a fine stone and provides a nice polish and finish to the material.


Q: What is the difference between grit on a knife sharpening system?

A: Grit less than 1,000 is designed to repair knives with chipped edges. Grit between 1,000 and 3,000 is used to sharpen dull knives. Finishing stones have grit between 4,000 and 8,000 and are designed to refine the edge of a knife.

Q: What is the oil used for when sharpening knives?

A: The oil is used as a cleaning agent for the whetstone and alumina oxide sharpeners. It’s also designed to make sure the stones don’t crack under pressure. Never use oil on diamond coating. When in doubt, consult the sharpener’s guide.

Q: How often should I sharpen a knife?

A: This depends on how often it is used and how dull it is. The general rule is to sharpen a knife once for every two hours of use. However, this will vary due to the type of knife you use. Carbon steel knives should be honed after each use, while stainless steel ones can be sharpened every two to four uses. Always check the guidebook with the sharpening kit to see what it recommends. 

Final Thoughts

To leave your knives sharp and pointed, consider the Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone System

Or save some cash and check out the Work Sharp Guided Field Knife Sharpener System for an easy-to-use knife sharpening kit.