Best Mountain Bike Water Bottle Cages: Keep Liquids Nearby During Your Ride

These water bottle cages will keep your liquids in place when mountain biking

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PUBLISHED ON October 20, 2019

Every mountain biker needs water to stay hydrated. During extreme sports like this, the human body needs enough water to supplement an extensive burn of calories. It’s essential to have a water bottle within hand's reach to keep your body healthy and up for the task. Luckily, there's a little gadget specially designed to securely attach a water bottle to your bike. It's called a water bottle cage, and we have the top three products in the buying guide below.

  • Best Overall
    Pro Bike Tool Bike Water Bottle Holder
    Our top pick is a classy black cage made of aluminum alloy. The heat-treating technology used in the construction makes it sturdy yet lightweight. It's an excellent option for those who need a stronger and more durable bottle holder.
    The cage provides a secure bottle retention system. It's suitable for most standard bottle sizes. The flexible material allows adjustments for a tight fit and increases stability. Easy to install. Powder-coated finish for more durability.
    Requires threaded holes for installation. Mounts only on the bike frame. Only one cage included in the package. It’s pricey compared to other options.
  • Best Value
    Ibera Water Bottle Cage
    This cage is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. The package includes two bottle holders made of high-quality aluminum. The solid construction makes them ideal for heavy use during mountain biking. Their futuristic look matches most bike gear.
    The heat-treated material is sturdy yet lightweight. The cages fit most standard water bottles. They have a unique shape for more stability and flared tops for easy access. Effortless mount. Classic design and available in four colors. It comes with a one-year warranty.
    Paint on the internal part of the cage comes off after some time. The metal edges might scratch and damage the water bottle. Requires pre-drilled holes for installation.
  • Honorable Mention
    UShake Water Bottle Cages
    Riders planning long bike rides will find UShake’s two-pack water bottle cages perfect for the task. With a pair of holders on a bike, you'll stay hydrated all the time. They work like a charm on any terrain. You'll also look very stylish with classy bottle holders like these.
    The cages are suitable for most standard bottles. Thanks to adjustable arms, they are a tight fit and keep bottles in place. The heat-treated aluminum alloy makes them stable and durable. Holds bottles even in rough terrain. Easy to install,  and they come with the necessary screws and a hex key.
    They mount only on the pre-drilled holes. The flexible material bends easily and is prone to damage. They may discolor due to sun exposure.

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  • Before making a purchase, check whether you have pre-drilled holes in your bike for attaching a water bottle cage. If you don't have them, you'll have to look for other mounting options. We recommend those that attach to the bike with Velcro loops.
  • Consider the size of the water bottle when choosing a cage. The cage should tighten around the bottle enough to prevent rattling and fly outs. Still, it shouldn't be too tight because you won't be able to take the bottle out to take a sip during the ride. 
  • A cage should be lightweight, so you don't know that the bottle is there during a ride. Make sure to get one that doesn't burden your bike; however, don't compromise when it comes to sturdiness. A cage should be strong and durable enough to withstand heavy use. 
  • Pick a cage that will match the design of your water bottle and your mountain bike. Black is universal and classy, but you can also opt for other colors that will make your bike stand out from others. 


Q: Why do I need a water bottle cage for mountain biking? 

A: If you put a bottle on your bike, you'll have some free space in your backpack. You'll also relieve your back from the additional burden. Also, a bottle within hand's reach will encourage you to drink more water. 

Q: How do I attach a bottle cage on my bike? 

A: You can attach a bottle cage onto suspension forks or on a metal bike frame with hose clamps. It's the most common and easiest way to do it. Some cages even come with electrical tape and extra straps for a more secure fit. Another popular method is zip ties and tubes. Consider which one works best for you by taking into account the bike type and the size/weight of your bottle. 

Q: Are all water bottle cages the same size?

A: Most cages are built to a standard size to accommodate different bottles. The best ones include adjustable stoppers for a better fit. Nevertheless, we recommend double-checking the size of the cage and whether it's adjustable before making a purchase. 

Final Thoughts

We recommend Pro Bike Tool Bike Water Bottle Holder for all bikers who are looking for more stability on the road. The cage does an excellent job of keeping a bottle in its place. 

The Ibera Water Bottle Cage is an inexpensive alternative, and it’s impressively good and stable.